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South Pacific Private

Country Australia
State New South Wales
City Curl Curl
Address 24 Beach St
Phone 61 2 9905 3667

South Pacific Private Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2020

Currently have a partner in the program at South Pacific Private Hospital. SPP's phones have been out for over 3 weeks--with no notification to families. SERIOUS ISSUES HERE WITH DUTY OF CARE FOR CLIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES--BEWARE! There is truly little regard for the privacy and confidentiality of family members and clients themselves at this facility. Because the family visitation is done in a large room, I was able to overhear several of the other patients’ private phone conversations (about their mental health) with their families.

I can only imagine that my phone conversation was just as public. My concerns were dismissed and treated as "annoying" when I expressed them to their acting manager Ms. Leanne Shubert--So much so, that I have filed a formal complaint with NSW oversight authorities, the Health Minister’s office and the NSW Ministry of Health’s senior privacy officers. The nursing staff is very hit or miss in terms of professionalism and assistance.

The rigidity is more prison than a hospital, as several other reviews also reinforce. The ON-LINE family support "education" program is $300 (for basically 5 hours of a zoom call-- people took turns reading from the handbook that SPP emailed prior--not worth the $$$.) The information was good but very disconnected from actual patient continuity with family members and reintegration into home-life. I am reviewing as a family member. I do not understand the approach from SPP regarding family support, as it pertains to patient support.

Totally alienating the family only makes it more difficult for the patient to re-assimilate once back home. The family, by the time an in-patient program is warranted, is usually frickin exhausted and fed up! Taking a patient, working with them extensively over 3-4 weeks, then dumping them back into a frustrated and wounded family situation is a toxic recipe for disaster. To add insult to injury, when issues did arise, staff and management's response did not appear to be in the best interest of the family nor the patient, in my case. I had really hoped SPP would be better.

I am shocked at the way I was treated when I dropped off my partner at the SPP program. Upon arriving for admission, my partner and I were insensitively rushed back outside to the curb. I was not allowed in the building, even reception. We were rushed and given no privacy for the transition. They said it was their COVID19 compliance. I left with a very bitter taste in my mouth at the way the program was run. The situation did not improve over the next 4 weeks. I believe there is a duty of care to both the patients and their families which is not recognized by this hospital.

The director with whom I spoke, seemed concerned and attentive. However, when the problem was not resolved and issues escalated, the managers, Leanne Shubert and a woman named Alissa (I believe—unsure of surname), were less than impressive in their facilitation of my complaints. Duty of care, privacy compliance, along with general professionalism, are significantly deficient at South Pacific Private Hospital. I do not recommend this hospital from a family and consumer perspective.

My PARTNER WAS DISCHARGED UNDER VERY UNSAFE CONDITIONS. NO DISCHARGE PLANNING AT ALL WITH THE FAMILY. MANAGEMENT ARE ARROGANT, MILITANT BULLIES WHO DO NOT SEEM QUALIFIED FOR THEIR POSITIONS. The two directors are the children of the founders, one is a retail and design maven in the garment industry and the other is an artist. The general manager’s online profile shows a marketing background and not a mental health background.

I have documented 6 compliance violations that I have formally issued grievances on with 3 regulatory agencies. This is not just my bad experience but the evidence that further investigation is needed into mental health services oversight. Please BEWARE and see the Google Reviews about safety, cult-like rigidity in the programs, and the bullying that others, besides me, experienced and make your own decision.

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