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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 614 594 3220
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  • Jan 22, 2020

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SHRINKABULLS ANNE MINDY OR ANNDREA WARD OR GRADY. If a breeder has to go by alias's because she's in trouble for child engagement you probably should RUN! If you have any issues please contact the county Sherif. [email protected] Who arrested her and wants any and all information related to her we purchased a dog and she photoshops the dogs.

FALSE ADVERTISING the dog came skinny, longer, not potty trained at all as advertised. She has fined from the AKC and has admitted to using other breeder names to still breed under the akc umbrella! She lied about paperwork. Submitted false akc DNA as well as sells UN MICROCHIPPED DOGS which is not akc legal.

Please contact The akc with any and all information. She is a liar. She makes promises she can't keep. She has no ties to media anymore. We are demanding a refund for the false advertising and she has disappeared. Please if you have any dogs with health issues or incorrect akc paperwork PLEASE STEP FORWARD.

Let's shut Shrinkabulls down.

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