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Stewart Elementary School

Country United States
State Florida
City Bradenton
Address 7905 15th Ave NW
Phone 1 941-741-3176

Stewart Elementary School Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

I worked for Joseph Hougland at Stewart Elementary School in Florida, Manatee County Schools district. From what I understand, Joseph Hougland was an administrator at Palma Sola Elementary in the same school district. Both Palma Sola Elementary and Stewart Elementary are in areas of Manatee County that are closer to the beaches and the parent/guardian base tends to be wealthier. Because of this, the staff and most of the people whose children attend Stewart Elementary are s****.>

"Ida Stewart Elementary" has very little turnover of staff and most of the teachers at the school have been there forever. When vacant positions do become available it is possible to new staff to fit-in and not feel like an outside.

  • Sep 8, 2020

Lisa Heathcote is/was the Assistant Principal of Ida M. Stewart Elementary School in Bradenton/Manatee County, Florida. Before she worked at Stewart Elementary, Lisa Heathcote was an Assistant Principal at Daughtery Elementary, also in Manatee County, Florida. From what I heard from the people that worked at Daughtery Elementary, after spending two torturous years under Heathcote at Daughtery Elementary the staff was elated to see Heathcote leave.

Before she lived in Florida, Heathcote was an administrator in another state, I believe it might have been in Minnesota. Lisa Heathcote's claim you fame was that she was a "Curriculum Specialist" at a high performing school in another state (Minnesota?). If the school really was high performing I guarantee it had nothing to do with Heathcote. She is as clueless as she is "big boned" aka maximum density. As much as I disliked her, Lisa Heathcote was so huge that it looked like a real struggle just to watch her try and walk down the highways at the school. If you ever see pictures of Heathcote (e.g. those printed online in her Facebook page) you will notice that there are no full body shots, the only pictures of Lisa Heathcote are from the waist-up and there is a reason for this. Use your imagination.

If Lisa Heathcote liked you, all was well, but if Lisa Heathcote did not like you, watch your back. I saw one new teacher to the school that Heathcote did not like that Heathcote not only tried actively to get the woman fired, she had another individual she was training behind that teachers back to replace her. I heard similar stories about the nightmare of Heathcotes regime from employers at Daughtery where Heathcote formerly worked as an administrator. Lisa Heathcote is evil incarnate.

Stewart Elementary is a public school, but in a very affluent area of Bradenton/Manatee County, and the school had almost no turnover, so the employees at Stewart Elementary were as s****.>

Stewart Elementary in Bradenton/Manatee County, Florida is a completely miserable place to work, especially for new employees, and Lisa Heathcote is a LARGE reason why.

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