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Stock Guru

Country United States
State Alabama

Stock Guru Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2021

James Farhat from Australia, also known as Stock Guru on Youtube, @jamyies on Twitter, stockguru on Gumroad is a disohnest marketer and fake-it-until-you-make-it multimillionaire, and positive thinking guru. He sells a $333 online course and a $5,000/mo mastermind for investing via his YouTube Channel and seminars.

"17 years business and investing experiece, semi-retired multi-millionaire, I'll go through and talk about the stock market..."

James is pushing his $333 course while analyzing trending stocks often dressed in bathrobe and filming from luxury rentals. James is smart to be doing this in a bull market. Everyone is a genius in a bull market and in making money.

James introduces scarcity by letting viewers that "his producers" will soon increase the $333 course to $3,000! Hence, pushing viewers to buy the course which is good for everyone ofcourse (from beginners to advanced stock traders).

He is filming form luxury rental locations and villas pretending to be his own properties. James has his own chef/maid/doctor/bodyguard while those services are often available in the rental package.

In essence James is misreprresenting his wealth and resources to market the course while providing charismatic stock market analysis. His course "has been taken 15,500 Students" yet he has less than 70 reviews... you be the judge.

If you're a lying for somehting so triviallly discoverabe, what else are you lying about.

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