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Skin Essential Skin Care

Country Canada
City North York, Ontario
Address PO Box 500 RPO Steeles West
Phone 800-984-5904

Skin Essential Skin Care Reviews

  • Apr 12, 2016

I purchased online a couple of anti-aging products frm Skin Essentials. I was lured by the supposed 3.95 and 1.99 trial price for each. It was not at all clear that I was accepting a membership or subscription and that I would be subsequently charged additional amounts for these. However, that is what they expect. They say that is what the buyer has aggreed to when ordering the products and refuse to refund any money. I sure do believe that disclosure was so hidden, no reasonable person would have seen it. And there is no way that I or most other potential customers would have signed up for such a ripoff.

In past I have purchased many things online from different companies and have NEVER experienced anything close to this kind of ripoff. Most well known and lesser known companies operate with full disclosure and upfront policies because they want repeat business and referrals by satisfied customers. I do not know if this company is operating outside the law or if they are merely skirting its edges. Something must be done to stop them! Either way their business model is not sustainable for the long term.

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