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Skin Optics and Eye Essentials

Country United States
State Maine
City Waterville

Skin Optics and Eye Essentials Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2016

False advertising. You're not buying a trial size item. They secretly scam you into a monthly membership.

  • Jul 28, 2016

I ordered a sample of two products for free. I was told i only had to pay

Shipping charges of $10.00. I used my debit card to pay, on line. However,

When i checked my bank account, i saw two billings for these products, that

Totaled $172.00. When i called to complain, they told me i had to notify them

Before 14 days had passed. It had only been 9days since i ordered. I am trying

To get a refund, but so far i am out of my hard earned money, that was basically

Stolen from me.

  • Jul 23, 2016

I ordered these products & continue to be charged. Have tried to contact both companies. They are separate with no avail!!!!

  • Jul 23, 2016

I ordered skin optics and eye essentials for the $4.95 and $5.95 shipping and handling and received the products 7 days later. I was surprised not to receive an invoice or anything where if i liked the product i could reorder. I did not see any fine print on the site i ordered from with this information so i assumed it will come with the products. I went on line to find the phone numbers to inquire and was shocked as to how expensive they both were. I told them i could not afford these products no matter how great they worked and asked to cancel. Skin optics cancelled my order and sent an email confirmation immediately. I wanted to return the products because i did not open them but was told i could not do that. I asked if they were going to charge me the $89 and they said no that the trial offer was for $4.95 for the product. I was concerned because this was the price for shipping only and they said no that this was the free trial price. I had to make another call to cancel eye essential and they offered me 75% off the original price if i wanted to continue to buy their product. My gut told me to cancel both because i did not believe this was an honest company since they withhold such important information up front to customers. I cancelled and received confirmation thru email from both companies. I was still doubtful that they still would charge my bank for these products on the 14th day so i went to my bank and cancelled my card and ordered a new one. I will never be so foolish again as to order products from the web or tv again without going on line first to find the complaints about companies and products. Remember...If it sounds too good to be true it usually is! a good company will have its terms and conditions in the open not hidden where it takes a fine tooth comb to find them. They may be legit companies but they deal dirty. I did some further search and found that this exact advertisement is used for many skin care products with the exact same good reviews from the same people just change the products names!

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