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Sony Corporation of America

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Park Ridge
Address One Sony Drive, MD 2B4
Phone 201-930-6175

Sony Corporation of America Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2021

I have several 5 packs of Sony Lithium 3V CR2016 batteries (large button cells for watches, small flashlights and such) with use by dates of 2028. This is early 2021 and most of the batteries test 60% good with a $100 battery tester which works quite well. I've studied how to determine counterfeit batteries and these seem legit.

The batteries are kept in a cool, dry place so I’m following all the correct procedures. It doesn't matter because I cannot find anyone who is even interested enough to ask questions like most companies would do. Production problems do happen and they only find out when people call to complain about a given batch.

I spent 55 minutes on live chat getting sent from rep to rep and was told none of them handle this problem. I knew I was going to have problems when the first chat rep said she needed 1-2 minutes to do research and I was suddenly bumped to another rep after over 20 minutes of waiting.

I found and called a main number several times and was given numbers that do not work or have no automated selections that are useful. They will not give me executive office contact info. I was told to return the batteries to Amazon who will not deal with something purchased a year ago. These batteries claim to have a 10 year shelf life.

There is no interest in my problem and no help given. Not only should you not purchase Sony batteries, I'd stay away from everything Sony. I have never before spoken to a switchboard person who sounded like a grandmother babysitting some kids. Yes, there was an actual infant crying next to her phone while she gave me useless numbers to call.

Seldom do I receive this level of uncaring. I'm just glad it wasn't a large purchase. No more Sony products of any kind for me.

  • Mar 8, 2017

I have purchased over ten thousand dollars worth of Sony Tv equipment in the past couple of years. The latest purchase was a flagship top of line 65" Sony Android 4 K ultra high def set with all the bells and whistles. the picture was everything I expected except there has been an ongoing problem withstreaming WIFI reception for month. I initially blamed my internet provider but as time went on I became more and more convinced that the problem was NOT with modems or routers but a harware problem withing the set itself.

In the past week or so i have been in contact with Sony in an effort to pinpoint the problem which was and still is - a constant iinterruption of WI_FI transmission which resulted in a stacky audi and jerking video. I also have ANOTHER siliar 65" $k set which operates from the same modem which does NOT have the problem. After two sessions with one impudent insulting technition who flatly refused to grant my request for another technition - I managed to get two polite knowledgeable competent Stateside technitions who tried various software approach remote techigues to solve what they thought was probably a software glitch.

The first attempt improved the issue but did NOT solve it. The second tech was equally helpful but his changes only made the problem actually waorse that it had ever been He stated that A Sonly rep would contact me withing the following tw days - and if the problem persisted that Sony would arrange for a local Sony tech to do the harware repair.

Today was the end of the second day and NO call - so I took the iniiative and phone THEM. The people i spoke with acted like robots who were clueless as towhat i had been promise. I suspected that tshe was not in the Syayes and found out i was taliking with someone in the Plillipines.

Their foreign Tech are lousy and acted like robots. Al I could get was they had to ' DO MORE IVESTIGATION" - and when I asked what SPECIFICLY did she men by "MORE INVESTIGATION" - I got the same answer as if I were speaking with a machine.

I am convinced that Sony could give a d**n about customer satisfaction. In the past week or so I have been on hold for endless period - been cut off at least twice and hug up on one occasion. I shouild have written a scorching letter to Sony CEO Michael Lynton after the first tech treated my with some of the most obnoxious didresopect i have experienced in my 50 years of business experience.

Out of curiosity I Googled the following phrase to get an idea just how bad their repution for avoiding marginalizing and frustration good customers really was. The result? - SIXTEEN MILLION- FOUR HUNDrED THOUSAND loggen in complaints!

I spent the extra few thousand dollars for the SAME size and SAME technology of their compeditors because I had believed in their reputation quality and industry leadership.

Net result? I have been insulted ignored lied to disconnected talked down to and treated generally in a manner of which i would expect from a sleazy pawn shop insted of an industry giant. I STILL have the problem with no indication that it will EVER be repaired. Right now I regret ever havig even considerd spending the big bucks for 'quality' - and 'service' that I will never get.

  • Dec 30, 2016

I purchased a very expense tv from sony about 2 years ago. about 2 weeks ago the tv stopped working. i called customer service for them to tell me the tv is out of the manufacturers warranty. so i decided tk complin to theor facebook page. inmediately someone contacted me and asked for me to stop pistingnon theor page and that they would resolve the issue for me. i was then contacted by their "escalation team" who ran a test on my tv and found that their was a defective part. they then put me in contact with the department that was in charge of dispatching someone to my home with the part, free of charge. a few days later i got an email from thar departmebt saying they would not fix the tv and that they will stand behind their original warranty. i have proof of the message saying the would resolve the issue for me.

  • Dec 3, 2016

When a company has an auto renewal for services it puts the onus (burden) on the consumer to stop the company from continuing to take money from the consumer. I find this to be a very shady business practice. I used a giftcard to purchase playstation plus, to play video games online. I intentionally turned off the auto renewal as I only wanted to try it for 3 months. After the 3 months I was charged for an additional 3 months and the used a different credit card of mine they they had on record, but one I never authorized them to use. I find this practice to be shady business. One that you wouldn't expect from such a large company as Sony. When I called to complain, naturally the blame was transferred to me. The supervisor I spoke to told me 10 times thats why we put a disclaimer. Well that may protect them from lawsuits, but not from them getting a reputation for sleazy business practices. I told the supervisor there's a saying, penny wise dollar foolish. They weaseled me for another $25 but now I will never make another purchase from Sony ever again. Good business would have been for them to appologize for the mistake, and leave a good customer feeling satisfied. You won't get that with Sony.

  • Jul 2, 2016

Play Station Network locks your account and disable all access to the Play Station 4 when your account is hacked. I received several automated messages from Play Station Network thanking me for my purchases. I hadn't purchased any games in over 6 months so knew there was a problem with my account. I contacted my bank and informed them that there have been several unauthorized PSN purchases. My bank refunded the money. I then called Play Station Network and informed them that someone purchased several games using my account and that my bank had refunded the money to my account.

The person I spoke to told me that since the bank already re-imbursed me then everything is fine and I don't need to do anything else. Now a month later, I am unable to log into my PSN account and unable to reset my password online. I called PSN and found out that they banned my account claiming that I owe money for some games. They said that there is no way to erase the games from my account so they had to ban the entire account. All the content that I purchased prior to someone making unauthorized purchases is no longer available to me. Half a dozen games that I purchased over a year ago is no longer available.

I can't access the internet without logging on so the playstation is pretty much useless. None of the apps will work without internet. There really is no way to file disputes with Play Station. If your account is hacked, you're screwed. They will ban your account and all the money spent on games prior will no longer be available. They will steal your money. I will never buy another SONY product due to this rip off, especially anything from PlayStation. Hundreds of dollars worth of games are no longer available because they want money to reactivate an account that was hacked.

Unless you want to risk loosing all of your games and access to the internet on your gaming system, don't get a Play Station. Once your account is disabled the Play Station is useless. How is it legal for Play Station to bar access to content that the customer purchased? Games cost $60 a piece but PS can stop access to games you own on their system. I'm sure I'm not the only one that SONY has stolen from. Forcing customers to pay for content they did not purchase so that they can access content they did purchase should be illegal. They need to be sued.

Also, customer service is useless. Their only solution is, pay for the games that were purchased without consent and the account will be reactivated. I spoke to three reps and they were all useless. I have been a Play Station customer for years. Not any more. Crooked company.

  • Jun 20, 2016

smy account has bee hacked twice now. what they do is get into your account and deactivate all consoles. then they activate theirs as the main console. this seems harmless unless you subscribe to all sorts of things and pay for premium services like i do and many other do as well. whn they do this you no longer have the ability to stay connected to the internet when you rest your system. so no updates will download. they also have access to all of your payment information and your name and address as well as the ability to play all of your online purchased games and and use all of your subscribed services.

playstations COMPLETELY UNBREAKABLE NO MATTER WHAT policy says that you can only deactivate your consoles every 6 months and there is no other way to resolve this. they stand by their belief that this is 100% your falut and in no way is it their responsibility to help you. basically once you buy the console they coud care less what happpns to it or you. im so invested into my playstation at this point that i cant eve switch to xbox without losing thousands of dollars

  • Jun 10, 2016

I have a phone problem and contacted Sony support. The phone was still under warranty when i first contacted them, but i never got any response for months. When they finally replied my request, was told that the phone is out-of-warranty. It's their fault for not replying in time, and now they claimed it is out-of-warranty. Shame on Sony Xperia for such shady and fraudulent warranty practices.

  • Dec 8, 2015

I purchased a Sony 65" 3 D tv that at the time was a new model 26 months ago thinking it was of higher quality. In 2 hours time one night it developed horizontal thin lines going across the screen then darken on the left side of the screen. I have been in the electronics repair business for over 30 years and if properly made this would not happen. My research uncovered a number of other people have had similar experiences and it turned out to be the actual LCD screen goes bad making the tv economically repairable. This is unaceptable. You pay a premium price for a cheaply made product. During my investigation and troubleshooting I found the screen is actually made by Sharp. I did contact Sony customer service and was passed around to several departments with no satisfaction. Apparently no one who works there is authorized to do anything to satisfy a customers issues.

Don't waste your hard earned money on a Sony or Sharp TV. Buy a cheaper and you can use the money you saved to fix it if it breaks in two years and still be ahead.

Shop provides excellant trouble shooting and parts at reasonable prices.

  • Aug 12, 2015

My son purchased a Sony Xperia, one crack on screen and phone is broken. Fixed it ($300) . 6 months later , he dropped it from 12 iches . Small hairline crack . phone broken. Yet again. ( my iphone has over 20 cracks and still works) Spoke to sony, who "outsources" ( worst word in any language) to the Dominican Republic. After many calls(8) and countless hours on hold requesting a supervisor(3 hrs) and waiting roughly 6-8 weeks , problem not resolved . We paid 30 dollars to send phone to "The repair Center" in Laredo upon the request of the customer service rep we spoke to. They could not give me the status of the repair or lack thereof but simply sent it back, fed ex. That was five weeks ago. Its been lost and according to fed ex , i cannot file a claim to get reimbursed for my sons lost phone. Sony has to file the claim. We three way conferenced call ( fed ex-sony-myself) on 8-7-15. Sony was told by fed ex rep that they needed to file a claim on the lost package . We are now the 12th of august and im being told it has to get approved by management in laredo . Mind you , no one.....not even the sony customer service can call or be transferred to the laredo location. I can not get a time frame of when i will get a call back letting me know they got the approval to file a claim on an item that has been lost for five weeks already. You would think its a no brainer , but i guess sony would need a brain to make such a decision. On a side note: when i spoke with a representative three weeks ago and requested a supervisor call me back , her response was " they are very busy and it could be anywhere from 3-4 weeks." Really?!

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