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Skin Pomp

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 400 S. 4th Street Suite 500
Phone (888) 510-3507

Skin Pomp Reviews

  • Jun 22, 2017

I returned the "free trial" of face cream without even opening it. Then I see that I was charged $.99, $3.96, and $89.95 so I googled the company that charged to my account. I was informed by Tracy Thomas that this company does not take returns, even when unopened and that the "free trail" was over so she couldn't help me. She finally offered a 50% refund for a product that I did not try, keep, or even open. She stated that the account had been cancelled. Two days later I return home to find another box from this terrible place on my doorstep. I contacted the company and the person on the other end was a rude, horrible, condescening jerk that said too bad for me. If I didn't want their products then I sould have cancelled sooner. He claimed to transfer me to a supervisor, but it was clearly the same poorly spoken individual with a giant chip on his shoulder. So I am out $189.80 and still have not seen a credit for the $47.48 that she claimed she was applying before they charged the additional $94.90. This is ridiculous that a company is allowed to operate this way!!!

  • Mar 11, 2017

KVO Marketing Inc advertises skin pomp products on a shady website with very little company info and no place for customer reviews. They offer a 14 day free trial on skin pomp cream, and the customer only has to pay for 4.95 shipping. In the fine print it says there will be a recurring monthly charge of 89.95 for auto shipments if you do not cancel. That in itself is sneaky enough but i read through everything so that wasnt my problem. I receieved my product, and 7 days after delivery (exactly two weeks days after ordering), i called to let them know the product was not living up to its claim and it was making my skin break out, i wanted to return it and cancel any future memebership or charges. I ONLY HAD THE PRODUCT FOR 7 DAYS, I ORDERED IT 14 DAYS AGO, BUT MY CARD WAS ALREADY CHARGED AND THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME A FULL REFUND. I ordered february 24th, and i called in to return the product on March 10th.

After threatening to file a BBB complaint, which i did, they offered me a 50% refund on the 89.95. I told them i would take the refund but i am not accepting that as a payment in full for the refund, and i would still file the complaint with BBB.

Now i am waiting to see what will come with the help of the BBB because clearly this company doesnt give a crap about being an honest business.


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