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Skin Noir

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 25380
Phone (888) 646-6926

Skin Noir Reviews

  • Apr 27, 2017

THIS WAS REALLY DECEPTIVE. included in the fine print of the terms and conditions was an agreement where they charge you in a couple of weeks 85.95 and 89.95 for a shipment you dont want. this is becoming popular with scam companies. watch it anytime there is a chance of automatic shipments for a product. so far ive only got a 50% refund but im going to work on it.

  • Feb 25, 2017

I decided to try a cream advertised on Tv about a month ago. I received the product and tried it and did not like it. I paid $10.90 for 2 products on Jan 9, 2017. No where did it say that I was signing up for anything more.

I received a package today with the same creams and looked at my checking account to find that on 1/23 I was billed 85.95 and on 1/24 was billed 89.95. I did not notice this at the time. I had not received anything more in the mail Today when I received a package I found that I was billed on 2/22 2017 186.80.

I called the company and was told I did not cancel the agreement and I told her that it stated this was a free trial only and she said that I agreed to receive this product. There is no way I would have agreed to this product that costs so mucn.

She said they could refund 50% of what I was debited on 2/22/17.

I don't know how many people they have ripped off this way. I need to know who else I can contact please.

  • Feb 7, 2017

My credit card was charged $89.95 and $85.95 after the 14 day trial I was not aware of. I called and they took me off list for future purchases even though I did not want to make these purchases.

  • Jan 25, 2017

After much thought and consideration, I ordered this "free trial". My income is severely limited, so I have to be very careful. The come on part of their ad says "you only pay shipping and handling". This is where it should say "you will be billed later for your product" . It's not a trial if you cannot return it. It's a lie, there's nothing free, here. No, I don't expect everything to be free, but I get sample of beauty products free quite often. They language in this so-called contract should have been included with the ad. It's false advertising to say something is free, when it's not. Yes, they say you pay shipping and handling, but they say nothing about paying for your "free trial" in their ad. Shame on you people. I'm a senior citizen trying to raise a grandchild and care for my elderly mother. I never would have given these invasive ads a second thought had I known that I would have been charged for the product no matter what. Anyone that wants to file a class action against theses people.. I'm in!

  • Jan 19, 2017

I order this product over the phone and was told it was a free trail size order and only had to pay for shipping and handling only. I thought cool, I never use my bank account for this kind of stuff. But since it said no other charges would be billed. I ordered it.

What a mistake. 2 weeks later they billed me $85.95 $89.95. making it where I couldn't pay some of my bills. When I called them they said I agreed to the charges.

They said I did it on-line, which I didn't. But it;s hard to prove it. They make it look like you agreed to their so called terms.

  • Dec 30, 2016

I saw an ad for a sample of skin noir and eye noir for $4.95. I sent for it not knowing I was signing up for every month delivery. I returned all the products but they say they didn't recieve them. I am 78 years old and trying to live on my social securty check {only income} I have had 9 heart attacks and 3 open heart surgeries. I sure don't need this stress because of a scam.Now I have to let my credit card go to collectios because I will not pay for this scam. I know when it goes to collections it will hurt my credit but I can't afford to buy much any how They say i owe this because I didn't read the fine print saying if I didn't cancel in 14 day I was signed up to recieve the product. They should have that in bold print. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

  • Dec 3, 2016

A complaint was lodged against the company yesterday concerning their unsolicited sale practices of forcing their products on consumers. EYE Noir, an eye serum and DKIN Noir, an anti aging cream, offerred their products on TV free with the exception of s/h charges.After 2 weeks of delivery, my credit card was charged $89.95 for the SKIN Noir and $85.95 for the EYE Noir. Spoke with Ms. Ebony Richards who claimed that opting out within 14 days would have prevented this. I didn't notice this in their TV advertisement. At any rate, since the products remained unopened, I want to return the goods. However, Ms. Richards stated that the warehouse doesn't accept returns. This was never mentioned in the their infomercial. This practice is one of the worst rip-off and scams I have ever seen.

  • Dec 2, 2016

This company did not send the product within the 2-3 days promised so my trial period was less than a week. I was charged the full price for the product $89.95 & $85.95 and was not issued a refund for these charges. The product does not do what it claims and the auto-enrollment policy is hidden.

Buyer beware! I wish that I had done my homework before signing up for a "free trial" of this substandard product. I hope that others do not fall for this shady company fronted by Christie Brinkley!

  • Nov 28, 2016

I order a trial for 5.95 eye Noir only, but they sent me with skin Noir as well & then in about 14 days they charge my card 89.95 & 85.95 without my permission. The most important thing is that there is no more effectiveness for the eye & skin of mine. Apparently this is not the only product they are scamming people with. As I found my money came out of my checking account, I called them & they refused to refund the charge . So I claimed for several reasons, one lady got on the phone & offered me a 50% refund, saying "This must be exceptional, only for you, with an approval by the manager. I want a full refund. In order to avoid further or similar scam. I already asked to block my card company. And I'm in panic. I assume they are apparently selling other products as well. And still doing same things nation wide.

  • Nov 15, 2016

I was being charge montly payments of $89.95 for products Skin Noir was shipping to me . I did not want these products. they had a free trail for shipping cost for 4.95 for there product.

  • Nov 7, 2016

I ordered a trial offer of Skin Noir from an ad that came up on a web page I was browsing. I went to their site and read what was included with the offer, which was just the skin care trial offer for the price of $4.95. After I ordered the trial Skin Noir offer, the screen automatically went to the next offer which was Eye Noir for $5.95, the only option on the screen was to click "continue" and by doing that, I was automatically charged for the eye cream. I had to exit ("x") out of the screen to get out of the loop I was stuck in. I was being asked to order something else that I would also be charged for. I immediately got an email confirmation for the Skin Noir for $4.95 and the Eye Noir for $5.95.

I received the trial product pretty quickly. A couple of weeks later, I was online to pay my credit card bill and noticed I had been charged $4.95 & $5.95 for the trial offer, plus there was an additional .99 cent charge from the company on the same idea what that was for. Also, there were two additional charges less than two weeks after my original trial offer purchase for $85.95 and $89.95. I called the company immediately and said there was a mistake. Her response was, "You didn't call within the 14 day trial period so you are being charged the full price". There was nothing online that stated anything about a trial period. Nothing was included with the products stating there was a trial period either.

This 'Customer Service' lady offered to give me a refund of 30% and I said I want a full refund and asked to speak with her supervisor. She was argumentative but finally transferred me to a supervisor. Unfortunately, the supervisor was even more belligerent. She said it was my responsibility to read the terms of the agreement and all she could do was refund 50% of the amount. I explained there were no terms mentioned online and nothing was included with my order. The online web site merely stated it was a trial offer. I told her she would refund all of my money or I would report it to my credit card company as fraud.

The supervisor continued to argue with me and be intimidating by telling me I could take her offer of a 50% refund or I would risk losing all of the refund plus be charged a fee for filing an appeal. She said if I contacted my credit card company, they would be referred to her company's legal team and I would lose my appeal because it stated in "the agreement" that I should call within 14 days or be charged the full product price. Of course there was no agreement to be read...this is all a scam. This company is fraudulent. This supervisor was very rude, she talked over me while I was trying to talk, she raised her voice and worked really hard trying to get me to take her "refund offer". I finally told her I would report her to my credit card company and I would NOT pay those charges.

I hung up on the rude supervisor and called my credit card company. I reported the charges as fraudulent and cancelled my credit card. Surprisingly enough, before I was off the phone with my credit card company, I received an email from Eye Noir saying they closed my account and issued a refund of $85.95 and $89.95. Eye Noir and Skin Noir is a scam! Do not let these people tell you they can't refund your money. There is no agreement, no contract, no instructions online or included with the trial purchase that explains what they will charge you for. They are rude, dishonest and fraudulent!

  • Nov 5, 2016

Advertised on line product to eleminate eye and skin rinkles. Advertisement said $10.90 for the product. I agreed, and the product was shipped in 2 individual boxes with no paperwork in either box. I thought that was the end of it, until I received my bank statement and was charged $85.95 for each bottle for a total of $171.00.

I called and was forwarded to a supervisor? Wendy. We went round and round and she finally stated that she would refund me $132.94 which means I am out $38.06. It is a skam and should not be allowed to continue.

Wendy stated that the terms were stated when I ordered the product. I printed out the paperwork when I ordered it, and there is no where where the terms she is stating is stated on my paperwork.

  • Nov 3, 2016

So I found a website and decided to try the "FREE" sample. Once getting on to the website I had to enter my information which included my credit card. Then as I was trying to submit my order for the "FREE" sample it told me there would be a small shipping charge. OK...fine. Then it showed me another product Eyenoir, so I thought I can use that as well and marked yes. Again another small shipping fee. I was trying to get to the final to submit my order and it just kept trying to add more and more stuff. So I backed out comletely from this website and cleared all the fields that I had entered. After all the add ons and not being able to just submit I was done with the website and the product. Little did I know that their website had already captured all my info.

I received my free samples of Skinnoir and Eyenoir on Sept 8, 2016, at the small shipping fee of around $11.89. They came US POSTAL service and I am more than sure it did not cost them this to ship the small package. I ship and mail things all the time. Then on Sept 13, 2016 I notice 2 charges on bank statement one for $89.95 and the other $85.95 from a company called Skin Regenerate and Eye Refreshen a total of $175.90. So I immediately call my bank and want to know what and who these charges are from. My bank gives me two telephone numbers 888-217-4896 EyeRefresh and 888-553-4058 Skin Regenerate and so I call the first one. It is Skinnoir "Eye Refresh" that I reach.

The representative Carrie is her name, that answers askes how she can help. I tell her that her company has charged me for something that I did not order or want. I tell her the whole story about the website and that I had cleared everything out and did not even want the free samples but I received them and was already charged for them. She precedes to tell me that I signed up for a skin care package and that they are shipping me the product. I told her "NO" I don't want the product I barely had anytime to try the samples. I tell her to stop the shipment and refund my money. She tells me that the product has been sent and that I would have to track down the package through my post office and gave me the tracking number to give to the post office. I tell her that I will contact the post office but that I want a full refund of all my money. She offered me a 50% refund and told me that once the package is retruned that they will give me the rest of my money.

Well turns out the tracking number I was given for the package was for the free samples. Needless to say I never received another package from them and never got a full refund of my money. I only received a credit of $44.98 from Skin Renegerate, which means they have keep $130.92 of my money for services that I did not order or ask for and no product was ever sent to me. Now I am not sure about the rest of the world but I do not have $130.92 to just toss out the window or give away.

This company is terrible and the business practices are simply appalling!!!! I need to know what else I can do to get the rest of my money???? Maybe I will call back and ask for the business legal counsel address, business license number and the federal ID number for the business as well, and see what results I get, as in the prevoius posts no one says if the issue was ever resolved and if they received their money back. But I am determined to get mine back!!

  • Oct 25, 2016

I saw an ad on line for skin noir and eye noir beauty creams which model christy brinkley, and dr phil's wife supposedly taunted as wonderful and had amazing results. Ad clearly stated that they were offering their product for free and the consumer only had to pay shipping.

I ordered on my credit card on 9/12/2016 and received the two creams about a week later. No paper work came with the order. Three charges posted to my credit card bill of $ .99, $4.95 and $5.95 which were the shipping and handling charges that i agreed to pay for their free products. On 9/26/16 my credit card was charged $89.95 and $85.95. I immediately called my credit card company to dispute these unauthorized charges.

Fortunately, the credit card company helped me and called this company at 888-947-3765 and i spoke to a representative, angela while my credit card company listened in. I was told that i placed trail order and because i agreed to pay their product charges and had not canceled the order prior to receiving my trial sample that i owed them.

Long story short after a good deal of back and forth they agreed to credit me half of the charges. My credit card company is continuing to dispute these erroneous charges and requesting proof that i agreed to any additional charges beyond the initial shipping. Which i did not. I only knew that i was only authorizing shipping. Lesson learned about ordering from any of these big ads on line.

This is a total scam ! no where did i read and agree to any charges beyond shipping.

Crooked and deceitful company and evidently their celebrities are ok with their practices.

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