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Shipt, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Birmingham
Address 17 20th St. N Suite 100
Phone (205) 502-2500

Shipt, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2021

When I started shopping for Shipt in February, I was doing about 8 shops a day, and making over $1,000 a week. Then Shipt just cut me off even though I was on the schedule for 84 hrs a week - no offers were given and all shops had to be taken out of Metro that were in cities 90 miles away. A few of the customers were very unreasonable in their ratings; which as a sub-contractor you are not allowed to address- that lowered my Stats. Chat support and Shopper Success were helpful at times and just as unfair at other times especially when asking for late forgiveness (due to Orlando traffic or customer add-ons).

I usually received wonderful feedback from my customers. I had a steady 4.8 rating. But Shipt deactivated my account as well as many other shoppers without notification, explanation or reason. They have poor ethics and have tarnished their image as a company.

  • Dec 2, 2019

1 - promoted $50 off annual membership, but wouldn't provide an online entry place for the promo code, so charged me credit card $99.

2 - Won't answer emails or avail live chat. This way, no written evidence. This is standard for rip off business practices.

3 - Won't give customers receipt of grocery store receipts their shoppers get; then email receipts of items and prices they (Shipt) charge well after the fact. I got glimpse of shopper's receipts. Shipt was overcharging me as much as 38 percent more for some items. Minimum of 20 percent. A minumum overcharge of over $60.

4 - Shipt fraudulently advertises a support email as well as live chat. They don't exist.

  • Jan 6, 2019

I signed up for Shipt after trying Meijer's pick up service. Meijer charged me a fee for the pickup and so I was directed to sign up for Shipt where you pay a membership fee and get free delivery on orders over $35.

I checked the website yesterday and saw in the help section that they mark up the prices. This is the OPPOSITE of what I was told when I signed up. The entire marketing ploy was that you pay the same prices but with the membership fee they do the shopping.

When I contacted customer service yesterday, they said that the knowledge that they markup is in their website but that is not how they sold it to me. The agent said the markup is to cover their costs and I said "THAT IS WHAT THE MEMBERSHIP FEE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR!".

Also, it is deceptive that they give you "free delivery" on orders over $35. It is not "free" when they still mark up the prices of the items. The membership fee is supposed to cover their costs.

I had them cancel my account and refund the last mark up.

They issued me a $12.78 refund on a $63.69 order, which is a 25% markup! This is a 75% higher markup than the 14% markup stated on their website.

I believe this is deceptive and possibly illegal. Their actual markups, based on their own information via their refund to me, are 75% higher than quoted on their website. Additionally, when you sign up as a new user nowhere does it say that the goods are marked up. You are told that you pay a membership fee to get the service.

  • Mar 2, 2018

I am disabled, do not own a car, and was attempting to save money on transportation to go to the grocery store so I tried Shipt. In the beginning, I paid $14.00 a month after the two week free trial. I tried to cancel because I was disatisfied with the membership because you cannot get the sales in the Publix paper like the BOGO offers. Not to mention the fact,, that they charge extra for most if not all items on top of the store price! In addition to this, I was not provided with instructions on how to order something that is not listed in the App like Deli items. I tried to cancel online but could not find that option online so I sent and email but later found that Shipt requres you to call in to cancel which is very annoying and inconvenient! (You can sign up easily online without an agent but required to call and talk to someone to cancel!)

The girl on the phone convinced me to give Shipt another try for free. She promised me a two month free trial. Prior to accepting I asked her if it would autorenew and would my card be automatically charged at the end of the trial she said it would cancel automatically if I did not call back and ask to keep the membership so I agreed.

The next day, I recieved an email that everything was canceled and I noticed that even the free trial was wiped out! So I called back in and asked what happened to the free two month trial and they said that they received me email request to cancel that I sent prior to calling in to cancel and that the Representative just canceled everything instead of reading the notes on the account.

So once again, I asked the Representative about the free two month trial and if I needed to call in so that I am not charged for the membership at the end of the free trial and once again I was told the same thing as before that it would automatically cancel and that I would not be charged any membership fees unless I call in and request to keep the membership! There was no mention at all of a $99.00 annual membership fee at the end of the two month trial period!!! (I am on a very modest income and I would have never agreed to a $99.00 annual membership!)

Today, I look at my statement and find a $99.00 charge from Shipt for an annual membership that I never discussed or authorized on my account! I immediately called Shipt only to be told that it was my annual membership fee that I signed up for! I told the Representative that I never signed up or authorized an annual membership and that I want my money back! She told me that it would take 5-10 to process a refund to my account! I am disabled and live on a very modest fixed income and cannot wait 5-10 days to wait for a refund for a $99.00 charge that I did not authorize to be charged to my card!

I find it awfully convenient for Shipt that they can immediately get their money even if I did not authorize a charge but I am expected to wait anywhere from 5-10 for my $99.00 that I never authorized to be returned to me! I find it to be very dishonest of their Representatives to lie to me and tell me that the membership would automatically cancel when they should know that they signed me up for annual membership that I never authorized or agreed to!

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