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State Farm Insurance

Country United States
State Illinois
City Bloomington
Address One State Farm Plaza
Phone 800-782-8332

State Farm Insurance Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2020

After 30 years with State Farm Insurance, we never made a claim or received any citations. Then they changed the speed limit on a road we travelled everyday. It became a speed trap and my wife an I both received citations for driving 55 in a 45. This past winter, I hit an ice spot on the road and lost control. The damage was only $3000.00.

After 30 freaking years, State Farm had the audacity to send us our driving record and threatened us with canellation. We are too old now to change Insurance Companies but you be aware, you DON"T want State Farm, Liberty Mutual, or Allstate. All 3 have ripped me off. I have found the best insurance companies are Farmers, and the General. We are seriously looking at Farmers. They are the best.

  • Sep 9, 2020

They were quick to get my business but, when it comes to claims, it's all about denying them for profit. I have had three different roofing companies out to my home to check for hail damage after a hail storm occurred. 90% of the homes in my neighborhood have received new roofs or in the process of getting new roofs. We have ten hail hits per square on over 50% of the roof. All three roofing companies stated that I had hail damage and completed a report along with pictures where you can clearly see the hail damage.

State Farm had an independent contractor who is an "adjuster" for State Farm to come out to my home. He pulled up in a family minivan with a ladder strapped to the top of it. I received a call immediately after he got off the roof, stating, "you do not have hail damage." I asked for a second inspection and was denied the same day by the same independent contractor/adjuster after I submitted the inspection report and pictures as required by State Farm. Next, I asked for arbitration and there has been no response from the contractor/adjuster or my insurance agent.

I have now sent several emails and made calls, hoping to get an answer from an actual State Farm employee. I've had insurance with State Farm for over six years with no claims, and when I have damage and file a claim, they are not willing to do the right thing. I've paid my insurance premiums on time, and I have to fight to get State Farm to do the right thing. I also found out that my deductible was raised from 1,000.00 to 2,600.00 without my knowledge or any notice. My next step is to hire an attorney if I am unable to get a response regarding arbitration.

  • Apr 17, 2020

I insure three homes and two cars with State Farm. One of my homes was just remodeled and I always heat it in my absence. Without my knowledge the heat went off and pipes burst and caused thousands of dollars of damage. I always take care of my home and would never intentionally not heat it. State Farm needs to honor this claim.

  • Oct 18, 2019

On 06/19/2019, we was rear ended while sitting in a L/H turn lane @ a red lite, w/injuries. @ fault driver refused to provide his 'Insurance & Registration'.

Had to purchase police report for his info. State Farm never contacted us after 3.5 months. State Farm adjuster Brian James is dealing in BAD FAITH, a SUPER LOW BALL REPAIR ESTIMATE of 'take what we give you & be gone' attitude.

  • Jul 24, 2019

Ripped off for prorated refund.

allen jones agency at 8900 wornall rd.

charles was the agent that sold me a 3 month policy.

I called and canceled after 1 month. I was told i was

due a prorated refund & told the check was mailed out. never got it called corporate & they treated me like i didn't exist. they claimed they owed me nothing.

beware rip off artests!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jul 4, 2019

My agent just straight up lied to us. My husband and I were looking for a life insurance policy a few years back after me being honorably discharged from the Army and him retiring from the Army. He told us that our premiums (minus the cost of insurance) would be invested in the stock market and it would grow according to the market of course.

At first I didn't monitor it, because I know it's a long term investment so I was just paying the premium and not worrying about it. One day I realized I haven't received a statement from them other than the savings account they said we had to open in order to start the life insurance policies. Mind you; this savings has not gained one cent in interest in 3 years.

So, I go online to register for an online account to manage our life insurance policies. Once registered, to my surprise and disappointment, it doesn't show the premium (minus the cost of insurance) being invested in the stock market, or any growth there of... All it shows is how much we pay for premiums, how much we pay for the insurance and that's pretty much IT... It doesn't even have the option to view/print your statements online... And I have yet to receive a statement even upon request from my agent.

If this company was on the up and up, why don't we have access to our policy statements?? We have never even received an annual statement. This is a total RIP OFF! Now if we cancel the policies, we are stand to loose over 1,600 dollars plus the money we have wasted paying into these crappy policies. Please don't fall for the lies and double talk like we did!

And if anyone knows how to surrender this policy with minimum penalties, please advise.

  • Jun 7, 2019

Following a parking lot accident, State Farm denied our claim because they had not updated their records to reflect the car we were driving (despite our notice to State Farm). They blamed us for not catching their error.

Rather than rectifying the error and covering the claim, they stated they would refund our insurance premiums (which does not make us whole; it denies us of the benefit of the contract we purchased). Then, when they sent the refund check, the amount returned was substantially less than the premiums we paid over a 5-year period. So, State Farm kept at least 40% of the premiums we paid, but refused to pay the claim we submitted.

We have been a State Farm customer for 20 years, insuring our house and two cars. We never made a single claim. This is our first claim ever, and the amount was not substantial (modest repair work to one car). Their internal values say they "do the right thing" for customers -- they DO NOT live that motto. This was a simple, cheap opportunity to live that value, and they chose the opposite.

If State Farm would screw us on a small claim after 20-years as a customer, imagine what they would do if we (or anyone) had a large claim. Do NOT trust State Farm to insure your family and your valuables. In the event of a catastrophe, they will seize on any reason (even if it is their fault) to deny your claim.

State Farm is NOT a Good Neighbor. They will take your premiums for 20 years and then when catastrophe strikes, they will hide behind excuses, make you chase claims adjusters, engage in endless letter writing, and leave you holding the bag after your house burns down. NEVER, NEVER INSURE YOUR LOVED ONES OR VALUABLES WITH STATE FARM

  • Feb 11, 2019

Had a rear end accident caused by their insured driver.

had spoken to both David/Kimberly.

during my treatment ...David was handling my claim.

after treatment..Kim took over.

i gave them 21 days to make my medical re-imbursed.

21 days have passed.

i sent the medical document they requested over 11 days ago and still not responding to me.

property damaged already paid.

  • Jul 18, 2018

In June a recap flew off a Sijah trucking truck, it did almost 3500 in damage, State Farm denied the claim, my agent told me I had a 500 dollar deductible and it was fully covered, that’s not true, I’m now stuck with 3000 in repairs and the claims people for State Farm have been rude , not clear and I’ve had State Farm for 20 years, no claims or tickets. I’ve taken it to 2 places and have been left holding the bag, my business has 18 commercial vehicles, no claims, so with that being said after 20 plus years and 28 thousand a year in premiums , they are a joke, they are crooks and I will find an attorney that will help me.

  • May 21, 2018

Their insured was drunk and hit my 2016 Malibu LT causing $6700 in damages. They fixed the car but now say it is worth just as much as before the accident. I have subbmitted proof of my loss and they still refuse to pay me. They say I'll have to sue to ever see a dime. This is as scum ridden a company as I've ever seen. Do not ever become a client of state farm. They have ripped off their own customers for decades.

  • Mar 1, 2018

State Farm in Snohomish (Bill Holt & Nancy) will be happy to take your money but once you need help, BEWARE!!

After working with Bill Holt and Nancy at State Farm in Snohomish over the last 12-15 years, we recently had our first claim. We have 5 properties insured through State Farm and have paid them over $100,000 in premiums over the years. We also called Nancy about 1-2 years ago to increase our coverage amounts, just to be safe because we realize material costs and labor costs to build have increased quite a bit over the last 10+ years. Initially I thought we would definitely be in good hands, again 12 years with them, never having an incident/claim and paying top dollar premiums for emergencies just like this. Well after a water heaters busted and ruined a bedroom and bathroom of our rental, we called Bill Holts State Farm agency immediately and spoke with Nancy, looking for advice to navigate through the process.

Now a month later and $15k out of pocket, they are trying to get out of their obligation to pay for the majority of the damage. They've paid 1/3rd and are saying that their bid is only $4700 (to remodel a bedroom and bathroom completely), which is totally insane. With the amount of rentals we've had over the years and remodeling our own bathrooms over the years, we know for a fact that our 15k is reasonable for removing the damaged items and replacing them with "like" items. Nevertheless we had our contractors give us a good deal and drop their other jobs for us because we've done so much work with them over the years. In this crazy booming Seattle real estate market, it is amazing that we were able to completely redo the rooms in such a short amount of time, especially with the low cost that we put into it. The breakdown is 5k for our contractor, 5k for materials (that we bough about builder grade from Lowes) and 5k for plumbing (opening sheet rock, testing water pressure and labor for 2 days). All very reasonable if you ask me for redoing the two rooms, but State Farm is doing whatever they can to dodge their responsibility and make us pay the damages ourselves. We've complained to the WA State commissioner and hopefully they will be a true advocate for us!

Beyond that, we're stuck paying 10k+ out of pocket, on top of still having to pay our outragious insurance premiums, which obviously don't cover anything and just line the pockets of State Farm! I've had friends with claims in the past and seen them getting nearly 100% over their damages covered. It's so frustrating to pay State Farm over 100k (multiple properties) over the last decade, for a service that we hope we never need but fully expect to utilize in an emergency such as this, to be just manipulated by State Farm and their team of fraudsters. I say fraud, because State Farm is the Insurance Company we trusted, they explained what your options were with our premiums and we purchased additional/over-coverage, now they are defrauding us out of the insurance money we need for the damages due to a water tank bursting.

State Farm is attempting to defraud us out of the insurance money owed to us and if you are with them they will probably do the same to you! They have not provided the best advice or assistance when we've needed them most and they have added more stress beyond our unfortunate disaster emergencies, forcing us to spend more time and money fighting for what should already be rightfully ours. We're so upset with this company and cannot believe that after over a decade of paying our premiums to them, without any previous claims, that they have the nerve to dodge their responsibility and attempt to defraud us out of the amount needed to cover the damages!

Our agent keeps pointing us back to the adjuster but we've messaged our adjuster 3-4 times over the last 2-3 weeks, without a call back. She could care less that she is causing hardship and she is helping State Farm steam roll right over her customers, right when they need them the most! We're more than happy to get the WA Insurance Commissioner involved now and hope State Farm is held accountable!

  • Nov 20, 2017

November 13, 2017 California Department of Insurance Claim Service Bureau 300 South Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90013 I would like to update an existing complaint for further review with The California Department of Insurance addressing State Farm Insurance’s negligence for a personal injury claim on the insured property, 661 Glenburry Way San Jose CA, that was opened on the insureds policy, Javier Garcia, in Nov. 27th 2015. In a notification by letter dated September 18, 2017 State Farm Insurance responded to a complaint I made with The California Department of Insurance regarding bad-faith insurance practices addressing my frustration with the lack of acknowledgement and response from the agency since the date of loss. In the letter they informed me that a second claim had been opened in error with the incorrect date of loss, November 27th 2014 which would have surpassed the 2 year limitation to pursue the claim and to disregard the error. In the letter they also indicated that the reason for their inability to reply properly and conduct a prompt, fair and throrough investigation and effectuate a reasonable evaluation of damages as a result of the insureds liability was due to the insureds instructions to State Farm that he did not want a claim opened or investigated under his policy since the initial filing date and had since changed his position and allowed a claim to be opened and investigated. I was given partial information about Mr. Garcia’s policy which includes Medical Payments Coverage for medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident and that coverage was not available to me as I was a resident of the insured location at the time of the incident and indicated that it can only be applied to a person on the insured location with the permission of the insured or to a person OFF the insured location if the person is an "employee” and if the bodily injury arises out of a condition on the insured location caused by the activities of by their insured. My claim had been partially denied.

I replied to State Farms representative handling my claim, Alonzo Baez, that their insured, Mr. Garcia, was involved in the incident and to please investigate further and advise me in writing whether Mr. Garcia contends that anyone other than himself may be in whole or in part legally responsible for the accident on the premises since they failed to promptly provide a reasonable explanation denying coverage for injuries that had been committed on the insured property, deviating from standard procedures, delaying a settlement in good faith when it was apparent no investigation had taken place. Alonzo Baez, the State Farm Representative, replied to my inquiry although he initially sent the letter to the wrong address, the address of the insured, Javier Garcia, 661 Glenburry Way San Jose CA. He informed me of the mistake by telephone and advised me in advance that the letter in transit indicated that upon further review, State Farm made a mistake and declared their insured and property did not have any liability coverage. He apologized for mistakingly sending the letter to Mr. Garcia’s address. I informed the representative that due to the lack of coverage for their insureds negligence causing bodily injury on the insured location that it was important that he address in his letter following their investigation, once again, if their insured contends that anyone other than Mr. Garcia is in whole or in part legally responsible for the acts committed resulting in bodily injury since State Farm delayed and failed to affirm or deny coverage within a reasonable amount of time.

In response, State Farm replied: "We are willing to consider any additional information you feel may impact our decision. We are required by California Insurance Regulations to advise you that if you believe this claim, or any part of this claim has wrongfully been denied or rejected, you may have the matter reviewed by the California Department of Insurance, Claim Service Bureau, 300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, California 90013.” I have attached documentation that supports my complaint is fair and further attention to this matter is reasonable and should be held accountable for their violations of unfair, deceptive practices and non-compliance with state law COMPLAINT FILED OCT. 2017 California Department of Insurance Claim Service Bureau 300 South Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90013 Claimant ,Adrian Quirarte, brings this complaint to the California Department of Insurance for review of bad-faith insurance practices including the failure to take proper actions as mentioned below by State Farm Insurance Company. A claim had been submitted to State Farm Insurance for an incident involving personal injury as a tenant on the policy holders premises, where the landlord was severely negligent for the failure to inspect or repair dangerous and unsafe conditions when the hazards present were directly associated with landlords employment as a trailer driver and reported to The Federal Motor Safety Administration for being in regulatory non-compliance and to State Farm Insurance for property damage and personal injury dated November 27th 2015- March 4th 2016. The damage was presumptively intentional and foreseeable. When I first spoke to a claims representative I was assured that a member of the team would review the claim and that as a third-party/tenant, I had a legal right to pursue a claim due to mere negligence or refusal to remove the dangerous factor; however when the appointed representative contacted me, I informed him I was a third party making a claim on the landlords homeowners policy and from there he made absolutely no effort to return my calls, properly investigate the claim , investigate witnesses involved, failed to investigate the property and failed to acknowledge receiving photographs of injuries or any documents that were pertinent to the claim proving severe injuries and landlords liability.

I informed the Agent that the policy holder was a trailer driver and on route making deliveries about 3 weeks out of the month and that I needed their co-operation because there was very little that would persuade the landlord to accept liability even if it meant breaking the law. State Farm should have told the insured that they must report all matters which may result in a claim. If they fail to do so, they’re in violation of the policy conditions (possibly insurance fraud), and the insurance company could deny the claim should it turn into a legal matter. State Farm should not have given the landlord the option to deny the claim when they should have investigated the property since landlords are legally responsible for the failure to keep tenants safe from dangerous conditions on a property or safe from criminal activity and not create defenses for the allegations. Reviewing policies, it is to my understanding that the insured is required to promptly report all losses.

It is possible that the agent advised the insured that he may be liable for more than the policy limits. I have a statement from a court report that was given to a judge for a family matter in June 15 2016, that the landlord and policy holder, Javier Garcia, mentioned in court that the insurance company told him that my claim was worth 250,000.00 but that he closed the claim because again he denied liability and did not want a settlement out of his policy. I personally was never told by the agents that my claim with worth X amount, barely even being given the claim number at times. Bad-faith was committed when the agent(s) have been giving both the third-party and landlord the wrong information. Protecting the landlord would mean handling an honest claim giving the right information to the insured and protect both the policy holder and the insurance carrier because the tenant can then file a personal injury lawsuit or claim against the landlords insurance company or insured for medical bills, lost earnings, pain, physical suffering, permanent physical disability and disfigurement, property damage and emotional distress. The insureds homeowners coverage carries coverage for liability to tenants or third-party injuries on premises and property damage, but State Farm insisted they are not responsible for a claimant’s allegations due to the policy holders misreporting which was both known by the policy holder and the insurance company that was done in bad-faith..

State Farm shortly misinformed the policy holder, the landlord, who failed to exercise reasonable care and maintain the property safe for tenants, and took the claims advisors advice that there would be no penalty for misrepresentation of facts or denying liability and gave the policy holder the option to close the claim without investigation to avoid having a settlement out of his policy or run the risk of being sued in court funding their own defense and settlement. With all the information present, the agent(s) had separate duties to follow up with an investigation or report the claim information given to the insurance carrier whether or not there was liability. Each Agent that I spoke to on the phone had absolutely no information on the claim and kept transferring me to several agents who eventually had no answer or hung up on me. I would be transferred or placed on hold for nearly an hour on each phone call.

There was several. The Agent(s) inconsistency, lack of knowledge of the claim and failure to report or withholding facts, statements, circumstances or information to the insurance company would mean violating the companies policies, committing bad faith when there is a risk the third party can then sue, the insured and State Farm, who should be protected by its agents and given the correct advice; which they should then not expect to receive any defense or indemnification for their insured in court. I recently decided to re-open the claim because I have several losses, pain and suffering, relocation expenses, damaged property, medical bills and further treatment. I am currently undergoing additional examinations by specialists to provide further information and evidence about the accident. Recently I tried to pursue the claim again, State Farm in bad-faith and possibly illegally, took my social security number this time around and I assumed it was for my profile or claim like I was told, however it was later discussed that it was to access my hospital records. I told them that I did not consent to give them access to my personal information without the advice of an attorney and to remove my social security from their system. They said they did not have the ability to remove my social security from their system, and that if I have an attorney, that they could no longer discuss my claim, that all information including the misuse of my social security without my authority could only be released to my attorney and hung up on me.

When I told my doctor what State Farm did, she informed me that State Farm did not have the authority to access medical records without a signed consent form and that I should get help from an attorney. After informing them that I was going to file a report to the California Department of Insurance, State Farm sent me a letter: "Dear Adrian Quirarte: Please contact us within 20 days if you wish to pursue this claim. We will close your claim if we do not hear from you within the time requested. Please be advised no action for your loss can be initiated against our insured unless the action is filed within 2 years after the date of the incident.” Bad-faith was committed when the claim number for the claim was changed ( I was told each time before that a claim number could not be changed because it would result in a duplicate claim), and the date on the letter reports that the incident happened 11/27/14 not 11/27/15 being past the statue of limitations for an insurance claim, however i have several letters and documents that provide proof that the incidents began in November, 27, 2015. I would like to the California Department of Insurance inform me what they can do for me in this situation. I understand that this is quite a long report, but please understand I have been documenting this since late 2015. If needed I can provide letters, documents, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, medical summaries as of the result of the landlords behavior. This letter has been written as a response to the letter that was just sent by state farm, indicating they could not discuss any information with me about the claim without an attorney, including the misuse of my social security number and changing the incident date on the last letter received by State-Farm dated August 21st 2017. 2015 Claim: 05-7R95-780 Tony Mayhew 855 856-3381 EXT 4806363271 2014 Claim: -050593-W45 Jeffery Conarton Claim Specialist 844 458-4300 EXT 4806363230 FAX 844 236-3646

  • Aug 24, 2017

My home was burglarized. The officer investigating said he would get my stuff back. One of the items stolen was my laptop with Dell you can click find and it will map where you device is. I did this for the officer and he was positive he could retrieve my Dell laptop. I waited almost a month and still had not gotten my laptop back so I filed a claim with my insurance agent (Phil Ates State Farm Insurance). Phil asked for proof of my Dell laptop purchase so I guess you need to keep your reciept now of days. He had me come to his office in College Park, Maryland and do a recorded statement. He was rude and said racist remarks repeatdly to me. Then all of the sudden my statement wasn't good enough for Phil he wanted me to do a sworn at the PG County Courthouse. Phil made me pay him $250.00 deductible and then he told me to go back to my country (India) and get a better insurance if I am not happy with his agency (racist).

When I called State Farm Corporate Offices in (Bloomington, IL) they told me this wasn't there policy at all and I probably was ripped-off. I have filed complaints with the Maryland BBB & every complaint board there is. State Farm & Phil Ates have violated my privacy rights by asking me for copies of all my bank statements, credit card statements, phone records and where I was located the night my home was burglarized. I work in government and a large portion of what I needed was on my laptop so I haven't been unable to perform my work. This claim has been in since May and there is always something Mr.Ates wants that has nothing to do with my claim being honored. Phil Ates State Farm Insurance Agency is nothing but "Frauds". Phil is nothing but a con-artist and racist...... Don't make the same mistake I did and get any insurance from this guy, stay far away.

  • Jul 26, 2017

In May 2017, my car was T-boned by a State Farm insured driver causing damage of two doors, B-pillar and the frame. After repairs, I had my car appraised by Texas Auto Appraisers Group. They calculated that my car suffered $1,800 diminished value from the accident. I submitted the report to State Farm. But the agent (Steve Raleigh) and his manager (Dave Stanesic) plainly said State Farm does not recognize there is diminished value because my car was repaired. They do not want to discuss about it.

State Farm's opinion is clearly wrong because the value of my car did suffer a significant loss comparing pre- and post-accident value, even though it was repaired. I believe they are ignoring the law and deliberately rip-off consumers by not compensating them fairly. They are unethical and clearly do not want to take responsibility of the damages that were caused by the people they insure.

  • Jul 13, 2017

On October 31 2016 my home was burglarized. The officer investigating said he would get my stuff back. One of the items stolen was an iPad with Apple you can click find and it will map where you device is. I did this for the officer and he was positive he could retrieve my belongings. I waited 2 months and still had not gotten my stuff back so I filed a claim with State Farm insurance my home insurance carrier. They asked for proof of every item I had stolen like reciepts etc so beware keep your reciepts I guess. They had me come to their office and do a recorded statement. Then all the sudden this wasnt good enough they wanted me to do a sworn statement at the court house.The whole time they are violating my rights by asking me for copies of all my bank statements credit card statements phone numbers of my friends I have to prove where I was located the night I am robbed. I am in construction and a large portion of the items stolen were tools so I have been unable to work. This claim has been in since January and their is always something more they want that has nothing to do with my home being robbed. State Farm does not pay...... Don,t make the same mistake I did and buy insurance from them.

  • Jun 10, 2017

State Farm have been contscted by 3rd party creditors...and this claim took 43 days to get. no calls emails or any communication what so ever.

  • Jun 2, 2017

Mike Ford state farm in st george utah doesnt stand by its victims. a couple of years ago my wife was in an accident in a remote part of utah. She ran into a racoon which did significant damage to the car. It was a scary area and my wifes phone didnt work so she drove the car to a bigger city. The engine of the car was damaged beyond repair by her driving it to the larger city, but it was at night, she was alone and she was in the middle of nowhere. state farm wanted her to stay there alone and possibly be raped i guess, they said she should have left the vehicle there.... State farm made me pay for the whole engine... $30,000.... This is a terrible company that doesnt care about its people, they wont cover your expenses in accidents and dont care about their clients one bit. despite that debacle, i stayed with the company. How did they reward me?, by cancelling my car policies... What a bunch of dirtbags. stay away from state farm, especially mike ford state farm in st george utah. Terrible company and people who dont care about you one bit...

  • May 29, 2017

I was with State Farm for one year. This Auto insurance Statefarm are very irresponsible and they are Money Hungry they will trick you into signing up with their Auto insurance saying is Cheap and then they will start raising your Premium little by Little in big Amounts.They are a high risk Auto insurance if other customers have accidents State Farm will increase your premium like is your fault.I needed road service twice from State Farm they never showed up.The last thing they did to me is not refund my money back from 10 days Premium of insurance I did not use when I cancelled with them don't be fooled by State Farm they will rob you. Everything will seem nice at first when you start with them.

  • May 18, 2017

These guys are clearly in the wrong, even If I was at fault which Im not, Im still entitled to be paid. I am a Veteran who served this country faithfully with an Honorable Discharge and they try and ripp us off every chance they get

  • May 12, 2017

I requested a cash out, check from my inheritance from my father, held in an annuities account with State Farm. After two weeks, the check has not arrived. Every person on the phone insists it's in the mail and blames the post office for being slow. Or losing it. I never believed them but to prove they are lying, I got another type of letter from State Farm Insurance Companies/Annuities division. Still, the check has not arrived.

It has been more than 2 weeks since I filed the paperwork. They won't offer proof of the check. One representative investigated and said that a check was never cut for me. Each other person insists it takes 7 to 10 days for a first class (or metered) letter. What a con.

I later requested an ACH transfer because of the long delay and because I seriously doubt they ever cut the check for me. I think it's the biggest con. "The check is in the mail." Worse, it's in their script to blame the U.S. Postal Service. EVery person blames it on the mail However, they would not give me a time frame for the ACH transfer. They only said it could take 4 days or more because they'd have to investigate the alleged check (they never sent to me). I'm certain the check was not cut.

My father wanted me to have this money when he died. Yet the more I read about this type of annuity, I am concerned he bought something that was a fraud in the first place. State Farm phone reps are nasty, and when they are not nasty, they play mind games and make absolutely ridiculous statements like "I live in Colorado and the mail is really bad here." Or "my dad died when I was 14". Stop, please-what does that have to do with my money?

I'm not sure which government agency regulates this. I certainly wonder what the US Postal Service thinks about bearing the brunt of blame. I got my father's ashes, sent from Wisconsin to the East Coast, in two days, expeditiously delivered by the Postal Service. Yet, State Farm claims the Post Office is incapable of delivering a letter with a check in it?

I received checks from a State Farm mutual fund in a day after my request. There is truly something wrong with the Inusrance Annuities, and this has stressed me out greatly. If my father were alive, he'd be chewing out his State Farm agent for this scam.

A couple of years ago, I had a pet insurance company and a claim. The tactics were the same. They claimed they mailed the check and that I had to wait a certain long time before they would reissue it. This is a delay tactic. In that case, the first check never arrived (of course) and I got the insurance reimbursement more than two months late. I recognize the same farce here and I wonder how this can be legally tolerated.

  • Mar 28, 2017

They cancelled my ins without telling me and then made me pay to have it reinstated. I paid $274 and my ins was never reinstated. When I went in the next month to pay my premium I was told I did not and had not had ins. They caused me to be placed in the high risk catagory and now I can't get ins for less that $400 a month. The company never gave me my money back and they told me there is nothing they can do.

  • Mar 27, 2017

Holly Goodman State Farm Agent in Lilburn GA is absolutely the WORST AGENT office we have ever encountered.

We were customers for 1 year. After her employees were rude to us, we requested a transfer to a new State Farm office. Instead of politely transfering our policies, she canceled our policies and did so ILLEGALLY. She kept our money for over 5 weeks and didnt inform us they were being canceled. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY the worst insurance agent I have ever seen in my entire life.

We left our TRUTHFUL negative review of her on her facebook page, Yelp, Google Reviews, YellowPages and now here. She called us threatening to make up stuff to the police if we didnt remove our reviews. We DID NOT remove them and she had the Lilburn Police call us. The police officer and I had a very good laugh about this woman together and we both agreed that there was no criminal matter involved, because we as consumers are protected under freedom of speech and expression.

DO NOT do business with Holly Goodman State Farm in Lilburn, GA 770-923-3266 WHAT SO EVER... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

  • Feb 28, 2017

Do Not use this insurance company State Farm. They refuse to hornor my appraisal for diminished value that their insured driver caused. They are unethical and clearly do not want to take responsibility for the actions and damages that are caused by the very people that they insure. They originally sent me a check for diminished value for less than $3 for my brand new SUV that was rear ended. I pay for a 3rd party appraial and send to them in the process they then send me a check for $700 well my appraisal came back at $6500 and they say they need to send somone they select to appraise my vehical...well why would i trust a company that originally sent me a check for $3? So now I have no choice but to take them to small claims court. Do not do business with this dishonest company

  • Dec 5, 2016

A State Farm's insurance company misrepresented to me their short-term disability plan and what was to be expected. They told me all I would need to do is undergo an interview. That's it! That was a complete lie. They said based on my age and the amount I am asking for if I should have a disability they need further information, the agent never informed me of this. They needed bloodwork, my work contracts, all my tax returns it was never ending. One month and they just had requested my medical records. Dealing with the agent was a nightmare no communication always unavailable never responded to my emails. He made me do all the legwork I had to contact underwriting because he refused to do so and subsequently underwriting refuse to talk to me . Exam one a company they're contracted with came and did my urine test and vital signs and State Farm and underwriting refused to give me my results. I had called underwriting they were dehumanizing rude and nasty and refused to give me my results and said they own the results and they pay for the testing to be done. And if I am worried I have an infection or I'm sick that I should go to my primary care provider. I told him this was a Hippa and privacy act violation they still refused. I also was told I could send my own lab work by fax and then they change their mind and told me that they never stated this and I needed to go through their company exam one I had also tried to call underwriting many many times to clarify exactly what documentation was needed after one phone call they would not talk to me any further were very condescending and ridiculing I wanted to send them the proper documentation to not waste any more time and they refused to work with me. They were very un reasonable and unrealistic as to what they were requesting including my employment 30 page contract which my employer said I cannot give. They also wanted my tax information for this year which is not done until next year by my accountant I offered to send my tax statement from last year and that was not sufficient for them. They would've ridiculed me by saying that I should've already done my taxes for this year on a quarterly basis again ridiculing me and telling me how I should run my finances. It took three weeks to be able to speak with the owner of the agency Sharon King and she herself seem very unhelpful and inconsiderate also told me that my results for my testing were mailed to me which is completely false according to underwriting. I therefore canceled my policy

One more thing to mention they also stated that in my interview I stated I was an illegal alien which was also false information And needed to be corrected. They also set me up for automatic withdrawal of money from my account prior to confirming acceptance for my disability policy. Which in my opinion is fraud to collect money without a service.

  • Nov 28, 2016

Buyer beware! Darrel Knight of pittsburgh, pa and Diane Thompson of Huntington Beach, ca are the most fraudulent individuals working for State Farm . Diane Thompson wrote my policy for a classic car , then increase my premium to the most expensive policy possible even though it was not necessary claiming bed "I needed it". My car got stolen and State Farm did everything in their power to try to get out of paying me. Enter Daryl Knight. First Daryl called me impersonating a police officer. Midway through the conversation he corrected himself claiming that he was a special investigator for State Farm. Darrell Knight did everything in his power to try to fabricate an incorrect story with the details I gave him. He argued with me over the phone on nearly every conversation despite me being completely upfront and honest with him. Darrell Knight asked many unnecessary discriminatory questions such as how much money I had in my bank account, what I make from my job, questions about my taxes and credit cards, and many other questions completely unrelated to my claim. He asked so much personal information it seemed like it was some kind of scam where he was trying to take my identity. Knight also had the audacity to accuse me over the phone of trying to collect on two policies because I was in the process of moving and switching my insurance so both policies were active at the time of the theft. Knight also flat out said I was not going to get the full stated value of my car, which I was paying extra money for on a premium policy that Diane Thompson recommended I upgrade to. From the start in dealing with State Farm on this claim they were trying to get out of paying me what was due.

There I was the victim of an auto theft, and the one company that is supposed to stand behind me and help me through it turned out to being my enemy, trying at all costs to get out of helping me and paying me what was due. Midway through my claim I got a letter from State Farm saying they would no longer insure my car. Luckily my car was found and I ended up paying for the damages out of pocket because State Farm was such a nightmare to deal with. Don't ever use State Farm car insurance because they will refuse to pay you for any claims that you submit. They will also give you a policy that you don't necessarily need that cost more money show that the local agent makes more.

This is the most dishonest, scamming car insurance company that I have ever dealt with in my life . Stay away from State Farm car insurance, and any insurance that they offer for that matter. If you google "Darrell Knight State Farm" you will find a number of court cases were victims like myself had to go to court due to Daryl pulling this same crap. In one case he even tried to cheat a family out of their insurance money after their home burned down! Can you believe that ? This man and this company cheated and honest family out of the money that was due to them after their home burned down! That just goes to show the kind of person Daryl Knight is and what kind of company State Farm insurance is.

  • Jul 25, 2016

6/30/14 I woke up to my entire house flooded. It is 2 story & the 2nd floor guest toilet broke & overflowed for 17 hours. I called State Farm who I had renters insurance with. They told me I am not insured and I am calling the wrong company. Hours passed as I called begging for help. Still State Farm said I am not insured. My landlord was out of the country. I got a water extraction company here on my own and signed personally and I got a group of complete idiots but at least they came. I had no choices.

State Farm finally sent an adjuster about 7 days later. He tolf me to keep everything until the end. I am a single mom. I had no money. He gave me $3500 which was eaten up in a matter of days with costs of cleaning, moving, packing, PODS, and getting help on the 4th of July weekend.

The adjuster told me they would pay for meals above normal. Here I am a year later unpaid. They DO switch adjusters on you constantly and they refuse to put anything in writing. I am absolutely losing my mind. I lost EVERYTHING. They money I got was spent living like a vagrant. 6k spent in PODS "keeping it all to the end" and now 8 adjusters later they say I didn't need to do that yet that 6k came out of my contents money so I got screwed. They are NEVER going to pay me. They just keep making it more confusing and changing your adjuster so that there is no actual agreement. Even what is in my policy they are not paying. My policy said I could have housing for up to 2 years if needed. By 4 months I was being thrown in the street. I BEGGED them to send someone to see the progress. There was 98k damage to structure and so much water as if th fire dept had sprayed for 10 hours. All of last year I spent moving and cleaning and dealing with this claim. I lost my job. I am in terrible health and I feel like I am going to just die. They refused to send anyone. I sent pics to show that I coudnt move back in. The adjuster Ronald said that I could have taken those pics months ago. I asked him to COME TO THE HOUSE. He refused. He just wanted me to move back in with no floors, toilets. kitchen, nothing. He thresthened me and yelled at me.

This is going to end up in court. I cannot handle this anymore. State Farm is a terrible dishonest company!

  • Jun 15, 2016

Do NOT use State Farm Homeowner Insurance! They did not cover valid claims for damage and used every trick in the book to weasel out of valid claims. We had to hire a lawyer to sue them.


  • Apr 11, 2016

This business aided and abetted its claims representative committed fraud against an heir of a deceased parent. This company solicited, coerced a non-heir to forged a State Farm Release Agreement Form with my incorrect spelled name and incorporated a fictitious witness name to keep from bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against its insured.

  • Mar 1, 2016

I recently switched to State Farm because the price they quoted me for my premium was less than what I was paying currently. I paid for half my premium upfront. When I went online to check my account it said it was still in the underwriting process. I called and the rep said sometimes it takes a couple of days. I checked back a week later and realized they raised my premium without telling me. Had I known that my premium was so expensive I would not have switched or purchased that policy.

I called to cancel and to find out why I was not notified that my premium would be increased. The rep I spoke to said he would cancel and refund my money. It has now been two weeks and 6 phone calls later. I have not received my money and I recently found out the rep only canceled the policy on one car instead of both. Today I called and the rep said only one car was processed and she did not know when the other would be done. I have tried complaining through the proper channels but it has not worked. All I want is my money back and to have nothing more to do with that company.

Currently they are still billing me for one of my cars even though I canceled a week ago.

  • Jan 23, 2016

My family and I was involved in a head on hit in run accident. We were in a 2006 Scion XB the bumper was damage and shifted to the right. I had to go through two body shops to get my car repaired. I had a claims adjuster come to the first Body shop who denied my repair to inspect the vechile they found that the vechile had previous damage from another incident after the grill and bumper was removed.

The adjuster showed it to me I told him I did a Car Fax history report before purchasing the vehicle from a private party seller and there were no reported accidents or claims and I did not notice any previous damage before purchasing the vehicle.

The adjuster tells me that State Farm will only repair what was done by this accident I said okay and I had to take the car to a body shop that was not an authorize State Farm location because other authorize shops would not work on it.

I got a claim check for only $1900 for repair but that was only was the adjuster can see while the car was at the other shop sitting in the back yard. I had the car repaired and the body man at the next shop could only fix what was on this claim.

State Farm went for the bare minumum I paid a $500 deductible the guy at the other body shop did not charge extra to pull the front frame enough to replace the bumber guard rail. The car was fixed only cosemetically.

I have had the vehicle back for less than a month and I am now finding out that the engine shakes while sitting at stop light there is a hugh leaking puddle on our driveway. After bringing the car to a automotive machine repair shop that specializes in fixing radiators and engines, I find out that rear motor mount is damage the car has gas smell in the oil and the raditor is leaking.

  • Oct 6, 2015

I was denied payment of claim made from squatters trashing my house for a couple months. Cost to renovate was over $22,000 and State Farm said it was because it was vacant over 30 days. It was up for sale with realtors going thru and visiting frequently and I had not been made aware of this exclusion. Neither did the policy summary I received tell me this and I was blindsided.

  • Aug 24, 2015

Reported a claim to state farm. Stated home office in Illinois . corporate office at 3030 rocky point drive tampa fl . drive down to address after giving policy number. Also shows they are next to a bank. No bank or no state farm at this fiscal address. Total fraud..

  • Aug 8, 2015

I have been doing business with State Farm for over 20 years. Multiple vehicles covered and homeowner policies over the course of the years; I have given them a lot of money. In that many years I have only filed one claim, an accident where my vehicle was struck, slid in the snow striking a second vehicle, and then while waiting for authorities my vehicle was struck a third time. My claim was paid and I never had any issues. I am now guessing it was because I was clearly not at fault.

My girl friend is many years younger than me, and recently purchased her first new car. Back in October of 2014, she was involved in an accident. and was ticketed for not having insurance. She was insured at the time but did not have her proof of insurance in her car. She requested her proof of insurance from State Farm and appeared in court with the document; the case was dismissed. Her license was suspended and she paid the reinstatement fee several weeks ago. Her license is still suspended and the Secretary of State's Office is telling her it is because she was uninsured per State Farm.

She has called State Farm and they have told her that on the date of the accident she did not have coverage. However, they provided her proof of insurance months prior for her court appearance. Their explanation is that there was issue processing payment and her FULL coverage was suspended until payment was recieved. Okey dokey...She went to her bank and received her statement indicating that payment was made on the same day as her online transaction. This is all very convenient for State Farm and very clearly they are trying to take advantage of her youth and inexperience. Clearly they want her to pay for her own repairs.

She has contacted an attorney and is filing a lawsuit against State Farm for this problem. Despite not driving the vehicle because her license is suspended, she is being required to carry SR22 on her current policy. She has to have the car insured whether she is using it or not per the state. So she intends to sell the car to clear the expense, because he license is suspended until this is all cleared up.

So, after 20+ years, I have ended my relationship with State Farm. I sent a letter to my agent stating that I was terminating my policies after the current months coverage, via USPS with proof of receipt. Over a month later I recieved a bill for the last months coverage with several late fees and fees for bounced payments...etc I called the agent's office and advised them of the letter I had sent, I was told they never recieved any such letter. The proof of reciept was signed by the office receptionist...Guess I'll be filing a lawsuit too

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