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Tara Ewald Teawald

Country United States
State North Carolina

Tara Ewald Teawald Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2019

Tara Ewald says that she is taking contributions for various causes but she keeps the money for herself. I found this out when the organization I thought I was giving to said that they never recieved my money. When I asked for my money back, she sent me a check which bounced, when I asked again she continued to harass me.

Then I found out that since she had my credit card info she stole my identity and maxed out my credit card. she also impersonated me with my credit card and person information (which she got when collecting contributions) and applied for credit cards in my name.

Later on I found out that she has been in trouble before for check fraud & she was fired from her previous job for embezzlement.

Law Enforcment is involved, and once I called the police she started to harass me even more. She leaves me threatening phone calls and won't stop. The police can't do a whole lot because she is using burner phones to make these calls. And I am still trying to recover from her stealing my identity. My credit is wrecked, and she stole over $50,000 from me.

Do not Trust Tara Ewald

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