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Shop La's Showroom

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Jefferson
Address 305 Rio Vista Ave
Phone 504 214 0552

Shop La's Showroom Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2020

I use shopify for my online clothing store and there was a man who was comiitting fraud that purchased $6000 worth of merchandise from my store and I wired him the $2992 for the shipping since he wanted to do it internationally. I verified his id and his paperwork for his ein.

I was still a bit nervous so I called shopify to make sure this payment of the $6000 went through before I wired him the money. They verified with me over phone and email that it was in my account and that there was nothing pending. Four days later they email me that is a chargeback and it was fraud. There was a lot of fraud coming from Shopify's system lately and now I am out $2992 plus the $1992 i sent on my product and ink.

Shopify will reassure you things that are not true and then all of a sudden they will chargeback the fraud charge? My bank will not give me the funds back because it is a wire coming from a Shopify lead. This system is good for hosting your website but the amount of spam and fraud that will come to my website is ridiculous and not worth it. I called Shopify so many times this month to get it resolved and they just said you have to email and I still have not heard back. You would think with such a big business would contact you with some resolutions but there is nothing. Then to top it off shopify is trying to charge me 200 for this fraud charge.

This company is not sufficient and they do not care about their clients or protect them from anything!!! horrible service and no resolution!!!!!

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