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Skip Fit

Country United States
State Maryland
City Laurel
Address 3551 Laurel View Court
Phone 240-316-1357

Skip Fit Reviews

  • May 19, 2018

My story is exactly like the other poster except for I did get suckered into paying $290 for 20 sessions then $200 to extend until August. He cancelled, rescheduled, didn’t show up when he was supposed to, I finally got so frustrated I asked to just part ways after he said he couldn’t come to me because his car broke down (as was our agreement). When I was told to call, he didn’t answer. I asked to be refunded 4/5 of what I paid, meaning he could keep $100 for our ONE session that he actually showed up for and refund $390. He blocked me on social media. I paid via cash app, both times to different accounts. I had faith this guy just needed a chance, wrong. Unprofessional and sloppy. My kindness and eagerness was taken for granted.

  • Sep 25, 2017

Contacted this FAKE personal trainer to inquire about his personal training services. My initial contact was via e-mail. His response was to contact me via telephone so he could give verbal details. I was serious about training so I signed up that day. He accepts payment for his so-called services via MoneyGram. Three minutes after I made the payment he was at the Shopper's Food Warehouse to pick up the money. I thought that was a little strange seeing as he doesn't work at the Shoppers Food Warehouse.

To get my first session setup was a headache. His communication from the first impression was terrible. We set my first session. Not only was he late, but he didn't even text or call to let me know. I had to reach out to him to see where he was. So my session started late. I didn't think he was even coming. At the end of the session, I set up my remaining three sessions for the remainder of the week. I even texted it to him afterward because my skepticism had started growing, so I wanted that written communication of my schedule to be concrete. The evening I was scheduled for my next session, he wanted to reschedule. He did this about an hour before the session was supposed to start. The next day I was scheduled for my third session. The time came and I allowed for a ten minute grace period before contacting him to see where he was. I texted him and no response. About five minutes later he tells me that he was somewhere else and needed to reschedule. He didn't make any attempts to contact me to let me know that he was late or wouldn't be coming. Again, another session to be rescheduled. After I informed that I didn't like how he was not showing up for my sessions he became even more ignorant. He was already an ignorant person. He sent me messages that were uneducated and like a child had sent them.

In addition, the day after I trained with him, he sent me a text asking if I was prepared to pay for my other months in advance. This is after I already told him that I didn't plan to do that until another time. He wanted more money and couldn't even provide personal training sessions for the sessions that were paid for. That caused alarm as well. At the end of the day, we have a scammer here who is hard up on money. All he does is reschedules sessions to keep from actually showing up. My goal here is to not have anyone else scammed by this FAKE personal trainer and FAKE personal training business. I got what I paid for a cheap fake scamming personal trainer .....can't even call it a business because it is an illegitimate business. Please find you a reputable personal training business with a certified personal trainer.

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