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Skin Scientific

Country United States
State Florida
City Saint Petersburg
Address P.O. Box 35530
Phone 1-844-238-3073

Skin Scientific Reviews

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  • Mar 28, 2017

I went to the website and purchased a trial of their moisturizer (4.95) and a trial of their eye serum (4.99). I'm very careful when ordering products online, because I'm well aware of scammers. I thoroughly searched their site, which said nothing, anywhere about signing up for a 14 day trial period. It took me through the normal motions of a product purchase. I agreed to the terms and conditions (which again, made no mention of a 14 day trial period or having to call to cancel or you'll be charged a full amount). And submitted my order. I received no receipt or invoice.

The items came out of my bank account separately on 3/2/17 (a charge for 4.95 from "skinsolutionse" and a charge for 4.99 from "frankiesskincre".

Two weeks later, on 3/17/17, I received two charges to my bank account, one for 89.92 by "frankiesskincre" and one for 89.

90 by "fankiesskinseru".

When I saw this second set of charges, I immediately called their customer service center. The CSR, Agent 178, told me that I had indeed signed up for a trail PERIOD not a trial size, as their company doesn't sell trial sizes. I told her there was no mention of any trial "period" or having to call and cancel or I'd be charged an insane amount in 14 days. She told me there was, I kept insisting there was not.

She asked me what site I purchased the product from and I told her She then proceeds to tell me, no ma'am you didn't order it from there, our website is "insert random letters and dots and slashes here". I said are you kidding me? I'm looking at MY order on RIGHT NOW, the website is pulled up right here in front of my face.

"No ma'am, that's not our website, you didn't order it from there."

This woman was telling me that I was lying and that I didn't order the product from the site I had clearly ordered from.

The call went downhill from there, she was completely unhelpful and jut kept telling me I was wrong.

So naturally, I blew up and told her to cancel whatever BS it is that they have me signed up for and lost my control and she hung up on me.

I guess that's where they get to scam you. By just saying "trial" on the product title, they get away with stealing $90 per produt from you . Yet still, NO mention of having to call and cancel or that you'll be charged more later or anything, and somehow that's legal. How do they get away with this!?

So now I've had to cancel my card, file a dispute with my bank, and wait. The bank said these skincare companies are good at getting away with scams like this.

They got me!

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  • May 18, 2017

Didn't complete my order but they stole my credit card keystokes

I started to purchase using my phone but could not see terms and conditions, so I did not complete the order. I received multiple emails from Skin Scientific asking me to complete my order. About April 5th, I was charged $4.95 - after which I received more emails asking me to complete my order. I was then charged about $90 for an order I did never completed in the first place. Unfortunately, I didn't see the charges until May. I'm disputing the charges with my card. Will see what happens. This is fraud and theft both. I've contacted the company numerous times by phone and email and they won't reverse the charge, instead they are now sending emails saying what a valued customer I am! They did send a bottle of cream, that did nothing special and contained no return address or words of welcome, or a list of additional products, or terms and conditions. These are BAD people, ripping people off right and left. I believe I will contact the FBI, as this is clearly interstate theft/fraud.

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  • May 2, 2017


This is such a scam. I got the samples and two weeks later I was charged $89.92 and $89.90 for the cream and the serum - which I NEVER received or ordered. I just wanted the trial size to test it.

I called my credit card to cancel and dispute the charges - we'll see if I get my money back!

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  • Nov 14, 2017

I enquired about the Skin Scientific face cream and asked the sales person if it had mineral oil in it as many skin products do and I am allergic to it. He was silent for a few minutes and then told me that it did not have any mineral oil in it. I therefore ordered the cream at 4.99 on a 30 day trial basis and when offered, accepted the eye cream at $4.95 for the same trial period.

When I received the box in the mail and read the ingredients, I was surprised to see that mineral oil was the third ingredient on the eye serum and it was further down the list on the cream. I tried calling the company but could only leave a message. They never called back or refunded my money as I asked. I called them a second time and I was told I was outside of the 14 day trial period. That was not what the website says. They would only "cancel" my account. They would not refund my money.

  • Sep 20, 2017

Skin Scientific The trial terms were hidden and I never clicked or agreed to any terms. My credit card was charged $200 for not sending the product back in 14 days when I knew nothing about these terms. The terms were not written out where you could read them or agreed.

  • Aug 16, 2017

The company offered a free sample of skin cream and eye revitilizer for $4.95 for shipping each. 14 days later I got another charge from the company for $89.92. I tried to contact the company but their phony number was never answered. Be aware of this fake company, it's just a rip off!!

  • Jul 23, 2017

Rip off scam

This is a rip off scam. Operators are rude and are not customer service friendly. The Better Business Bureau will be hearing about this !!!

  • Jun 10, 2017

Skin Scientific SkinSolutionsSerum; FMG*FrankiesSkinCream False Advertisement of paying $4.99 to get a "trial product" which includes shipping charges; no statement or email or anything stating that it was not "trial product" and that full payment of $89+ will be charged and auto sign up of monthly shipment and charges. I read through the terms and conditions ( before placing the order ( Since the order was placed in the beggining of my credit card cycle, I did not catch the charges until when I needed to make payment. Thus, it was 40+ days from when they first charged me. They had 7 charges totaling ~$380. I never received the packages. They gave me a USPS tracking number and stated that there's insurance on it and to file a claim. There no insurance and the Postal Service say they used the cheapest form of shipping (<$1). They refuse to refund any charges more than 30 days. So I have to pay for lost packages. I wouldn't be so upset if I didn't get the product and only lose out $4.99.

I went to this to get a trial of their products for $4.99 which included shipping. I read through the terms:

They never listed anything stating that they will charge full price of the product in 30 days and automatically starting renewing monthly shipment. There is no email or anywhere on the website for this.

When I was going to pay for May statement which was due on 6/10/17, I noticed 7 charges on my credit card: 4/16/17 for $4.95, 4/17/17 for $4.99, 4/17/17 for $24.95, 5/1/17 for $89.92, 5/2 for $89.90, 6/1/17 for $84.95 and 6/2/17 for $89.92. When I called them on the number provided by my credit card (855-863-4519).

When I asked why is there charges in May when there was no shipment (no USPS tracking #), they said they charge full price for the trial products. They state that the $4.99 was to pay for the initial shipping. There is no statement, invoice, email or anything stating that there was additional charges for the "trial" products. Nor was there any information stating that I agree to sign up for monthly shipment.

I never received any of their products. They made me wait 60+ minute to file a case with the Post Office which I discovered that they choose the cheaper shipping (lightweight parcel that cost only $1) and no insurance with it. They refuse to refund any charges for April and May stating that it has past 30 days.

I have never agreed and authorize any charges. I expect full refund for all 7 charges instead of a refund for the 2 charges in June.

Reading through other blogs, they are truly scammers.

  • Jun 9, 2017

I ordered what was suppose to be a free trial supply of Skin Scientific (Face and Eye Cream). I was to be charged only for S/H. When the package arrived there was no invoice or contact information for the company. When I noticed a charge on my credit card for $89.90 and $89.92 I located a phone number on my credit card statement and called the company. At this time I was informed that I had 14 days after placing the order to cancel it or I would be charged full price and that this was stated on the website. It is possible that it was stated that I had 14 days to return but I did not notice it and feel the company should have at the very least supplied a written notice with the delivery explaning this as well as a contact number for the company. It is my opinion that the company does not provded informatin so the consumer does not return the product thus allowing them to bill full price. I would advice anyone not to order from this company and to inform everyone they know to do the same. This is a scam and should not be allowed.

  • May 24, 2017

Hazle On line I order 30 day trial face cream may 9 2017 order came 10 days later then I got my bank statement shipping supposed to be 3.00 1.00 each item I had 3 but on may ,22 they debited my account for 89.90'and again on may 23 again for 89.90 so I called them said I sign up for subscription I did no such thing they said when they get the items back I will have my 179.80 back in my acct. Now I'm confused because this site that I'm on now is where they told me to send it back is this complain address please tell me what's going on.

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