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Skip N' Whistle

Country United States
State Alabama
City Covington
Address 13433 Seymour Meyers Blvd #9, , LA
Phone 5048625909

Skip N' Whistle Reviews

  • Jul 16, 2016

I placed an order with Skip N' Whistle after seeing an ad for them on Facebook. I ordered multiple tshirts and a bracelet, totally around $65. There was a USPS tracking number. After several weeks of not receiving my items, I checked the tracking number.

According to the USPS website, the items had been dropped off at my house, but I never received them. I have things delivered to my house regularly, and have never had an issue before. I contacted Skip N' Whistle through both the "contact me" feature on their business website ( and through their Facebook page asking for advice on how to proceed, as well as trying to call their phone number on multiple occasions, which was never answered. I was hoping that some kind of claim could be filed with the post office.

After trying to contact them 3 times in writing, and multiple times via phone, and not receiving a reply, I filed a dispute with my Discover card. The owners of Skip N' Whistle had time to respond to Discover, even though they never had time to respond to me, and so my money was not refunded b/c the tracking information showed that it was delivered. However, Discover did say that it appeared that the item had been shipped with Priority mail, which comes with an automatic $50 insurance amount, and so I should be able to recoop at least $50 of my purchase.

So, once again, I contacted Skip N' Whistle and voiced my aggravation that they had time to respond to Discover card but not to multiple inquiries from a customer. At that point, they finally responded and said, "It shows that it was delivered to you. What do you expect us to do?" My answer was that I expected them to file a dispute with the post office. Again, I received no response.

At that point, I tried to file my own dispute with the USPS, hoping to at least recover the $50 insurance that was included with the package, since I couldn't recover the full amount of my purchase. But, while I was waiting for the owners of Skip N' Whistle to respond to my initial communication, and waiting for the dispute to be settled with Discover, the 60 day deadline for filing a dispute with the postal service passed, and nothing could be done. If Skip N' Whistle had responded to my initial emails, and then followed up with the post office about the items being stolen, then they could have filed an insurance claim.

Incredibly unhappy customer, who will warn everyone not to purchase from this company.

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