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Country United States
State Alabama
City New York

Storetasker Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2021

I would not recommend stortasker to anyone looking for shopify services. Their "experts" are not actual experts and actually have very little experience, you are better off hiring someone from upwork.

This company will manipulate situations any way they can to avoid paying developers for work. They have done this to me for a period of months beginning in early february. They scammed me by promising to pay me several thousand dollars they owed me from abusive clients in order to get me to continue providing services for other clients. When confronted they continuously made excuses about payment. They intentionally manipulated me into doing over 20k in work and as soon as the work was completed they claimed some excuse to not pay me. The reason this is a scam is every excuse they claimed was known weeks prior, yet they instructed me to keep working on the projects and promised to pay even though i expressed concerns about it multiple times. They actively lie and tell me projects aren't completed when they are. Their support team has told me they lie to their customers on several occasions and everyone including the company owner has blatantly lied to me. I can provide documentation of this to the scamion admin.

Storetasker currently owes me over 17k in projects for labor the client received that they did not pay me for while the clients are using my work live on their stores, this is also copyright infringement which storetasker is helping the clients perform and endangering the clients stores by encouraging them to use and host copyright infringing content. I would recommend not trusting this company as they continuously lie in order to enrich themselves. A majority of their reviews online are positive with few negative reviews because the company actively manipulates trust pilot reviews and bribes people to leave them positive reviews that are undeserved and they do everything they can to remove any negative review to a level which obviously does not represent a factual general consenus of their service. Some other people have already confirmed to me that they worked with them to manipulate their ratings. If you look at their reviews it's very obvious.

The company has a ethos of lying, one of the owners charlie lies and so does every support member at their company. They will probably reply to this proving my point with some lying excuses about why they are stealing my money, however, i am sure they are too arrogant to realize that anyone with even average intelligence will see through their excuses as a bs attempt to justify theft or make me look bad Watch i bet they do it).

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