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Simone Zavala (Nevada)

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas

Simone Zavala (Nevada) Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2020

Simone Zavala is currently employed at The Shade Tree where she helps women escaping domestic violence. Simone advocates for physically abused women, but she never mentions how she encourages physical violence against others in her own personal life.

Simone allegedly tried to organize a physical attack by asking 6+ random females to help her ‘jump' another female over a guy at a festival. Witnesses say Simone was upset that her crush was seen with someone else, therefore Simone created a plan to drag and then corner her unknowing victim into a secluded area that was completely hidden from the public.

Simone said the loud music combined with the dark lighting would drown out the victim's screaming.

She laughed while mentioning that she wanted to punch, spit, & pull her victim’s hair. Simone even tried stealing the victim's bag because she wanted to vandalize/steal/destroy all her personal belongings that night. Simone also said it would be easy to trick her victim and mocked her victim’s kindness.

Simone’s victim was completely unaware of Simone’s malicious intentions; she didn’t even know Simone. Luckily a group of males notified the victim and stayed with her during rest of the festival. Simone still talks to the other females attackers.

What kind of person wishes to physically hurt someone else over a male? Someone she doesn’t even know? A fake, jealous, hateful and hypocritical person with low self-esteem a.k.a Simone. How much more low can Simone be?

How are you going to confide in Simone about domestic violence at The Shade Tree, when Simone secretly enjoys harming & terrorizing women outside of work?

Who knew bullies hid in plain sight...

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