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Signal Expert

Country India
State Madhya Pradesh
City Indore
Address 302-B Shekhar Central, AB Road
Phone 91 8818807999

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  • Oct 29, 2018

Signal Expert advertise an accuracy rate of 80-95% but prior to getting involved, followed their trades which appeared to be successful however they only posted their profitable trades and not their losses. After paying $650 USD for quarterly Signal Services after 5 weeks their success ratio was only 55-57 percent so my losses were beginning to mount.

After complaining I requested a refund but they refused and stopped sending signals so really they scammed me out of the balance of my funds. Furthermore, they did not mention a No Refund policy nor does their website indicate this. After posting negative comments on some of their Linkedin sites they immediately take them down. Makes one wonder why they do so or what do they have to hide. For anyone considering this company, be very cautious. Unlike some others they are NOT transparent. I have even sent emails to the Serious Fraud Office and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India which proved to be a waste of time.

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