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Swell Quality, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City San Diego

Swell Quality, LLC. Reviews

  • Nov 17, 2020

I went to college with Chapman in Florida and the guy was known for two things. Chapman Root was the campus creep who scared women away by sexually harrassing them. The other thing Chapman Root was known for was poker scams and stealing from friends and family members . Chapman pretended he was a profesional poker player to get people to give him money by lying to them and telling them he was going to triple their investment. Chapman Root lost 5 of my friend's money and he stole from another 3 friends in his dormroom to feed his gambling addiction.

Chapman lost every single poker game he played in college. Chapman had the worst grades in all his classes so i highly doubt he graduated and during the years he was telling everyone that he was playing professional (which you won't find proof of anywhere online there are no pictures or videos of it), Chapman was a camp counselor with his loser brother Steve. Three companies my friends work for all rejected Chapman Root because he was completly clueless during the interviews. Don't hire swellquality because it's most likely a scam but if it isn't then Chapman has absolutlely nothing to offer companies trying to get their products listed on amazon and expand their e-commerce presence which is an umbelievably easy thing to do.

Chapman has ZERO experience in e-commerce and the only poker experience any of his college classmates have seen is losing all his money and other peoples money. According to his linkedin page Chapman Root's partner Zach Zimmerman (who is actually a legit Stanford grad) doesn't even work for Swellquality and he doesnt even live in the same state as the company's headquaters in San Diego. Its entirely possible that Zack Zimmerman doesn't even know who Chapman Root is.

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