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Suddenlink Communications

Country United States
State Texas
City Pflugerville
Address 1611 Pfennig Ln,
Phone 877-694-9474

Suddenlink Communications Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2020

My telephone line died in mid September. I contacted Suddenlink and was told a technician would call me back. That didn't happen so I called the next day and scheduled a service call for later in the week at 8am. At 8:30 I called them but they said it was 8a-11a. I called again 3 times over the next 5 hours and was told each time he'd be there "within the hour".

He never showed up and when I went online I saw that they'd rescheduled the service for a week later without notifying me. I then filed a BBB complaint. The corporate rep got back to me in 2 days but since then he's scheduled 2 more service calls where no one showed up or bothered to call me. It's going on 3 weeks without a land line and no end in sight.

  • Dec 25, 2019

Tornado came through on December 16, 2019, all utility poleson my street were in the road. Electric company replaced poles on the 17th and electricity restored on the 18th. Today is December 25th. Still no cake internet or phone via suddenlink. I have called.

Calls are routed out of country to individuals that have no idea of what's going on in the US. I went to the Alexandria Mall office . They couldn't help as they only take payments. Went to the on Pineville La. I was given the run around and given the same number that sends me out of countr .

Tried to speak with a supervisor and was denied. There is nothing on their website to contact anyone to file a complaint. This company is set up to make money. True customer service is nonexistent. Everything routed out of country. But they gladly accept your payments in cpuntr

  • Apr 23, 2019

I called customer service due to having a connection issue with their internet. They scheduled a technician to be at my location between 10 am and 12 noon. I received a call at 9:59 am informing e that the technician was on their way or I could cancel the call and not be charged a $60 service fee! I cancelled the call! This is outrageous!

It's also false and deceptive!

They not only make fraudulent claims in their online and television advertising, they also overcharge their customers for ALL their services!

  • Apr 10, 2019

Suddenlink advertises "No-Cancellation" fee and that's an outright lie. They call it an "Early-Termination" fee of $200.

"If you cancel, terminate or downgrade your service before the end of the agreed term, you'll be charged an early cancellation fee of up to $200, plus all outstanding charges for services or equipment."

Even when you cancel service, and bring back all of their equipment, as I did yesterday (April 10), they will bill you until your "agreed term" ends, in my case its until May 7. I never signed or agreed to any term limits with this company. Why would I, I took them for their word “No Early Termination Fees.” They spend millions of dollars on advertising stating this very thing.

So when I called customer service this morning to make sure they had canceled my service and noted that my equipment was returned, I was told that my service would continue until May 7 and I would be responsible for paying it.

WHAT THE HELL? How can they get away with this? I originally signed up for $54/mo internet. Four months later my bill had climbed to $188/mo, which is the magic number that everyone ends up paying!

Suddenlink should be shut down for false advertising! They are criminals that use deceitful lies to get you into their fold.

I will be contacting the Attorney General's office about this and I suggest you all do the same. Something has to change!

  • Oct 2, 2018

My family had suddenlink for many years at our summer camp sight and we would turn our equipment in at the close of the season and pay for our service up to october 31 then turned in equipment on november 1st when the cable service could not be used even because the electric is turned off after turning in all equipment .the office in parkersburg wv the lady there gave us a receipt and said all was paid up.Now Suddenlink is sending us a bill for the month of November and December where we have not got any equipment ,electric or camper on this site after we told them we did not want the service after october 31 and we did not receive any service from sudenlink for november and december they still turned us in to a couple of different collection companys. our family is elderly also living on disability income and taking care of adult autustic son .we would thank any one who could get this completly false charges off our credit reports or bring other people with same problems with this company into a class action or just get their bad billing practices stopped.Right now after many years of using suddenlink we will use satilite or outdoor antenna.

  • Jul 28, 2018

Called on July 18 2018. I am disabled and have an ATT cell phone which needs a microcell to work 99% of the time. The microcell uses the Internet to assist in the calls. On the 18th TiVo was not working on remote TVs and phone line that is from suddenlink was out. Called Suddenlink and was also told I also had a spike in power over my service. They could not get a service technician to my house before I left town but could get a line technician to check the pole to see why I got the power a spike. They said the scheduled appointment was on the 23-24 of July to check the pole. While I was gone internet went out so I could not control my nest thermostat to cool my house down before I returned (The nest is a internet controlled thermostat so you can adjust it from your phone while at home or out of town all you need is internet and my phone has great internet, suddenlink not so).

Needless to say the house was 80 degrees when we got home in central Louisiana where the heat index is over 108 degrees daily in the summer.

Called suddenlink and they said they would have somebody come out on Sunday, time came and gone so I called about my appointment and they said they miss spoke and it would be Monday, but they would send someone to check the pole. The order request to check the pole was 23-24 of July not the 30th. (WTF). I did complain the my modem was flashing more lights than a Christmas tree and they said it was over three years old and they had problems with them and it needed to be replaced. I asked why they had not scheduled for that to be done and they responded it was up to the customer to do that. Well l have problems with their service every couple of months and have to manually reset the modem and call them, but I guess I never asked to have my faulty modem replaced and I guess it's not up to them to tell them their job and insist on a new one. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

My first experience with them in this house was after my old house got flooded with about six feet of water and moved into this house that at the time we were flipping. Every toy my daughter had was soiled with waste water(oil, gas, insecticides, sewer water and so on, so everything was thrown out). We had our services transferred to our new house and it took ten days. Two days after it the service was connected my daughter told me her tv went out. I went outside and they had sent a service man terminate our service. They sent him out with a paper list of houses that did not have service that was weeks old and he was going around disconnecting houses from the service poles, They evidently got their list prior to the ten days of me having my service change and paying an outrageous disconnect and reconnection fee and the new service turned on, they were using a very, very, very old list.

They disconnected my service and when I stopped and asked the service technician what he was doing and showed him the paperwork I received when I had the services moved, he wouldn't even call the office to verify what I was showing him was accurate. This was Saturday and He told me to call the office Monday and they could straighten it out, that would have meant no phone, no internet and no TV until they could schedule some to fix their f**k up. To bad for him he pulled his truck was pulled a little to far down the driveway so I pulled my F250 right to his pumper and said when the tv comes on I'll move my truck and I turned around and went inside. He then called and had put the cable acrossed two poles to the main service to get it back to my house and working again. So of course I moved my truck. I never got an apology or even a call and that was probably the best service I have had in ten years.

When I did get them to add another line which they new was going to have to be in the attic they came in the afternoon and said that they were not allowed to go in attics after 10:00 because of the heat and I would have to reschedule, so I volunteered to go in the attic and drill the hole to run the cable thru the attic and down the wall (I didn't even get a thank you). He made the whole in the wall to run the cable out and it looked like he put his fist through it (pictures below) and used a little wall cover that didn't even cover the hole. After I complained they ordered and brought a doubled size wall outlet to fix it, it fell of the wall one week after that. I just wish it was not a monopoly on cable here because they would be out of business ( it rains to much for direct tv to be efficient ). I wish ATT 2 wire would come to this area. The real SAD thing is I have been a customer For over 30 year and they treat you like s**t, what ever happened to customer loyalty!!! And to top it off so they would not have to trim a tree (there job) they looped my cable line down the main line then to the pole closer to my house, I guess it's some sort of new engineering. Picture include also!

  • Jul 24, 2018

Suddenlink has billed me $70 for not returning my own modem, the same modem they sold me 2 years earlier.

I bought the modem from them in 2016 when they first became my internet service provider in Sedona, Arizona. I moved and canceled service with them 3 months ago. Last month they charged me for not returning my equipment, even though I do not have any of their equipment to return.

Suddenlink's customer service has wasted hours of my time, yet has not corrected their error. I have the invoice and canceled check proving I purchased my modem and the later invoices showing I never rented any equipment from them. Yet Suddenlink won't eliminate the charge, even though I have spoken to several Suddenlink reps who have agreed that their records confirm I never had any of their equipment and the charge is bogus.

Suddenlink's customer service seems to be set up specifically to make things as difficult as possible for its customers. After an hour long conversation with Suddenlink's online chat customer service, I was dismissed with the information that online chat couldn't help me, even though I had clearly explained my problem at the very beginning. Their phone support is no better, with long hold times to reach agents unable to correct even this simple case of negligent bookkeeping on Suddenlink's part.

Suddenlink is making the absurd demand that I pay them to keep my own modem, and they are threatening to send my account to collections if I do not.

  • Apr 21, 2018

A Suddenlink customer in the Lake Tahoe / Truckee area for years, I have seen dozens of their scams first-hand. Since they're the only game in town, it's likely most customers, myself included, just brush off the frustration of no-show service appointments, policies that force us into high-priced plan "upgrades" and the nickel and dime charges constantly added to our bill. Some of their subtle little tricks are so clever I've chuckled to myself when realizing how they are playing us. There isn't enough time or space here to go into detail of all the trickery, but with tools like data-cap overage charges, fees for everything imaginable and a complete monopoly for Internet service in the area - they do win the game. Throw in corporate greed and a complete lack of any conscience and... you get the idea.

When I signed on with Suddenlink, I bundled Internet, TV and phone. 3 years ago the bill was right at around $100 a month. Forward to current bill of well over $200 a month... with no pay-per-view, no HBO or movie channels at all and no upgraded services. Anyway, I'm not working right now and need to cut overhead, so I go to the Suddelink website to check what it will cost for Internet only. The funny thing is (and only on our Suddenlink connection) when our address is entered and/or "current customer" is checked on the required access page, nothing happens. If I go to their site using my cell connection I'm only offered an Internet upgrade - for $30 additional monthly. Then further requests shuts the page down again. There's no limit to how low this company goes. Monday I'm going down to their office with their crappy receivers and modem (for which I'v been paying countless dollars to rent for 3 years) pay the final balance and be done with it forever.

I don't care if I have to settle for high prices and low bandwidth with Hughes satellite to get Internet service, Ive had enogh. There may be no limit to how badly Suddenlink will treat their customers, but there IS a limit to how much I'm gonna take.

  • Apr 17, 2018

I have been a customer with Suddenlink for many years. Mainly because they are the only Cable TV provider in Marietta, Ohio.

At the end of every year I call to see about new promotions I may qualify for because I am on a fixed income (SSI) and can't afford to pay a large amount. Called in late November of 2017 and spoke with a gentleman who was able to lock me into a price of $99 for 2018. I didn't play it smart and write any of this down but didn't feel I needed to because that's what he said and I just assumed it was a valid sat in stone offer.

I get my December bill and it was $102.42 which I don't get too upset about because it was only a couple dollars more and I figured there were just a couple one time fees or something although nothing on the bill explained that. I let it go and pay the bill.

I get my January 2nd bill and I'm shocked yet again when I see the bill is $106.58 so I call Suddenlink and spoke with a lady in the billing department. When I asked her why the bill went up her exact response was "Um, I don't know but everybody’s bill goes up in January and it didn't just happen to you". I asked what the increase was for because it wasn't explained in the bill to which she said "I don't know sir". The whole entire time I'm talking to her she's getting more rude by the minute and all I'm doing is asking simple questions that I feel as a customer I'm entitled to know. Long story short I get nowhere with this lady, let it go despite my frustration, and paid the bill yet again.

I get my February 2nd bill and I am absolutely shocked to see that the bill has climbed to $116.66. I call customer service and asked why this jump was so big and yet again I get nowhere. They can't explain the reason for the jump and I am livid to say the least. I then asked the lady if I were to purchase my own equipment if that would possibly make the bill go down any which she replied with a "yes". When I ask by how much she can't answer that either. I asked her how is it that an agent in the billing department can't answer a question about billing charges and I can't even get the last of those words out and she's yelling over top of me "CAN I DO ANYTHING ELSE FOR YOU SIR"? which I said "Well I guess not obviously" didn't even get those words out and she has already hung up on me.

So basically every month since I have been paying the $116.66 which I cannot afford at all. I dread getting the next bill every month because I'm always afraid it's going to be more and maybe so much more I won't be able to pay it and it'll have to go unpaid.

It's evident that Suddenlink does not care about their long time loyal customers because if they did I wouldn't be going through this drama.

I would just like to have the $99 rate I was promised. Yes I don't have evidence of the offer but it was one I could afford. They need to be held accountable for their mistake and at least try to make this right with me. I always pay my bill on time and shouldn't be treated in this unprofessional manner. If someone could help me out i'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks again and God Bless!

  • Jan 19, 2018

After 30 years as a "VIP" (their words) customer, they kept raising prices and service got worse. I could not watch a program without my TV's pixelating, locking up or dropping connections. Internet was just as bad. I paid for 100 mbs and only got 61mbs according to their own speed test. I paid them $35 to come in and sit at my computer and tell me that I would never get close to 100mbs because of internet traffic. I was fed up and took my equipment to their 7th street location two weeks before my bill was due. They then told me I would have to pay for another month of service because "they don't pro-rate bills". I knew I paid ahead a month from the beginning, so I had already scheduled another company to come and hook up cable for me. Then I filed a complant, and they kept sending me bills. At one time it was over $300, but they quickly backed off on that when the complaint became known. I had turned in my obsolete analog to digital box a couple years ago, and they just said reciept. The guy tried to tell me I had to pay $40 for it, even though the government of my state had funded these boxes, which were given out as "free". They claim they searched their warehouse and don't have the box. I finally paid them because one day after the complaint was resolved, they turned me over to a collection company because I had not paid that bill while the investigation was ongoing. After all those years of paying my bill on time, this is how I was treated. Also, they offer new customers a 2 year deal for half of what I was paying, for the same service. This company is heartless, unfair, dishonest, and completely incompetent. I would do without before I'd ever use them for anything again.

  • Jan 11, 2018

The monopoly afforded providers like suddenlink is criminal and should be prosecuted. I called to remove services for February on January 10th and was 3 days past "the billing cycle", so they charged me an extra $100 for services I don't need or want. Great customer service.. /end sarcasm. The techs and service have been great, just don't appreciate shady business practices despite them being "universal" or "company policy" that other utilities or services couldn't get away with if their existence depended on it. Vote for someone who wants to change unethical practices like this, that in "theory", already exist. No monopolies my hind end. My 1 Gps connection currently reads 200 mps down and 50 mps up. False advertising apparently doesn't matter either.

  • Nov 15, 2017

I am totally unhappy with this company, which is setting itself up to be the most hated company just behind AT&T with lots of FORMER customers. I have been a customer with Suddenlink, since the corporation started gobbling up smaller cable TV suppliers and bought USA Media. When they took over my cable bill was less than $80 and since then we bundled our phone service and internet service with them, making us what they mis-lable a "VIP Customer", which apparently means zero.

Over the past few years the cable tv service has escalated in price. Service has slightly improved, but there are a lot of issues with the service, still-- and worst of all if you report problems they turn around and bill you for one of their employees coming out to check their own problem if it doesn't happen while the tech is there. We still have dropouts, digital smearing, often lose audio, and other similar issues. The monthly charges have changed rapidly and escalated upward, along with the taxes and fees. Suddenlink FREAKS OUT if you are like a dollar off, or a dollar late on their monthly bill, such that we call them "Suddenfreak". By the way, I have had automatic payment set up a couple years now-- but with Suddenlink raising their cable fees suddenly (hence the name) and with NO or LATE notice, my automatic payment went from $100 to $103 for the cable, and the taxes and fees which USED to be part of the bill are now NOT part of the bill and are broken out beneath the cable charges. This $3 and taxes, suddenly caused a Past Due Balance-- which triggered a late fee. Even a dollar short of their rapidly changing monthly fee causes a late fee. They also charge $1 per month for a paper bill-- another "fee harvesting" scam IMO. Again due to a $6 "past due" balance, Suddenlink also they cut off our internet without notifying us and then, even if paid immediately, to get that restored they charge ANOTHER $10 fee.

The entire operation at Suddenlink, seems to be more concerned with bilking its customers and harvesting numerous "fees" and not in delivering good cable and internet service. IMO they started out fine but are now simply trying to grab all the fees and charges they can from customers and do not help us figure a fair way to pay our bill. They will NOT refund their spurious charges, I called and tried. Readers please beware-- Suddenlink cable is setting yourself up for being ripped off.

  • Apr 11, 2017

I cancelled due to deceptive billing. I signed up October 17, 2016. By December the $155 per month went to $224. By January they said I owed 446.93 for December 14 to February 14th and I paid. I received another bill February for over 400.00 . I called February 10th to cancel. I was told this morning that I didn't cancel until February 16th, and I owed February 14th to March 14th. I took the equipment back long before that, yet I am told that I owe for these services regardless. Nothing is prorated because they say the service is on for the entire month. This service is paid in advance and shut down or started remotely. They are like buzzards. I canceled service on Feb 10. They agree that I was paid up till Feb. 14, yet the cancellation was Feb 16. So I have to pay the entire amount for Feb 14 to March 14. I said no, and they turned it over to a collection agency. They are not even accredited by the Better Business Bureau. After many hours on hold and being transferred from department to department, numerous texts, and a lot of distress, they will not agree to anything except full payment. I earn more each day than this company is trying to bully and extort from me. They are Ruthless. Horrible company. Shame on these people. My wife passed away last year and I am retired. My new mission in life is to warn everybody I know or meet about SUDDENLINK. I am waiting for this to be reported to one of the 3 credit bureaus before small claims court.

  • Jul 30, 2016

Suddenlink I had the bundle installed in my home in 2013 under my son names and I did not pay the balance of the bill, so my son contacted me and told me that the bill needs to get paid so it could be taken off of his credit report and I thought it was handled by suddenlink representative, but today in 2016 the balance of the bill has been assigned to my daughter's account who has never had any types of dealing with Suddenlink. I get a call from my daughter telling me that my bill has been added to her name and because in 2013 she paid a payment for me and her name was use with her credit card they assumed that after 4yrs almost that she would pay the bill. Long story short, went to the office in Lufkin, me, my daughter and my husband told the representative that the bill was mines and could they take it off. Well, as you know the representative, the supervisors on the phones and even corporate will not recognize that the bill does not belong to my daughter and that I admitted that the bill was mines and I would pay it, they would not work with her nor will they take the bill off and I'm the one who advised her to use suddenlink because I thought it was a good company. They lack understanding, compassion and responsibilities. I would never advise anyone to use this company, because you will be in a world of trouble if you do and you will not get anything done, it's all about "that DOLLAR" !!

  • Jul 30, 2016

Im a handicapped blind civ/vet and have been thru hell and back with dealing with Suddenlink Cable/Internet Company. For over 2 years since lightening struck trees AND cable pole Ive had trouble w/both cable & internet. Im told everytime I call (over 4-7 times mth) that theres no problem, they make appts charge me $44 for coming out & LIE saying no problems. I have videos all all the problems all the time.

My bundle package is $44.81 with $8.05 discount monthly from Mr. Feurgerson because I cant pay via cable log in because bill is always wrong or problems. Slowly every few months they raise the rates till its now over $60. I only have 3mb internet (for 56mbs its only $30. & $10. basic tv, so why is are my services increasing?) and basic cable tv that I cant see or watch nor use internet when weather is cold, or rainny or sunny or nice outside, etc. FINALLY someone last week said I show the test as your services just trickling in. I showed him video of some problems & the trees where lightening constantly strike because neighbor has tall metal flag pole in front yard which attracked lightening strikes so much that he cut his trees down, now lightening strikes my trees and telephone pole where Suddenlink box located.

Im constantly calling them to report all the problems & asking for pro rate, they are pissed off at me & raised my bill and distrubt services all the time as retailiation. I cant see tv anyways & use it to listen to news as I have to knowwhat weather is before I go outside w/Service Dog. I dont want to get rained on or worse struck by lightening or Sunburnt. With Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I cant feel heat or cold & its impairative I hear weather 3 times a day. With the internet I haveto have to order medicines & food I cant get here. Im severely chemical sensitive & allergic to many foods therefore causing me to search for organics to eat. No meat! I cant even use the Epi Pen because Im allergic to it! Even Silicone Dioxide causes my heart to stop, fill up with blood, misbeat , developing blood clots, & finally stopping breathing.

Suddenlink says if I upgrade I wont have any more problems. But I have the least at 3mb internet & basic tv and I pay more than most & they have better. Suddenlink will never fix the cable lines & everyone Ive spoke to all say they have problems & they have better upgraded packages than I do.

I have been scammed, over charged, Lied to, retailiated against, threatened, told I was crazy that nothing is wrong & Im the only person having problems (not so I asked everyone here on the loop, they all have problems!), denied fixing the problem, denied pro rate for shotty services, & stressed beyond any reasonable amount that no one should ever have to endure!

I have to have internet to live, order items for food, teas, medicines, etc. & cable to hear weather. I have no speakers on my computer, its old like me. LOL. To just have internet its over $65.!!! If you bundle its $60. BUT thats w/56mb internet (I have only 3mb) and basic tv which I can use rabbit ears to receive free tv. So WHY are increasing service fees for the lowest package all the while IF you upgrade you pay less (for now) and get more internet speed (56mbs)? Im at witts end from all the stress theyve caused. PLEASEEEEEE can you help, can anyone help? Please call me, sending emails or posting here is hard to read. Im almostblind, its taken me a week to type this to you all.

  • Jul 25, 2016

My internet and cable have been disconnected. I attempted to contact suddenlink for information. When I was finally able to speak to a rep I was told I was disconnected due to none payment. I just signed up for the service less than one month ago. I haven't yet to this day received any type billing via email or snail mail. I have explained that to the rep and was told I owe $400 in order to have my services restored. I have every intention on paying what I owe and returning the equipment. However they will not be getting another dime out of me.

  • Jun 23, 2016

I had my phone and internet service with Suddenlink for the past three or four years. When I changed over from another company the rates were reasonable. After about two years the rates go up unreasonably, so I decided to go with a different company. My monthly service term ended on 6/20/16. My service from abc company was installed on 6/21/16. I called Suddenlink Communications on 6/22/16 to cancel my service. Their representative told me that because my service date started on the 6/21/16 I wouild have to pay for July. They stated they didnt prorate any days. Which means I wilol have to pay 97.26 for one day. Is this fair? Is this a rip-off? To me this is very unreasonable.

Not only was this unfair but I had to endure many days without telephone service because there was something wrong with the lines and very slow internet service. I called several times for phone repair and was told that they were probably working on the lines in my area.

To anyone out there who has not tried cable..."DONT"

  • Dec 5, 2015

I got Suddenlink internet for $35 per month. It was about 10 months into service and they said I went over my data cap which is bollocks. I called them and they said they would increase the data cap for an extra $10 a month. I begrudgingly paid the bill.

Now a month later the next bill has come and it's $159.67. Outrageous. Not paying it. Not what I agreed to. Don't care how they finagle it. I have switched to a different internet service provider and Suddenlink can shove this bill. The late fee is also ridiculous. $7.50 for a few hours overdue. I live on a fixed income. I pay them when I get paid. A reasonable late fee is $0.50 - $1.00 a day. The bill also says They also said it's gone up because the promotional period had ended. No one ever said anything about a promotional period when I signed up. That's textbook bait-and-switch. I stupidly agreed to the extra $10 a month for higher data cap last month but this bill says I've exceeded it again. How can I possibly exceed a data cap that's been doubled when I've been using the internet less?

It basically breaks down like this - original rate of $35 plus $10 for increased data cap plus the end of a phantom "promotional" rate bringing it up another $20 plus a late fee of $7.50, plus "partial monthly services" of $4.67. That is total bollocks. Plus my previous month's balance which I thought we took care of when we upgraded the data cap. Add up all the bull**** and it comes to $159.67 or I can pay the past due of $82.50. Which I wont because I don't deserve to be lied to, I don't deserve to be kept waiting for hours at a time on hold to customer "service" just for them to list what's on the bill they sent me and tell me there's nothing they can and that they have no authority in these matters and whole load of other bull****.

If they want to keep taking money from me for giving me crap internet and SPYING on me (yes, they do) then they can forget this stupid bill and start off fresh at the original, agreed-upon rate of $35 a month. Data caps are a way for them to overcharge you. Never heard of data caps until I moved here. Suddenlink is a shambolic, dishonorable, manipulative disgrace. They lie to you to get you sign up and overcharge you for any reason they can conjur. If a Suddenlink salesman comes knocking on your door, slam it in his face. Stay away from Suddenlink. They are cancer.

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