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Synchrony Bank

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address PO Box 960061
Phone (800) 677-0718

Synchrony Bank Reviews

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  • May 25, 2019

I opened a credit card for auto repairs at Midas and it was through Synchrony. I paid the card off but then I got a letter that they were closing my account. Why because I had to much outstanding credit. It didn't affect their payment and none of my other creditors have sent me such letters.

Just recently they started decreasing my Amazon account. My limit was $1000.00 and I took it as high as $970.00. I paid $200 to have some breathing room and before the next billing period, I received a letter that my credit limit was reduced to $770.00. I paid it down and my new balance is $670.00. Well, today I received a letter that my CL was reduced to $670.00. The reason is that I have to much outstanding credit, or this or that. One specific reason would have been sufficient. However, none of this affects their payments and to top it off they are on auto pay and nothing is late and no case of insufficient funds. I'm going to pay them off as quickly as possible and I'm done with them.

If I open a credit line and the company tells me their line is through Synchrony, I either won't buy or I'll use one of my more dedicated cards or cash. A person should not be penalized for making good on a debt.

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  • Oct 12, 2020

I use amazon and was given a store card (virtual) from synchrony bank. Emails started appearing saying I owed money on the card and asking me to create an online account for payments.

I was also given a contact number to call and be "assisted". The fraud also had a card number ending in 5082 as the account reference.

  • Jun 27, 2020

I do not llike the waay in which this company handles payments. They have not credited much on their first charge that this card was used for. Western Dental in the amount of $3,288.00. The current balance they are showing due on my May statement shows $2,511.76 with deferred interest of $917.49. The June satement shows the balance to be $3,190.94 with interest of $994.18. This is a big difference as I have not been to the dentist. The other balances shown on both statement are $30.92 and $352.25. I recently had my bank send a payment that I wanted posted to pay off the two balances of $30.92 and $352.25.

Total payment sent was $383.17. I contacted the Chat line and asked that the payment be credited to these two balances as the expiration date was coming up soon and I didn't want to incur further interest charges. I was told that the money had been applied to six promotional balancec. When I questioned this I got no response from the chat representative Ramon Smith. I finally said " Why can't you do as I asked?" His reply was " I have taken request on your account and it will be updated within 1-2 billing cycles."

  • May 18, 2020

I've been trying to update my account information for 2 months But Synchrony Bank works like a 1970 bank? they are not up to date with computer information and they do not update the account holders account balance.

They are very nasty when you call them telling them that you're concerned about somebody stealing their account information because it's not secured. The person on the other end she tells you I'm closing your account even though you didn't ask to have it closed.

  • Apr 14, 2020

I purchased furniture from Ashley Furniture in Aug 2018. The total I should pay when the card is paid off is $2,600. ONE year after I was issued the card I discoverd I had been being charged $39 a month in late charges every month since I purchased the furniture. Obviously the sales person at Ashley wrote down the wrong payment date we had discussed. Synchrony did not once notify me by phone or email during the first year. In Sept 2019 I starting recieving large amount of mail from the bank stating I was late on my payments. They called me day and night until I requested they stop the phone calls.

I offered to pay off the card. If I pay what they are requiring I will have paid $3,900. This is an overcharge of $1,300. I have asked them to drop late charges and show my account in good standing on my credit report.

Every CSR I have talked to has been rude and refused to do anything but overcharge me and ruin my credit report.

  • Jan 6, 2020

I make every monthly payment on time. Without notification, they reject my payments, then send a late notice with a late charge. They state my payment was rejected by my bank. My bank never received the request for funds and has always had plenty of funds in it to cover my payments.

I believe this is a scam to collect late fees. Speaking with customer support garners nothing but "your bank rejected the payment." I have even sent them proof that there were funds in the bank, and it does not matter.

  • Jan 3, 2020

1) I was overcharged by Synchrony Bank via automatic payments.

The monthly automatic payment amounts varied from

$135 paid 7/2/2019


$185 paid 1/2/2020

When I asked to speak w/Supervisor NONE was available. Their customer service number keeps you waiting for over one hour.

Tried to resolve via chat.

To add insult to injury only chat w/Robot NOT A LIVE CHAT Supervisor.

2) Synchrony Bank would not honor the 4 Total promotional interest free charges.

Only would honor 2 promotional interest free charges...putting the burden on me to

secure the vender USES THE PROPER Promotional codes when entered into billing system.

3) interest rate on my balance is 24.99%


3.25% interest rate!

***No supervisor to help me untangle this mess Synchrony made in their $favor.

  • Jan 2, 2020

Went shopping online at amazon. Got a pop up ad stating they would give a 100 dollar credit if I applied for an amazon credit card. I agreed and made one purchase free and another purchase later which left a small balance.

Did not read the small print because they were using the well known name of amazon and I did not suspect any problem. Got an email bill later for the balance, which I paid. A month later I was billed 13 dollars for a monthly fee, which surprised me because there was no mention of a monthly fee for this card in the pop up ad.

If there had been, I would never have applied for the card. Who has ever heard of a monthly fee for a credit card? I went online and cancelled my account. A month later I received an email bill stating I owed the original monthly fee, plus a 38 dollar late fee, plus interest.

This has gone on for a few months now. I decided to pay the total of 133.41 that I had accumulated up to then in the hopes of getting these con artists off my back. I am waiting to see if they can find some way to keep billing me for these ridiculous and larcenous fees and charges.

Whatever you do, do not apply for an amazon online credit card! I will also not ever deal with amazon again and will tell the world of their chicanery for the rest of my days.

  • Aug 31, 2019

I got a letter in the mail from Synchrony bank stating that I opened up for enquired about some credit cards on the dates of 523 2019 and 520 for 2019 for synchrony bank account. I was asked to give my social security number I did.

LOL so who hasn’t has it who hasn’t got it by now period anyway I called up Trent union acrobatics and experience Aqua fax had an unfreeze on my room on my credit file, well I told him what happened and they but Friday alerts on all again this is the third time this is happened we are having a breach where I live at a big big massive bridge and the state of Louisiana I’m telling you now it’s going down because the man at Trans Union said he never seen anything like this and he said yes this is going to be the biggest data breach ever to rock the nation in the nation overseas.

That’s why I’m telling you watch out ladies and gents it’s coming and where in it right now so be careful projector goodies like them I need to get your money out of the bank I don’t know not to be able to get no credit check in the consumers are not gonna be able to buy anything with credit if they got to get credit or open up an account and those people that put those hard increase they’re going to go down and I mean down.

They are the ones that really hurt your credit when they hard inquiry on you so maybe for a reason this is happening I think sometimes has to teach them a lesson but I’m not on the cyber criminal side I am on the good side I do not believe in revenge but revenge is in my makers hand and so some businesses are going to go down because they want to make hard inquiries and those are the ones that really hurt you any as a consumer.

As far as the cyber criminal they really do have some dirt and I mean they are going to do us some dirt if we do not protect ourselves we must as a nation stand up and fight this where I didn’t have to we are going to have to do anything you can to protect your assets in what you got because everybody is getting a bridge thank you shameless seven

  • Aug 29, 2019

One year ago, I signed up for a dental credit card. It was called, Care Credit under Syncrony Bank. Cabrillo Dentest recomended them. I was given a promontional rate of zero interest. After a year, to be charged 26.99%

Instead, (after one year of on time payments, at twice the minimum,) I was charged the entire interest amount for the past year. This was not a promotional better credit card. This was a subprime "bait and switch." I had a $1090.00 balance and charged $390.00 in one month!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason why I signed up for this card was "zero interest the first year." The fine print did not disclose charging all the back interest in one lump sum, a year later.. Nobody would voluntary sign up for this outrageous fee, if they had all the information. FRAUD.I fired the Dental Office who recommended them.

  • Aug 25, 2019

SYNCHRONY FINANCESCARE CREDIT charges Usurous Interest It is a credit card used for various health etc. They offer to cover fees that insurances or non insurers will not. They offer a promo period to pay off those charges.

Fine print balloons the finance charges into usury 27-30% on the ORIGINAL unpaid balance ( regardless of payment history or credit score) and they switch promo periods without notice lopping un believable one time charges.. HUGE CHARGES. Ex; On an original charge of $6,000 paid in a little over a year to $2800..I received a one time interest charge of $2700.

I didn't read the fine I accepted the punishement and paid it down. Had another procedure..two years later for $2800.They switched (shortened) the promo period and delayed interest,(without notice) ,lopping on $1400 more.

Each time I caught it..they refused to settle. I paid them off and asked them to send a complete reconciliation..they said it tooks take weeks.. and the history is no longer available online. Their mercurious practices and lack of online transparency in additon to muddled call in assistance with structured inflexibilty and hidden charges are unsafe to consumers.

  • Aug 8, 2019

There was alot of chattering in the backround and could hardly understand the women. I received my cards along with a approval letter. THEN yesterday I received a still have to go there.

Signed up for a ArtVAn Synchrony Bank card and was excepted on the spot.

Received my cards and then the phone call came to verify the information. Name, address and then social security number. I hung up.

Now I received two letters addressed to my husband and one to myself saying that I wasn't approved due to "unverifiable application information" and the other "unable to qualify both applicants". I called the number on the letter and she stated that someone stole my indentity.

I frozed my accounts, went to Art Van to report it along with the police department.

  • Jun 20, 2019

I paid off a Dental bill and doubled bill be them. When I closed the account and asked for a refund but did not recieve a check in the time that they said.

I closed this accout in less that 3 days and paid the bill in full directly to the dentist.

Thank You Very Much

  • Jun 11, 2019

Synchrony credited my account April 4, 2019 for two of five disputed items charged to my account. In a verification letter dated April 15, 2019, Synchrony confirmed their decision, saying credited items will appear on my statement for May. The statement for May did not identify credits to the account but a $788.00 interest entry appeared. Since then, management representatives have made every excuse possible to avoid crediting my account and lifting the aging balance with verified credit, interest and penalties.

Now it's June 12, 2019 and the only resolution may be through legal action after I reach out to multiple contacts, Ripoff, Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, BBB, Regulatory Commissions and Consumer Credit Attorneys. Business with Synchrony cost me my perfect credit purchasing power and will undoubtedly exhaust resources engaging with law firms. If you're familiar with Synchrony's standards, a "self preservation" style, bad business practices that cannot be trusted and can assist, then please contact me. Thank you!

  • May 12, 2019

I obtained the Credit Builder Store Card which was issued via Syncrony Bank. I understood that it was like any other store card. I deposited $100.00 to open the account. I ordered goods for $42.00.

Come to find out it is not a normal store card, rather like a reverse credit card. Without anyone explaining anything to me, the $100 is a deposit. Two $38.00 late fees later I closed the account. Total rip-off.

  • Mar 30, 2019

Let me tell you my story about Synchrony Bank/Amazon. I made a 2nd (that month) payment on my Amazon Account from a small account I was closing out, so on the 27th, I decided to go in an verify that the payment made it before closing the account. The payment made it but there were two large made on the 26th purchases for speakers (just under $600) that I did not make, I had not received any email receipts or any other notification like I would, had I made an ordinary purchase. So after more than an hour of phone calls with an individual with very limited English skills, I believe that I had closed that account, had a new one opened, and disputed those fraudulent charges. Just the beginning.

I was suffering from a very strong flu so on the 30th I went into my bank account to verify an expected deposit, and there is a payment to Synchrony/Amazon in the amount of $870.90 made on the 28th. I did not make this payment, I would not have made this payment...I was disputing almost $600 in fraudulent charges, and I was violently sick for two days. yet I was repeatedly bombarded by Synchrony personnel that they don’t have access to my account. Of course, my credit union wasn’t available over the weekend, so I have to wait until Monday to go over where this payment originated from, but I am pretty certain a “criminal” didn’t hack into my account and make a large payment on my Synchrony/Amazon account. So, I then decided to go into my Amazon.Com online account which I have had for years...guess what...I cannot log in. I cannot get password resets sent, so more phone calls.

Ultimately they want me to provide a new email address, keeping in mind I have done nothing with this long-standing account. I have another email address but it was on an Amazon.Com business account that I infrequently used. More phone calling, went through everything to close that account so that I can use that email address, and when I am all done, the rep says...”but you can’t use that email address for the other account...” I stop, have to go set up another email address through my internet provider, call back and set up the email for my long-term Amazon.Com account.

So, I get into my account and verify that I had NO recurring and standard payments set up, and I called them back about the $870.90 payment taken from my account….several transfers later I was told that (1) I need a written on Bank letterhead, explanation showing the transaction and the balance before and after it left my bank, which I then fax them, and I will have a determination after 30 days. I think I will just call my bank in the morning and report this is a fraudulent transaction, which it is. This process involved a ridiculous amount of hours and frustration when common sense tells you I would not have made this payment in the midst of fraudulent charges, but it also says that they do have access to your accounts. This has caused me undue hardship and was completely unnecessary if Synchrony employed competent CSR’s. Also, very interesting is that normally when I order I get a confirmation, a shippling notice, etc. - no communication with these fraudulent charges.

  • Jan 19, 2019

I got a bill from someone I don't know for $27 and a $2 fee, and they threaten me witha another $38 late fee charge if I don't pay right away. Techron / Synchrony Bank.

  • Jul 23, 2018

We applied for a Jennifer Convertibles credit card last year, but didn’t plan to use it until now. Without notice you closed our card due to inactivity. The customer service rep told me that you are here to make money and that it's not illegal to close my account without notice. Duh! I have other credit cards with you, so you MAKE MONEY OFF ME! AND you would've made more since we’re shopping for a new bedroom set now. But you didn’t give me the courtesy of an email, so I didn’t get a chance to tell you. Wow!

It's not illegal so it’s okay? What about customer service? Our credit score went down because closing the card changed our utilization ratio. But you don't care about that. Your rep's lack of concern for situation is unacceptable. Your practices negatively impact people who otherwise don’t have the means to make large purchases. It shouldn't matter whether it is "legal.” It’s inconsiderate and unfair.

  • Jul 15, 2018

I was issued a amazon store card during Thanksgiving right before black friday and I paid my account in full after each purchase and to my surprise I received a letter indicating my account had been closed and when I tried to call no one could explain why it had been closed. My credit score was affected and still affects me now and I would like to have it removed. This is a major ripoff and affects people lives.

  • Jul 10, 2018

We bought furniture from Rooms To Go in Pensacola. They financed through Synchrony Orlando. While trying to contact them I discovered the is no physical bank in Orlando. Payments on furniture were $40.00 a month. Always sent in $100.00 . Payment due on 28th...always sent them in on 5th . Good customer paying ahead of time and more then required , right? The charged me late payment fee. Husband called and was speaking to some foreigner who he could not understand. He got NO WHERE with her. I called and spoke with another foreigner, the 18664199307 number. Found out that they are all outsourced in ANOTHER COUNTRY. I asked to speak with supervisor and got a manager. I told him it was not good banking practices to penilize excellent customers. He said he could take the late fee off but now I need to make TWO payments because the early payment I sent in came before the statement went out. I would guess that is what they have been doing all along so why is there a problem now??? He then made absolutly no sence.

I understand this bank has their fingers in many many businesses and under different names so you will not know they are the same Bank. They are ripping people off left and right. Stand your ground people and contact those as high up as you can go to get their banking practices abolished or at least where they need to be. I will do more research to see how high I can take this. They have pissed me off big time. I despise it when people like them jerk their customers around. The banks at so freaking crooked.

I also contacted the Synchrony Bank in Atlanta online whild trying to get a physical address of the one in Atlanta. I was asked all sorts of questions rather then them just giving me the address of the bank. Never could get the address from any of them. You would think that would be no problem right? I finally found what I think is it online. Why so freaking secretive? I wanted the address so I could report them to BBB.

  • Jul 8, 2018

In short, purchase made through Sleepy's, with Synchrony Bank handing account! Five year auto pay, to be finished August, 2018. All payments made, on time, however, if you set up payments on line, the system will only take one payment at a time! Even though it gives you a space to add extra to your payment, the system will not recognize it, therefore it is not counted. Since my account was to be paid in full by August, 2018 I set up the balance to be paid July, 2018, with an extra payment. Two calls to bank this morning, to find out why my extra payment was NOT paid, and this is what they told me! I asked why your given space to add extra to your payment as it doesn't make any sense; and they could only say because that is how they do it. The system only recognizes one payment at a time. Which brings me back to when I first opened my account at Sleepy's!

After making payments for several months, (now, remember this was a contract for five years and if you miss a payment, you owe for interest!) they sent me an email stating that siince my account was on time they were rewarding me with a free month, of no payment. I had figured in my "promotional payment" as well into the regular payment, so if I had not gone into my account and did some changing to add another payment for that month to pay the extra "promotional payment", it would have violated my contract and they could have charged me the interest for five years! I think this payment system they have, should be investigated by the banking commission as it could be confusing to people and cause them to pay extra interest because they might think that they made an extra payment, and in reality, the system doesn't recognize it and I believe that it is probably set up that way, just for that reason.

  • Jul 1, 2018

I have faxed all payment info I have made and they still say i owe which is wrong! i was on the phone many times with this bank and evine! I am fed up with sychrony!

  • Jun 5, 2018

I usually pay all my bills online when i receive my social security check the first of the month. i went on amazon to pay the minimum due as usual on june first. i discovered on june 5th that thru some error on their website,they took the entire balance due. they wiped out my checking account entirely and caused me 5 over draft fees. i immediately contacted amazon and synchrony bank. i told them to reverse the charges , they claim they cannot do that. my bank says thats not true. i spoke to someone at synchrony on june 5th who told me to have the bank fax over the proof of overdraft fees,which i did. i contacted synchrony bank today to be sure they received the fax and was told , they are NOT paying the overdraft fees because they were caused by a payment being made. are you kidding me? and i have to wait 5 days for them to send me a check back of my money that they stole! so its my fault it seems ,according to them because i made a payment of $38 dollars that they turned into $1177.77

  • May 1, 2018

Tried to order a TV for Fathers Day. I got email next day stating it would not arive in promised time. I called And spoke to rep. He told me not to worry and refunded shipping,and siad theTV order would be canseled. Later I received a bill on a new acount and card ,I did not aply for. Icall and spoke to both the bank and amazon to complain and report fraud. AS of now they have locked my legit account and pay for TV , give them more credit info for it. I do not hhave a Tv from them.

  • Apr 17, 2018

I have had a Care Credit Card for medical, dental and veterinary expenses for quite awhile. It was okay until I had terms of no interest within a period of time from three different companies on this card at the same time. I did not know the small print of Synchrony's agreement pays requires one to call every month to TELL them how to distribute your quadruple minimum payment to maximize the best of your no interest payment, otherwise they will apply it to the LAST one so you will be charged interest on the OLDEST one.

Did YOU know you have to call them every month? Futhermore, if you are in the situation I was in, paying three different accounts, you have to pay fourth amount to make your minimum or you will get a late fee? That's how it works. So yes, you paid all that money, get the late fee, and the interest you were paying extra to avoid too. I hadn't learn that yet though.

Then I bought tires at Big O. I had to show my ODL with my address to REOPEN my card. I didn't get my first statement, and I called about it and they told me not to worry, it missed the closing date. Two months later, my first statement had a $25 late fee on it. I called. They had sent it to an address I hadn't live at in four years. Who told them that? Remove the late fee. We can't do that. Seriously?

I went to my bank and set up autopay. I pay THEM, not they come get my money, in equal payments not to think about it. That's how I do it with Synchrony. Imagine my surprise when things never balance, never get paid off, and charges keep accruing. And, they stop posting my payments.

I asked the bank to verify the payments. That didn't work. I called through the push button hell to get the number to send the proof. I have easily spent 20 hours on hold and being hung up on by the Synchrony system. Once I had to ask to speak to someone else because I couldn't understand the person I was speaking to. Transfer. Click. Nothing. I cannot fax an electronic payment. Two banks speak to each other and that is proof, here is the confirmation number. "No fax it." I really need someone to listen and speak English, not repeat the same thing.

My credit limit has been lowered. I am recieving negative reports all over the place from credit agencies from places I did not authorize. I recieved a Cure to Default letter in December. I have no problem with my credit other than Synchrony related issues, and if one looks deep enough it is obvious.

The final straw that has me most alarmed was talking to an heavily accented East Indian representative and he told me he saw what the problem was. I was talking to him about my tire account, and he started to talk to me about my recent dental account charges. I was mortified. The account numbers are nowhere close, and medical information, including billing is supposed to be protected by HIPPA. I asked him who gave him permission to look at that?

I went to my Billpay and took a screen shot of my account from Synchrony Bank that said they had the right to go in and manuever my account payments for their maximum benefit. I had no knowledge of them doing this. I think they changed my account numbers around and messed them up and are blaming me.

Later, yet ANOTHER representative, after more push button hell, told me they would transfer funds that had been sent (posted) improper to the wrong account., Recently I recieved a REFUND check for $250.

I don't know how I can be both delinquent and have a refund at the same time. It is very hard to pay them when they don't post when you do. How do you make these people go away?

  • Mar 9, 2018

Here is the letter i wrote; i believe that it adequately explains the situation:

Synchrony bank/amazon march 8, 2018

Po box 960013

Orlando, fl 32896-0013

To whom it may concern,

This is in regards to the following account #**** **** **** ****. I had cancelled this account and destroyed this card in the fall of 2017. You have since begun and continued with harassing calls; and insistence that i owe a balance; which goes beyond all professional business ethics!

I had cancelled my amazon prime membership at the same time as i cancelled this charge account; well in advance of that renewal date! i have spoken with a representative of yours; only to be told i had to deal with amazon. When i called amazon their rep was unable to explain why i was charged for the prime renewal, and hung up on me!! to add to the insult i have just received in the mail a statement showing charges now totaling $***.**which is the first statement i have seen since i closed the account last year! how can you charge me for a service i cancelled on a charge card i cancelled!!

As of this date i have had enough!! therefore, i am copying both a hard copy and emailing this letter to amazon prime For whatever good that will do me); and the maine attorney general’s consumer protection division. I have also filed a report on the yscam site. I feel that you can either do the correct thing, and void all the fraudulent charges, or continue your mission of harassing me.

  • Feb 6, 2018

I had a c.c. for TJMaxx through Synchrony...about six months ago I made a payment through my online banking ...Synchrony accepted my payment before the due date however they did not post it until after the due date so they charged me a late charge...when I contacted them they said I needed to make payment at least three days before it was due....So I decided to pay the remainder of my bill and be done with this company....My payment of $49.18 was due on on 1-30-18 I made the payment in (2-5-18) my bank account shows that they accepted the payment on the due date of 2-2 however they still have not cashed it out so now I have another late fee on a paid off account !!! I called them and the lady that I spoke with was rude and tried to deny that they accepted the payment . I cancelled the account and cut up the card....

  • Jan 27, 2018

If you want to ripped off by fraudulent application of fees, then Synchrony Bank is your bank. I have asked Town Fair Tire, a company I like very much, to disassociate with these con and fraud artists. The Board of Synchrony Bank must meet once a week to see how much in fees they have scammed from hard-working Americans and be giddy with glee! Synchrony Bank provides short-term credit for tires or jewelry promising 0% interest. I complied perfectly, even prepaid, yet they did not post my payments, charged late fees of 10,000% of the credit, and have only unintelligible, chai-shop Indian telephone service. Please be aware that you can always speak to someone in the US, and that US and State laws apply to this company. I closed my account at 0% on the phone fast, after hours of arguing in some Indian dialect. This Bank is a disgrace. The FBI and Banking Commission should close them down. These activities are anti-American.

cc: Town Fair Tire Corporate Offices

  • Jan 24, 2018

QVC QCard acct is owned by Synchrony Bank. I have shopped with QVC for many years with no problems. My particular problem began back in late July, 2017 when my information on my computer was compromised. I called every account, including QVC, to let them know. Old acct was closed, new one set up and new account # (QCard) sent. I let them know my new checking acct # and paid by telephone for several months since my autopay had to be reset online by me and I had no access to a computer at that point. I purchased a new computer from QVC on August 06. 2017 (advance order to ship on 09-08-2017 and be received by 09-14-2017 - mine did not come until 09-22-2017) The cost of this computer was to be $133.74 per month x 6 months (easy pay). This was included with the other items already on the account. Ok, everything was fine, bills were paid but the trouble seems to have occurred when the autopay was set up again. Even though the billing statement said my autopay was to occur on 11-03-2017 $256.27 statement balance, it did not. Did not know why and I called QVC as soon as I realiized this. I check my bank account online but did not see the amount to come out of my checking account. When I called, telephone answered with a recording saying "system down, call back later' and I assumed there had beens a computer glitch. This was close to a data breach but I don't recall the company named.

I have worked with systems and did not worry really until I checked my account on 11-09=2017 and saw my account was shown as late. Tfhis is when the telephone calls began with me calling the number on the statement and talking to a different person each time; Seemed like some understood my problem, others didn't. They would tell me there was documentation where I had called before but I am not sure how thorough it was. I have written down each day I called, the number called, who I spoke with, etc. This went on into December with me trying to find out what was happening. I finally figured out that the payments weren't being deducted. I was told to go into the account and check the checking account number and change it even if it was the same number.) ) What was shown was my old checking account number ending in 5224. New one ended in 5011 (same bank). SO what had happened was my QVC Qcard was accessing information that had not been current since late July, 2017 even though I had told my new account when I got it..also in late July. I took the advice of the person who told me to put the correct number in, which I did, considered all ok. Still didn't solve the problem..I kept pulling up the account, seeing incorrect information, becoming upset.

At one point I went back in and the SAME OLD CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER ENDING IN 5224 was shown. I changed it again. I called, told I had obviously entered the old checking acct # , which was infuriating, becaused, as I explained, I didn't even have that number to enter since I had thrown all that info away when I got the new account. Seemed like things were on track to finally be straightened out...but no. Synchrony Bank closed my bank effective 12/01/2017 and I had no idea except I had pulled up the account again and saw a statement on there that the account was closed. I received a letter from Synchrony dated 12/08/2017 saying the account was closed and it always takes about a week for a letter from them to reach me. There is more and believe it or not, this is the short version. I guess the last straw was the letter I got from Synchrony dated 01/10/2018 and received 01/22/2018. I was really too mad to call the numbers given, and still too mad to call today. I am very upset and hurt also by the treatment from Synchrony. I have quite a collection of paperwork...statements, all letters. I hope this helps. Thanks.

  • Jan 22, 2018

when I first received my amazon card in 2015 I called and notified them my money does not enter my bank till the 1st and 3rd and my bill due date is the 28th. I was informed that there is a grace period before late fees added and my time frame fell in that period And not to worry. I still asked my bill due date to be changed to the 5th. Was told no problem.

I continued to pay my bill by the 5th with out thinking anything of it and that they did as they said. I went online and went under transactions and noticed every month there was a $35 late feel I called the lady said well she doesn't that and I can take off only 2 late fees and will escalate your complaint and you will hear from us by email our descion. Nothing. I called back today and told same think that only 2 can be taken off and I don't see in your file that you complained about due date.

If I didn't complain then why was 2 removed. So it wasn't escalated the same way my due date wasn't changed. He again today said I will escalate and you will hear by email the descion. What descion ? That I was told my due date will be changed and yet they committed fraud by charging me late fees?

Iknow every month I only have money in my bank on the 1st and 3rd. And they take someone like me and milk for money by continuing to add late fees. My late fees from 2015 to present should b removed with the exception of the 1st months bill. . I understand I did not call till I received my amazon bank card in the mail and the was after the first billing cycle.

  • Jan 9, 2018

I have a defered intrest credit card with Synchrony bank, and have several defered intrest payments due to be paid off this year, both are under $400.00.

One needs to be paid by February 04, 2018,in the amount of $359.00 I made a payment of $127.00 in December 2017, another is due on December 04, 2018in the amount of $302.26, another is due on April04 2019 in the amount of $284.85, the last payment is due November 04, 2019 in the amount of $2200.00. When I made the payment of $127.00 in December 2017 they took $95.00 dollars and applied it to the $2200.00 charge due in December 2019.

To pay off the $359.00 due on February 04, 2018 it will now cost $454.00. I feel their defered payment plans are no more than a scam just so you would default on a defered payment so they can charge you accrued intrest. This bank needs to be reported to the state AG's office , and to the agency that lets a bank due business.

  • Dec 4, 2017

I purchased a card from them a little over two years ago and I got the card for 7000 dollars credit. After making all my payments on time and only having 2500 dollars left to go, they added on a 3,000 interest fee. Saying that I passed my promotion and they lowered the amount of credit that I can use to 6500. Also the interest rates shot up to 30% interest. I called synchrony bank to ask them what happened and they were very rude and short with me. They told me I can pay 3000 today and they wouldn’t add the interest.

I couldn’t just come up with 3000, hence the reason I needed a credit card in the first place, so after getting absolutely no where with them over the phone. I am now stuck with 30 points knocked off my credit score. Now I am exceeding the amount I am able to spend on my card. They make it almost impossible to pay it off. I read many reviews on them and many others have had the same problem. They are taking your money but not freeing up credit so you’re able to use it. It keeps you locked in with them forever taking your money. This company is fraudulent and are robbing people blind!

  • Oct 11, 2017

Synchrony Bank gave me a loan for a dental treatment. Since I was misdiagnosed and treated wrongly, I disputed the amount paid for something that I didn’t need. Nobody from the Dispute dept. of the bank contacted me while investigating the case.

After waiting 2 months I received a letter that the dispute was decided in provider’s favor. When I called to ask explanations, I was told that the bank doesn’t know anything about medical procedures and they decide the dispute in provider’s favor because they are professionals. I was stunned! Why the bank gives loans in a medical field if they don’t know anything about medicine? How that bank resolves disputes if they don’t have any specialist in the medical field?

My assumption is that the Dispute dept. just takes the salaries, do not investigate any dispute and accept that the professionals are right. They even didn’t know my side of the story. Why there is a Dispute dept. in the first place? How someone can work in unknown for him/her field?

There is no logical explanation why and how this bank exists, giving loans for medical treatments without knowing anything about medicine.

As usual a small person never wins a battle with the rich and powerful banks, doctors and corporations. It is outrageous what all of them do hurting the others, especially retired disabled like me.

The bank wants me to pay the money for a service that I didn’t need because of incapable and negligent dentists. If the bank doesn’t know anything about medicine, they won’t understand what medical malpractice is.

  • Sep 27, 2017

We purchased tires with promise of $120.00 rebate if we opened an account and purchased before deadline. Rebate form had to be in by certain date. then it said please wait 6- 8 weeks. It also had a deadline for you to check on rebate or forfit. This we did not seat first. We went to great trouble to fax in the info so it would get there on time.

We waited too patiently. When we called they said the date was not on the receipt so offer was invalid, but when I said "I am looking at receipt and the date is on there and it is before the deadline. I was told to hold on and let them check. Then I was told "Well, it is past the deadline and there is nothing we can do. "

  • Jul 26, 2017

Synchrony Bank is very unprofessional and has shrewd practices. They are a credit card company that does not always send a statement each month. I forgot to pay my bill which I regret and they ended up charging me a late fee. A agreed to pay but I informed them that they didn't send me my statement for the end Of The month making it easy for me to forget my payment. They then agreed to send me my statement but lied and did not send me my statement the next month. I still paid my bill, however they claimed they did not receive it through the automated system because the bank account information I used was incorrect but I don't understand why it still processed and accepted my transaction if the information was incorrect!

So they call my phone off the hook to inform me of yet another late payment. So I speak to a real customer service rep (both were unprofessional and it really upset me) and I agree to pay above and beyond the full amount with a debit card. I know I made some mistakes and forgot to pay my bill but Synchrony Bank has some bad business practices! I have another credit card just like this one and I have NO problems paying them on time. They are very honest and professional. But not Stinkrony! I want to pay my bill off as soon as possible so I can close my account! No one should do business with them! Duane Chicago, IL

  • Jul 24, 2017

Received a letter from there collections department stateing that my account ending with **** has a past due amount of 237.84. first off I pay every one of my bills early second off live no where near Orlando. third have zero accounts ending with anything remotely close to those numbers so I thought someone may have stole my identity and opened up an account in my name through further research I found no new accounts in my name and absolutely none from or through this bank its a big scam

  • Jul 19, 2017

I paid my account in full in Marrch of 2016. I told customer service to permenatly close the account. Now, this month I received a new bill for $$38.95. When I called - customer service could not explain the charge nor why they account had not been closed.

I have paid the amount & written them a letter stating that the charge is fraudlant.

  • Jul 4, 2017

Amazon Store Card with Synchrony Bank, an interest rate nightmare at nearly 27% !

Amazon signs you up for their store card without givng you a choice of providers and fails to cleary inform you that you will pay nearly 27% interest. This should be illegal and is in serveral states in the US. Synchrony bank is nothing but a bunch of thieves and Amazon their co-conspiritor. Avoid if you do not want to get ripped off. I have a nearly 750 credit score and am a no risk person to any lender at 63 years of age.

When I contacted both Amazon and Sychrony Bank, they failed to respond at all ot responded inapropriately saying "Sorry, we cannot help you."

A sharp attorney or firm who specializes in class action lawsuits would do well to read this and consider taking action, thanks for reading this ( I could of gone on and on - decised to save you the sad story. )

  • Jun 26, 2017

I missed a payment on an Old Navy Bill for $25 dollars that got mixed up with bills while we were planning a vacation.

These idiots cut off a $3200 dollar account to $600. We will be paying off all accounts with these idiots as we spend about $1500 dollars per year with them.

Great job Synchrony Bank. I will be paying off any accounts with you idiots and move on to better opportunities.

  • Mar 16, 2017

I received a letter in the mail requesting my social security number and my signiture. The letter said I was denied a credit card from Synchrony Bank due to the fact that I did not fill out my Social Security Number.

1. I never requested a credit card from this bank.

2. I haven't requested a credit card from any bank recently.

3. The letter itself looked shady

4. There was no phone number to call.

5. I don't live in Florida nor have I been there recently.

This could be one of several possibilities.

This could be the way this shady bank does business? Maybe they send out a lame letter saying you were denied a credit card in hopes that you fill out the form and mail it back to get one? Or This could be a phishing scam to get your personal information. Either way this isn't the way a reputable bank would conduct business.

NEVER EVER Send your personal info in a letter to someone one or some place you've never heard of. NO BRAINER!

  • Mar 8, 2017

Synchrony Bank is quick to draw you in for the Amazon prime store card, but what you don't realize is, they don't understand the differnece between a one time payment and a recurring payment. They try to say that if you make a one time (additional payment on credit card), prior to the due date, your recurring payment will be reduced to only make the minimum amount owed that month.

For example, minimum payment is $75.00, you make an additional payment of $50 prior to your due date and your recurring payment is $75. They only take $25 for the recurring payment because the additional $50 and the $25 is equal to your $75 payment. Then they can add on additional interest.

Would not recommend you apply for their card. Customer service is terrible and they just don't care what you have to say, it's as if their response is scripted.

  • Aug 24, 2016

If there was no stars I'd give them none! This is the worst bank in history! and there have been bad banks in America. They are scammers! I applied for a Sam's Club card in March, I was approved for their mastercard. When I signed up, I was told and there was a plaque right next to the register if I get approved no interest for 6 month on purchases. Now, it's August, I've called and fought with them once before because they charged me interest since my first billing cycle and again on my July bill they charged interest. When I called customer service, they said that the promotion is only on a certain minimum that I spend and only on certain items. I argued and argued and argued but got nowhere. No one at this bank give a d**n about the consumer at all! You have to carefully inspect all your statements because they will charge you for things they said they won't charge. I've had numerous issues with this bank before when I purchased furniture through Ashley Furniture store. This absolutely a horrid company. Had I known before I applied that it would be Synchrony bank I'd be dealing with I would never have applied. I think this is false advertising on their part and Sam's Club. They don't disclose details and try to screw over the consumer. I wish this bank would close so we wouldn't deal with their lack of business ethics anymore!!!!!

  • May 24, 2016

I also have another that is for my lowes account...same address same thing ...same run around I am fed up. I have slips where I sent the information certified mail...I have sent them through fax twice now. My job moved 3-16-16...and I have yet to get a payment made.the hsn account is online...the other Lowes is not online...but that is how I make all my payments to them.

  • May 21, 2016

I opened a PayPal Smart Connect (XXXXXXXXXXXX1236) account in early 2012. I made some purchases, but I never received a statement from PayPal until several months later, after the account had already been closed and was in the process of a charge off. In fact, I believe the first correspondence I received on the matter was from the collection agency, which alerted me to the account status.

It was extremely difficult to locate any Smart Connect account information on their website at that time in 2012. It seemed like the website was purposely designed to keep customers from making payments by way of confusion. I was not signed up for paperless billing, so I lost track of the Smart Connect credit line. In retrospect, I wish I had been more proactive in hunting down a way to pay the bill.

I was suffering some financial difficulties at the time, but I would have paid at least the minimum monthly bill if I had received statements. By the time I was able to get up with GE/Synchrony to straighten things out, the account had been charged off. The damage had already been done to my credit, so I was frustrated and left the account in limbo for three years.

Last fall (2015), I contacted GE/Synchrony to pay the past due balance in full, but they would not accept payment. They subsequently referred me to a third party creditor who had assumed ownership of the debt. I then promptly went and paid the full amount ($736.29) to the new creditor.

Being a loyal customer with two other lines of credit through Synchrony, I contacted them to request removal of the charge off from my report (since I paid the debt) on several occasions as a matter of goodwill, but they have refused each time. The continued presence of the charge off on my credit reports is wreaking havoc on my credit and causing me substantial damages in denied credit and increased interest rates.

Since Synchrony's deceptive/faulty billing practices in large part caused the derogatory mark on my credit reports to begin with, I would like the trade line deleted from those reports as soon as possible.

  • Dec 22, 2015

Back when it was Care Credit, I tried repeatedly to pay my bill online, and it kept reporting that I did not owe them anything yet. Finally, to avoid interest charges, I sent a check. On the same day I got the check back from the stating I did not owe anything, they charged me interest because I had not paid the bill on time. My protests went unheard.

So now I run into the bank again when I applied for Amazon credit. Again. I tried to pay my bill, but it would not let me into the account. The third conntact made with their help desk, I finally managed to be insistent enough that they let me pay it, as it turned out, they could have done the first time I called. I cancelled my card.

I am curious to know if this is a policy to increase their revenue.

  • Nov 20, 2015

I received a letter today telling me I was a valued SYNCB CareCredit customer. Letter then stated that they are unable to approve my credit line increase request.

I have no idea who SYNCB CareCredit is. I have not applied anywhere for an increase. I have no reason to do so.

When I called the number given by Synchrony Bank, it was automated and asked for my social security number. I was not about to give out that information.

I just wondered if this was a scam. From what I have just read, there have been other problems with the mail others have received.

  • Oct 21, 2015

I purchased furniture from Rooms To Go in which Synchrony financed. The 1st bill was $25;therefore, I figured the monthly bill would be $25 unless I added something else to the account. I set up reoccurring payments for $25. The following month, the $25 posted to the account then a few days later, I received an email stating $6 was past due. I retrieved the bill online apparently the bill increased to $31. Not sure why because no additional purchases. I immediately called Synchrony and explained the mixup and requested the late fee to be removed because at that point, the balance due was $64 which included $25 late fee, $6 past due and the current amount due $33. Notice, the balance due went from $25 to $33 no additional purchases. Nevertheless, the agent agreed to remove the late and I paid the $6. Wonderful, now all is due is $33 right? Wrong.... the $25 late fee was removed from the entire balance, but not the balance due, resulting in $58 due. I was told I would have to pay the $58. This is ridiculous..why? The late fee was added in the monthly amount; therefore, should be deducted from that amount. I am paying off this card immediately as this company is a ripoff! Also, the agent states the minimum amount due will.increase monthly even with no additional charges.

  • Oct 6, 2015

I have had an account with GE Capital for a number of years, approximately 2 years ago Synchrony Bank purchased their customers. I think they are still the same company and they treat people the same.

First of all, I am a senior citizen and I am paid only once per month. I have tried to get all of my accounts set up at the time of my due dates. I explained this to them to no avail. I have been denied credit to several stores because of their reports.

I am receiving a credit bureau report from transunion in a few days to look over Synchronys findings. They are reporting delinquencies, unpaid, etc. I have told TU that several years ago I had a few accounts, when I was working, I lost my job in 2006 an was unable to pay those accounts.

Ever since that time I have opened a few accounts: walmart-paid off (2), they closed these because of the time of my getting paid, the payments were not paid until I got paid, never missed a payment, Care Credit, paid off, Mohawk card, another one of Synchronys accounts, Conns, I paid online, with my account set up to pay according to my paydays until the account was paid, 2 months in a row conns took 2 payments each month throwing my other accounts not being paid, but I paid the accounts and got them up-to-date and not being late.

The major problems with all of these accounts has been because of my ability to pay only when I was paid about mid-part of the month. I received a letter today from my Old Navy account telling me they were reducing my credit limit.

I have always paid this account, and as all of the others I have always paid more than was due. They are ruining my chance to get my credit rebuilt due to my loss of employment. I have no home payment, I own my home, no car payment, and I am going to be needing to get a car but with Synchronys negative reports this is going to be difficult.

I have even paid off an existing account that I misunderstood the payment schedules. I need for this company/bank to try an work with my age group. It has made my life a miserable mess trying to get my accounts all back in order after the situation with Conns. I also explained that to the customer service for the bank.

I would like to get in touch with someone in regulations for these banks,but I dont know who to get in touch with. Senior citizens are the builders of these companies, and the United States have set some of these banks and businesses up with our, senior citizens money.

I figure there will not be anything done, for me it never has but this may give others an indication of not doing business with this particular bank.

Thank you in advance for reading this (please do not thow away without reading).

  • Sep 23, 2015

I went to a dentist with a toothache and was told that I needed to have 8 teeth removed the dentist told me what the bill was since I did not have the amount of money she asked for she. Told me that I could apply for care credit which is interest free for 12 months. The interest you pay now will be credited to your account at the end of the year if you pay off your account but if you don't it becomes like a normal credit card with interest. The problem came about when I tried to pay off the account and was told that they had applied 844 to the account. they refused to close off the account for what I owe minus their 844 . I would like to close the account and pay them off but they are insisting on making me pay the money they added. mY question is that since I've made payments for the past ten months where was the money going to if they were not charging interest. My initial loan was 2900.62 in July last year and I have paid about 1000 to date now my balance according to them is 3500. I want to close the account by paying them what I owe them minus the differed interest which was not explained to me properly by the dentist office and also I would to expose this business because care credit qualified people should be making people complete the credit not dental office. People because they explained things differently.

  • Sep 8, 2015

I have had a CareCredit account thru Synchrony Bank for a few years. I never missed a payment and have paid off my account multiple times in the course is having the account. The last time I carried a balance was $75 on a $1000 credit limit. I paid it in full in January of 2015. In August of 2015, my account was closed because they pulled a credit report - without my knowledge or authorization. Because of what they found (that I missed a couple of payments over the last month), they decided to close my account. First, I had no balance. Second, I have not missed any of their payments and third, they ran an unauthorized credit report. I spoke to a supervisor whose name I took and her ID. She stated "they can do whatever they want whenever they want". Really? By them closing my account, it harmed my overall score And I fully plan on taking this further with my state's AG and the FCC. Is this really a fair practice? I could understand it if I was not making payments and was carrying a balance but for an unauthorized credit check? No way. And, I was not asking for more credit. I truly believe that this is the reason anyone with credit issues who are trying to rebuild will never be able to do so. I am going to close all of my credit card accounts as I do not need them. of course I will absolutely pay off any balances but this is just not worth it!

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