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Country United States
State Ohio
City Ashtabula
Address 5210 Stark Ave
Phone (877) 743-1783
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  • Oct 7, 2016

I orded this product in August, not knowing it was on trial basis, less than 14 days my account was cahrged for $89.31, I disputed the charge, and was bounced back and force from the my bank Chase to the company, which seems to have several names. On the charge it was Right Fitness, on the paperwork I have it is skinfresh2day. There is no address, the phone numbers are different and the attitude is when you call them, you speak with people that does not have great handle on the English language, and they say the account is locked, they have no response, I nned to speak with the banking institution, when I speak with Chase they say the company validated everything, and the charge went thru. I have serious issues with a company that cannot give any information, and my bank who states they have done all they can do.

The product does not provide all of it's claims, the company is a fraud, and at this point I have problems with my bank of Chase.

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  • Aug 30, 2016



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  • May 4, 2016

My wife responded to a infomercial touting skin cream for aging spots and wrinkles for a free introductory sample for only a shipping charge. Two days later, even before we got the product they charged us 44.00 and 34.00 plus the 5.73 shipping. since then they have charged our card four times, 2 for 87.47 to a company called Defend Skin and twice for 89.31 to a company called Save Skin . All located on Stark Street in Ashtabula Ohio. After calling them twice they refused to refund the amounts. I refused all of their shipments but they still charged me. I found that they used to be called Derma Cream and did this same thing and the FDA closed them down. Now they opened under a different name and are doing the same thing again.

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  • Aug 30, 2016



  • Oct 2, 2017


This scum ripped me off for $170.00. Nothing but a scam. Never give this trash your credit card number. They will bill you immediately and they send you nothing.

  • Sep 2, 2017


was reviewing info to order, gave all info but cc or bank account, boom, website said that I ordered. don't know what I ordered or how I paid for it. what a scam site.

  • Aug 15, 2017


I cannot believe that I must even give this product ONE star! It deserves a score of ZERO. This company tricks you in to trying their "fabulous" product for only the cost of S & H. The email receipt does not have any contact information listed OR any information that this is a 14 day trial and then you will be charged $87.47 and $89.31 for the two tiny bottles of product they send you. Once the big charges show up on your credit card, they are listed under two separate companies in Ohio. Neither is listed as "SkinFresh2Day". By then, the 14 days have expired and when you phone the numbers on your credit card statement, they claim that the "trial" restrictions are fully explained on their website, (that is totally hidden from you, when you sign up the fabulous offer.) No contact information was attached to my emails or the invoice that was included in the "trial" product box! This needs to turn in to a class action suit.

  • May 10, 2017

Should have listened to my bank when they declined the charge. I told them to authorized charge for the trial sample of Dermafi. Declined the Reguven8. Company wouldn't put card thru.

I sent email and called them to get it, but they said nothing they could do.

I made sure they had a cancellation on it just in case, as you never know if there's a time period on this stuff. They did send a cancelation, but I didn't see that it was just for the Rejuen8.

I thought oh well doesn't matter as they had declined it anyway. A few days later I see a charge on my card for the ship price of the product and thought what the?

Product arrived, tried it for a week (they said should see something in at least 5-7 days). Nothing, not even a little change. Ok thought I was done with them anyway as I had already canceled it. A few days ago was checking bank account and I see a charge for $89.31 from them.

I called them to say I didn't authorize the charge and had cancelled already and they said I had never cancelled so that gave them authorization to charge my card. At that time I couldn't find the email they sent for the cancelation, but I found it the next day, forwarded a copy of it to them and they said basically too bad too sad. We got your money. You can either take a 51% credit by to card right now or wait for product to arrive and return it for refund.

I think they think most people will just take the credit back, but I won't. I'm on SSI and a fixed income and that charge really hurt. I will return it if it comes. I called my bank and they said wait till it posts before they can investigate them and file the report.

I'm beginning to think also because they only put the Rejuven8 on the cancellation that gets them off the hook for the cancellation. Since they were offered together, as far as I'm concerned it was a complete cancellation.

I will listen to my Bank from now on, but meantime waiting for the charge to post. It was put in on 5-4-17 and still hasn't posted. Is still processing. I have reported them to the BBB and I let them know that.

This company is making $40 on at least say every other person that wants the refund. Heck of a way to make money illegally.

  • Apr 21, 2017

The company tells you this is a $4.95 trial offer. It stated you will receive the product in about 2 days. It was about 5 days later when I received the product and notice a charge of $89. I called the company and was told there was a cancellation clause. I did no see this and how could I cancel before I had a change to use the product. I call the company and had a long conversation. They tried to offer me a reduce cost I only wanted my money back. I asked them are you telling me this little jar of cream cost $89.00, I finally got my order cancelled and was refunded half of the cost

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