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Spectrum Brands, Inc.

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Phone 800-736-4648

Spectrum Brands, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2021

I called Spectrum & spoke with Matthew about lowering my $175 bill while keeping my current services. After reviewing my account he said he’d lower it $20 and keep my current services. I agreed. After the call, my internet stopped working. I called Spectrum back & Matthew turned off my internet completely and erased all promotional rates, then sneakily put me on plan was higher than the rate I already had. The issue was escalated to Marissa who said the system wouldn’t allow her to revert my account to the prior price. Now, my original plan is restored BUT I have to pay $35 more.

Please pull & review the call with Matthew, if this is not rectified I’m filing a lawsuit. That’s the only way to resolve this issue as Spectrum is very unethical & repeatedly practices predatory actions based on their monopoly, sheer greed & subpar services.

  • Dec 7, 2020

Since I started this subscription of having "internet only" I was charged orignally $44.95 then a year later without notice they jacked the price to $60.00 dollars a month. I have been told many times by customer service I have to be billed in advance (prepaid) which in itself is theft. I shouldn't be charged a month before service is used. Now last months bill I moved to another apartment. This sh*it company advertises easy transfer and charges $9.99 I shouldn't have to pay for anything, everything is electronic.

It's a rip off, I was never able to connect this, so it takes these stupid people 11 days to send some dumb fat a*ss to come out, he claims maintance cut the cords, but never should me to confirm that. I told him he is assuming and doesn't know. It was a lie to charge me another $60.00 for this fat slob to come out. I argued with this moron I am not paying it. I don't care. Spectrum charged me anyway and I had to call so many times to straighten this out and on top of it they were cheating me on a credit.

The customer service is a fuc*ken joke, these people are liars, manipulators and are trained to fu*ck over the customer with OVER BILLING AND OUT RAGEOUS rates, KATHLEEN MAYO cheats customers out of money any way this corrupt company can. They dominate jurisdiction like Mafia so customers can't have another provider.

Last month I paid my bill they lied to me claiming they never got the bill, so I paid $31.00 to stop the check and gave a check over the phone. Two days later they send a text message stating my check didn't go through. I called Wells Fargo and ask what happened? I come to find out the bank busted them on running the check I stopped that Spectrum claimed they never got. Running it under the name "TIME WARNER" WHICH IS NO LONGER THE COMPANY NAME!!!!

Let's not forget the company charges the customer another month when moving and changes the account number so they can rip off the customer with billing and later say "oh you still have a balance on the old acct". It's all a SCAM!!! 60 dollars x 12 = 720 fuc*ken dollars for internet only!

Again this month they pulled this cr*ap running it under the same name to establish the processing. I called Wells Fargo to complain now I find out WF changed face on me and support these a*s*holes. I am done fu*ck Spectrum whatever they are called and I am dumping Wells Fargo too. I am so sick of this entire corrupt society we live in, corporate greed, corporate hand outs, corporate wh*ores!!! Kathleen Mayo CEO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!! And so is CS REP Thomas #$=Jons

I don't need this sh*it its not worth me dealing with ongoing theft!!!!

  • Nov 5, 2020

I purchased new cell service from Spectrum Mobile. It was a very good deal and all charges we explained and verified and even recorded in a disclaimer. When I received their order confirmatio e mail they increase the price of the cell phone by $200 and increased the approate sales tax by about $20 corresponding to that amount. Luckily they record their calls and will be able to verify the scam/error. This outright fraud charging my credit card $220 more than I was quoted and agreed to and adding it to my bill without my knowledge or permission.

Generally they are a very crooked company with their internet and tv services as your price increases at 12 months and again at 24 months. This new situation proves that they are fraudelent. I will file an FCC complaint and have disputed the false charge with my credit card company. I would not even do business with them but there are only 3 tv/internet providers in my area. Check your charges and e mail confirmations as they are knowingly crooked.

  • Nov 4, 2020

I signed up with spectrum for my business insternet in March of 2019. In July of 2019, I called them to notify that I switched my Units in the same building. They processed my address change and I have been paying for the service ever since without any past due or issues. Well, 1.5 years later (Nov 2020) I receieve a call from a collection agency saying I was sent to collections on oct 30th 2020 for $113 for a bill that is past due from last year. As far as I was concerned, I was up to date with all my business bills (Mind you, I own a franchise company and everything is looked at on Monthly basis. referring to my expanses, rent, bills etc). So right away I called spectrum. This is where all the fun begins.

THEY COULD NOT TELL ME WHERE AND HOW THE BILL CAME FROM. THEY COULD NOT EVEN JUSTIFY ANYTHING. She is telling me that "We provided a service and you need to pay". I told her "If i used a service and didn't pay for it, I am ready to do so RIGHT NOW, however you need to tell me what am I paying for" SHE COULDNT justify the bill at Alll. HER LAST THING WAS "yOU NEED TO PAY OTHERWISE YOU ARE STAYING AT THE COOLECTIONS.

They Gained $113 from me but moving forward THEY LOST 2 ACCOUNTS. My Home account and Business.

  • Oct 17, 2020

Paid off my iphone early. they charged me one month more than I owed then charged me another payment on my next bill which they will not refund. I have been asking them for over a month to unlock my phone but so far they will not unlock it. I am truck driver and their phone service is substandard. dropped calls, garbled connections like back in the 90's.... not a recommended service provider. We have their wifi at our home and it is just about worthless as well.

  • Sep 7, 2020

We disconnect the cable and returned equipment. Keep billing us after disconnection. without authorization, added steareming tv to my account. Spending hours and hours on the phone to resove the issue, but no success.

Spectrum is a bad company, and over charging customers.

  • Aug 22, 2020

I had my service upgraded a month ago. i was aware of a 199 fee for a tech to come out. they sated he would be here between 8 and 9 am. 9 am passed and on and on and finally he arrived at 2 or 3 pm. he was here for about 10 minutes and basically unboxed a modem and a wireless router. it rebooted as he was getting ready to leave and he said it would reboot 2 times and then be ok. well it rebooted about 146 times that day and night. i also called several times and they checked their end and said everything was working fine as far as spectrum.

then one of the calls said they would call me back in 90 minutes with a specialist. that didnt happen. then the last person was just rude . then i get a message saying they have set me up an appointment for a technician to come out the following tuesday that they didnt even ask if anyone was going to be here. so the next morning which was saturday after testing the equipment myself and finding the router was going out on its own and when i hooked a computer straight to the modem it was going out. i unhooked all the stuff and took it to the spectrum store and exchanged it which resolved the issue.

i had also checked that morning before i unhooked it all to see if it was working and it was still rebooting. so then a week ago i called because i looked at my bill and i am being charged 199 for an installation that was not completed. and their tech support didnt fix it. so i called and spoke to autumn who was the spectrum rep and was given a case number and they would adjust it and all she needed was a supervisor to sign off on it. days later the charge was still there and i called back tonight and was told they would not remove the fee because there was an outage in my area. which is unusual because all the times i called tech support at that time stated everything was fine on their end. my neighbors who have spectrum were having no issues because i called them.

so its just another case of spectrum ripping off their long time customers. thats the reason i cancelled my cable and phone from them because our bills just kept going up and up . what they do is give breaks to new customers. if you are a new customer you pay alot less than a customer thats been with them 15 years or more.

  • Jul 27, 2020

I purchased 2 cans of TAT Roach spray. The can says it, "Kills roaches and ants in seconds" and, "Kills on contact and keeps on killing for 12 weeks". I saw a roach on my counter, sprayed this directly on the roach and it continued to walk away. I sprayed it again and it continued to walk away. I got my spray bottle of disinfectant, used that and the roach turned over on it's back IMMEDIATELY and died.

I had already used one entire can to create the "barrier" they claimed their product makes- around doorway, cabinet corners, baseboards. After the roach walking away as he well pleased, I am DOUBTLTFUL the barrier works at all! This is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! I purchsed this product because my grandmother alwyas used it successfully. The first thing I noticed was there was NO odor and I thought that was a good thing.

I no longer have the recepit for a refund from the store I bought it from- Doody's Home Center in Bklyn NY

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