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Tandra Dawson

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 100 Centre Street

Tandra Dawson Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2020

You can thank Communist and former Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman of New York for creating this unconstitutional Frankenstein monster hybrid of criminal law and family law case adjudication, in one court, called the “Integrated Domestic Violence” Court (“IDV Court”).

These 2 areas of law have historically always been kept separate and apart, not just since this country USA was founded, but even in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, simply because wise judges and people have always realized and recognized that entire families should not be destroyed or punished for eternity, just because of the accidental whim of “flash in the pan” criminal acts, or even worse and more common, false allegations made by one parent (usually a woman) who wants to gain a permanent tactical advantage against the other parent (usually a man) of their child.

The IDV Court is made worse because this enormous power over the accused, the family, and above all the unfortunately targeted child is given and delegated to literally the dumbest and most sociopathic judges of society, in this case, Tandra Dawson.

The complaints here on this page, and elsewhere on the internet (forget what is contained in the private records of the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct, U.S. Department of Justice, or other federal/state/local investigatory bodies) amply illustrate and demonstrate just how unfit, destructive, dangerous, and disastrous has been this evil woman Tandra Dawson on the “bench,” along with her other black feminazi sisters in other courts such as the NYC Family, Criminal, and Civil courts.

You can then also thank equally Communist NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio for purposefully and deliberately keeping these incompetent, cruel, stupid, racist, ignorant, man-hating angry black females on the bench, destroying children, families, and lives (mostly of non-black families) all in the name of furthering Communism, and undermining the United States Constitution, even in the face of unprecedented public and private complaints, cries for help, screams of agony, and pleas from the victimized general public and citizenry of New York City, wherein these awful black (mainly) female “judges” target, hurt and destroy the people and children before them.

It’s almost like the spirits of the Black Slaves of America’s awful and foul past, have been raised up and conjured from the past, by the NYC Communists of today (e.g., Bill De Blasio, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Jonathan Lippman, etc.) to seize and harness and use their anger, in order to punish and hurt and retaliate against the non-black citizens (or enemies of NYC Jews) of New York City, and later America, today, by using these awful black, feminazi, unfit, irrational, mentally imbalanced, and angry “women” as “judges” in New York City.

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