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report scam

Spencer Wetherall

Country United States
State California
City Longmont
Phone 303-808-8909
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  • Feb 26, 2019

Ripped us off too

We have the same shitty deal! I called police there and it’s a civil matter. We live out of state and are in contact with an attorney in Denver to get our money back!

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Spencer Wetherall Reviews

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  • Jan 17, 2019

Con Man

Has $60,000 up front for a restoration. Nothing done. No title no nothing. Lot of excuses is all you get. Been 4 years. Law enforcement, in Colorado, has done nothing. He must pay off big time!!!!

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  • Jul 21, 2019

Same result

Have the same problem...always the same response "it will happen" well it has been over five years.

Live out of state...have you had any luck with the Denver attorney and if so can you share the contact information.

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  • Jul 22, 2019

i will join you if you get a lawyer.

i am in the same boat.. if you want or have any info on him please let me know.. if you are going to get a lawyer let me know and i will join you.


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  • Feb 26, 2019

Ripped us off too

We have the same shitty deal! I called police there and it’s a civil matter. We live out of state and are in contact with an attorney in Denver to get our money back!

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  • Oct 1, 2015

Spencer Wetherall, list classic cars and parts on e-bay, as bear123jetski, is a rip-off artist.

I bid on a 1969 Camaro, Wetherall, listed on e-bay. In his Ad, he guaranteed clear Title, stated, the car did not have the original motor, but, had a date correct motor (for this 1969 Camaro), that was re-buildable. When the price reached $15,000.00, the reserve went off. I was high bidder and remained high bidder, at $15,500.00.

After a couple hours (no one bid above me), he contacted me and said, he would sell me the car, for $20,000, the transaction would have to be offline from e-bay and my bank would need to send his bank, a wire transfer. I ask if the Camaro had a hood (as he did not have one listed), he said he had one, he would let go with the car, being I was paying full price. I had my bank send his bank, a wire transfer for $20K.

The next day, he contacted me, requesting to restore the Camaro and ask me, to send him $50,000.00, right then. Something did not seem right, I refused his offer, told him I would arrive, with a trailer, to pick up the car, June 28. He tells me, I could not pick up the Camaro, until July 16, as he had other commitments, that no one would be there.

On June 26, I called to say, I would be at his shop, June 28, to pick up the Camaro, he had several excuses, for me not being able to pick up the car. June 28, I and a friend arrived his shop, Longmont, Colo, loaded the car. I requested the Title, he said he did not have, would send within 10-14 days. I looked at the block, it was NOT, date correct for the 1969 Camaro. The heads were not date correc to the Camaro and did not have the same year as the block. I told him, his e-bay Ad stated, the engine was date correct, for the Camaro. I ask him for the hood, he told me, he did not have a hood. Long story short, he told me, I misunderstood him and this was my problem, not his. I told him his e-bay Ad stated, the car had a Title, the engine was date correct and rebuilable. Being I was 1200 miles from home and him having the Title, I decided, I would leave with the car and remain professional.

My observation -- Wetherall's shop, was very small, junky, dirty, un-organized, Wetherall (he had told me on the phone a couple of times, he had 8 people working on cars) and his mechanic (did not seem to be a mechanic) told me, it was just the 2 of them), they were no where close to being professional, the (5) Camaros, he was supposedly restoring, were no where close, to being 1st class, frame off restorations, with all new components.

After being home a few days, I had the engine torn down. (1) rod journal on the crankshaft, was totally damaged and not repairable. (1) head was cracked, not repairable. I called Wetherall, I told him, he outright lied again, as the engine was not fully rebuildable, due to the spun rod journal and cracked head. He told me that was my problem, not his.

As of this report 30/Sept/2015), Wetherall, has not supplied the title, he will not return phone calls, does not answer e-mails. Whenever I could finally get him on the phone, he always has an excuse, for not sending the Title.

I highly recommend, not doing business with Wetherall. In searching Wetheralls name, he is listed on this site (rip off report) and on scam org, for jerking and screwing people over. He is slick tounged, tells you what you want to hear, tells lies extremely well. I have turned this Title matter over to my attorney. I am contacting Better Business Bureau's, Denver & Longmont, Colo.

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  • May 25, 2016

Always Two Sides to a Story.

Always Two Sides to a Story.

If you would like to at anytime go look at this Incredible Body of this “Rare Camaro”

His House address is:

Dean W Baker

5222 South Lakeshore Drive

Shreveport Louisiana 71109

Funny how on ebay...I am 100 Percent on my “Car Sales for over 13 Years” and this guy says this...

My Add on ebay for this Camaro had 24 Pictures and a Ton of Information...

I can Show anyone the e-bay Add...Plus I had the Camaro on my TV Show and talked all about the Camaro on the Show and showed all the Parts that were with the Camaro...

I sent Dean Baker the TV Show also before he bought this Camaro so there could be No Confusion.

I have a lot of Repeat Customers. A Happy Customer will Buy from you again....That's a Fact.

My ebay add said that “I Don't have the Title Yet”, But I would “Guarantee a Title”.

The Title was misplaced by the guy I got the Camaro from. He sold it to me with a Bill of Sale.

He had Owned the Camaro 20 Years and had moved 3 times and misplaced the title.

I waited for him to try and find the title. I then turned the paper work in to get the Title in my name.

As soon as the Title was in my name, I then sent the Title on this Camaro to Dean Baker.

Dean Baker “Does Have the Title” and I made a Copy of the Title in case it got lost when I sent it.

I can show anyone the Copy of the Title. I can show anyone the “ebay add” and the TV Show on this Camaro to Prove that Dean Baker is “Wrong”....

Also on the TV Show you can see the High-End Restoration work on the Camaros I am building in the back ground and how “Clean and Organized my Shop is.

Call my Cell and I will “Immediately” send you Pictures on my Phone to Your Phone or to your Email address of the Camaros in the Shop. You will see the Craftsmanship and Quality of my Builds and see how Clean and Organized my Shop is...

Again it is that Easy to Prove what I am Saying is True...And that he is “Wrong”...

I can also show you all the Trophies in my Shop that the Restored Camaros have Won.

He also said he met my Reserve on E-bay and then I called him. How could I get his Phone Number to call him??? ebay “Doesn’t” send someones “Phone Number” once they Hit the Reserve Price....

He Called me and said “What will it take to Buy this Camaro now and Stop the Auction” I said $20k

I then emailed him the TV Show I that was Filmed a week earlier on this Camaro. The TV Show also showed when I picked up the Camaro from the Owner's House and did an Interview with the owner on this Rare Camaro.....Dean Baker then said... Okay send me your Wire Information and then he wired me the $20,000.00 on the Camaro.

I then Stopped the Auction

He called me the next day and said he didn’t know anyone who could do the Rotisserie Restoration work on this Camaro.....He saw from my TV Show that I do “ Frame Off Rotisserie Restorations ” and asked me to do a Contract for him to Restore this Camaro...

I told him since he bought the Camaro from me...I would give him a Better Deal to do a “ Frame off Rotisserie Restoration “and I would find a Correct Dated 1969 396/375 hp 4 Bolt Main Motor for the Build.

The Contracted stated $50,000.00 to do the Frame Off Restoration work and $20,000 down to start the work....I still have the Contract I sent him to Prove this all happened...It was 20K to Start Not 50k like he said...And how could I Force anyone into a Contract like he Says???

Call around for Pricing...That is Cheap to do a High-End Frame Off Rotisserie Restoration...

If anyone is reading this Now... Call any Shop.... they will Quote you a lot Higher Price to do the same work I was going to do. I gave him a Deal on the Restoration because he bought the Camaro from me.

After he Agreed to the Contract he said he would Wire me $20,000.00 and I would Start the Build. I waited and did not get a Wire to start the work. He then called me a day latter and said I will be there tomorrow to pick up the Camaro and that my “Friends would have Guns on them” and not to worry because they are off duty Police Officers....I thought that was a “odd thing to say”???

I asked him why he didn’t want me to do the work? Dean Baker said a New Shop was opening up were he lived and they would do the work a lot Cheaper.....$30,000.......Now I thank God we never did the Restoration work for him...

He asked to pick up the Camaro the next day because his Police Officer friends had the weekend off.

I told him the parts were in storage and we were not working on the weekend.

I did tell him the Shop would be Closed for the week of July 4th for the Holidays

This Camaro was taken down to a Bare Shell...”Just like the e-bay add said and all the Pictures showed the Camaro all apart.

It Was a Builder Car...It was a Incredible Body 1969 SS 396-375hp with a Rare Factory BE Coded 410 Posi Rear-end.

We then had to Box Everything up for him to take with him which took sometime to get it all ready.

We were Filming for the TV Show Monday & Tuesday and I told him he could get the Camaro on Wednesday if he was all of a sudden in such a big hurry to get this Camaro picked up.

Dean Baker also said in this Report.....”I advising him, i would arrive his shop, longmont, colorado, june 28, to pick up the camaro. He had several excuses, for me not being able to pick up the car, on june 28.

June 28, i and a friend arrived his shop Longmont, colo)”,

If this was True....How did I have everything Boxed up and Ready for him to pick up on June 28th???

He also states...I didn't give him the Title at the Shop....He knew about the Delay with the Title because he sent me the “Bill of Sale from his State” for this Camaro.

He said he wanted the Bill of Sale in-case he got pulled over on the way home since he wouldn't have the Title. That Proves he knew I didn't have the title yet.

I do have Copies of his “Bill of Sale from his State” to show anybody that he had it the day he picked up the Camaro

I am Very Easy to get along with and Never Reacted the way he said I did when he got to my shop...

We even helped him load up all all the parts and the Camaro...He had no Police Friends with him...

He also talked about my Shop...We Build 6 Camaros at a time...There is four of us working at the shop he was at...The Paint & Body Shop is at another location...The Body Shop has to be Separate because of dust...

You can also see how Nice and Clean and Organized my Shop is on the TV Show since he said my Shop was Dirty, and UN-Organized also.

I have Pictures of my Camaros at the Body Shop with the other Employees if anybody needs to see that also. Dean Baker also says...” my Camaros were no where close, to being 1st class, frame off rotisserie, nut/bolt restorations, with all new components, as he claimed. Body prep and paint quality was extremely poor quality, parts/components, being used, were used”.....

Judges First look at Paint and Body at a Car Show...Then Everything else...I have a Wall of Trophies of the Quality of my Restoration Workmanship

I have included Two Interviews “Hot Rod TV”and Super Chevy TV did with me.

Look at my Camaros on Both TV Shows and you can be the Judge of my Restoration Work.

It is as easy as that...Plus I can show you the First Place Trophies from the Car Shows...And all the Magazines they were in....

My Name, Camaros and Documents are in in John Hoopers 1969 Camaro Reference Book...and Jerry MacNeish Z28/ SS396 Fact Book....Plus 98 Percent of the People that Fly in to my Shop...”Buy” One of my Camaros because of the Quality of my Restoration Work...That's why I love to here when a New Customer says he is going to Fly In...Then I know it's a “Done Deal”... Plus I have a lot of Repeat Customers...Because they Love my Camaros...:)

“Hot Rod TV” did a 30 minute Interview with me and a Black & Gold 1969 ZL-1 Camaro for their TV Show.... Go 13 Minutes into it for the Interview

“Super Chevy TV Show” did a Interview with me and a Orange and Black 1970 ZL-1 Camaro for their TV Show. Go 18 Minute's into it for the Interview.

The Add also Said “Builder 396 Motor” ...Nothing about the Heads

In my Restoration Contract it Said I would Find the Correct 396-375 hp with Correct Heads and that would be Included in my Restoration Cost...

Again I have all the Proof to back up my Story...ebay add...TV Show...Title on the Camaro...and the Contract to Build the Camaro...

Anyone who deals with Dean Baker should wear a Police Body Camera so you can get the Story Straight so the same thing won't happen to you....

Every Neighborhood always has the one Neighbor that can't get along with anybody and I guess I sold a Camaro to that Neighbor...Lol

I also have an Appraisal that a Customer got done when he took delivery of one of my Camaro Builds.

The Value came back at $134,500 by a Very Respected Auto Appraiser that has been in the Business for a Long Time...

  • Apr 10, 2020

The low life scum scammed me out of $40,000.00

The police warned Ebay on July 1, 2014 and again on June 29, 2017 about bear123jetski and Ebay did nothing about it. He still had 100% positive rating when I sent him the money in June of 2019. In fact his ad ran until late in 2019. At this point, I am exploring the option of suing ebay. I have purchased at least 8 cars on ebay and I always do my due diligence. Ebay is responsible for sending him the money. If anyone else is suing I would love to hear from you. [email protected]

  • Oct 25, 2015

Ebay Should be Sued for Allowing Spencer Wetherall to do this!!!

I too was ripped off by Spencer Wetherall!!! I contacted Ebay through their complaint portal but they have done nothing to stop this bastard!!! Go after ebay to block him from using their site!!!

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  • Jul 23, 2016

Spencer Wetherall is a scammer

I have known Spencer for over 30 years. I could not say one good word about him. He has filthy drug addicts working for him and his shop is in disarray. He has a terrible reputation in town. Stay clear of this guy and you will be much better off. Be careful not to purchase stolen car parts from the person as well.

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  • Jul 21, 2019

Same result

Have had and still having the same experiences with Spencer Weatherall in Longmont CO.

Has the same story "it will happen" It has been over five years and nothing has been started.

Live out of state and looking if anyone has an attorney that has been successful?

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