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Spring Hill Nurseries

Country United States
State Ohio
City Harrison
Address P.O. Box 330
Phone (513) 354-1509

Spring Hill Nurseries Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

An online seller of nursery stock is populated with unskilled, inept or indifferent consumer support personnel which I suspect are off-shore and a 3rd party provider of call-center services. I simply could not buy something because my registration, log-in and sign-in process failed...repeatedly. As I was failing to get an account, Spring Hill kept sending me advertisements, notices that I left something in the cart or specials on shipping.

Here is the FOREWARNED and FOREARMED - my internet security software blocked all the advertisements as potential malware, attempts to install a malicious file; invalid security certificates...sufficient to say, either Spring Hill is or has been hacked or the 3rd party call center imports tracking & spyware. BEWARE of ads from Spring Hill and their call center. I asked for my complaint to be escalated to a supervisor, someone on shore but the call center failed or refused to do so. Four different ads, four different urls, same warning from my internet security:

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  • Jul 25, 2018

Ordered a total of $86 worth of plants on March 30, 2018. The plants were only delivered months later after I sent an email complaining about not receiving the items that I had already paid for. Several weeks later, my order was delivered, and each and every plant died withi two weeks.

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