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Sheron Barber Enterprise

Country United States
State California
City Vallarta Encino
Address 17845 Avenida Puerto
Phone 1 747 220 8202

Sheron Barber Enterprise Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

Working as his project manger, Daily runner, legistic assistant, working on package and delivery, and even being his personal client success manager at times. I had various roles here. I witnessed people aka Interns and even one investor come & go. People would only last a 2-3 months. People even went to small claims for only $500. He never looks at his mail so he will never see anything that was sent to him. He refuses to pay me for the work i have done for the entire month. He only owes me 1800 , pays me $500 bc he doesn't believe i deserve the rest, however, he expects everyone to continue work.

He expects me to come and continue working, 16 days into the next month and he wont pay me the rest. His employees who are the ones actually doing the main work are not getting paid in time either. They have told me he owes them 2 months . He hasnt paid his rent, even tho he tells everyone that its his house. The owner of the house has come over to try and get payments, 3-4 months without pay, he ows DWP over $7k . His last apartment in downtown was not payed for either. He left without paying. He is from the East Coast. sounds like he is seeing how much he can get away with again before he has to abandon ship again and leave everyone without payments.

He is also refusing to pay $2k to fix Tiyana Taylors RV. Tiyana Taylor has no idea that he just took her money , used it, and is in panic mode because he refuses to spend any money on the RV, he is half assing everything, that RV will break down and probably cause an accident to Tiyana Taylor and her Family.

He fired me because i told the mechanic to begin working on the RV, i was sent over to make sure they got a head start on the RV , now he uses that excuse to fire me in front of the mechanic to prove , in his own words, "i dont give a f**k" , he really only cares for himself and pockets all the money instead of paying whom he owes. He choses to pay people with cashier checks too.

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