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Shelly Woodford

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
Address PO Box 441
Phone 614 7834942

Shelly Woodford Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2019

This person has researched and contacted past acquaintances/associates of mine without authorization, admittedly conducted public record searches, came to property unannounced without 24 hour notice, contacted me on several occasions and I have no clue her intention. I do know her actions have been set forth with malice.

No contractual agreement between she and I exist. She is has not been named as agent and or property manager for the landlord, yet has harassed and stalked me. One individual she contacted, post entry into contractual agreement with Eric Woodford as the listed landlord not her, told me Shelly Woodford called them and interrogated them on my past and asked if she would let me move back into her property now.

The woman was puzzled as Shelly Woodford told her she was my landlord and was doing a reference check. I was already living in the unit in which she is not the listed landlord and/or party to the contractual agreement, why is she calling individuals post contract and asking if I could move back into their property?

I do not feel comfortable around this person and have no idea why she has interjected herself into business matters of the actual landlord. Several complaints have been filed as Eric Woodford, actual listed landlord on contract misrepresented a property that has mice, fruit flies, mosquitos, wasps, and other insects, non-working air/heating unit that does not blow cool air and the temperature notch cannot be adjusted from the 70, trash/debris in the garage (which is inaccessible-does not open and contains garbage causing foul smells/rodents/insects), mold/leak eveidence on ceilings, extreme flooding, etc..

This woman initially tried to get me to move looking up apartments and addresses so called on my behalf to avoid remedy of the issue at the current unit. I do not know this woman and she makes me uncomfortable with her harassment and stalking. I have yet to speak with Eric Woodford regarding the notice and report of disrepair, rodents and insects as Shelly Woodford has intervened with no genuine legal involvement.

She has been witnessed lurking on the property and in/out of garage attached to unit in which the there is a rear exit from unit directly into garage. No notice given, just freely trespassing and unknowing the adjacent neighbors have surveillance mounted. Why this landlord does not remedy the issue vs causing problems.

Why get upset with a filed complaint and retaliate? Take responsibility as the landlord and adhere to obligations. Eric Woodford is what appeared to be a decent guy but no one wants to live in and inhabitable unit with mice, insects for one or pay for a misrepresented unit with less than anticipated amenities included in the costs of the rent.

A deposit was paid as well and there was a missing eye on the stove, missing crisper on the refrigerator, unclean cabinets and unit overall that was to be remedied but was/has not been. Shelly Woodford attempted to have me move early on (documentation exist) after initial complaint, contacted people without permission (statement obtained & person willing to testify) in attempts to intentionally cause emotional distress and harm, and continues to overstep boundaries that will undoubtedly increase her chances of facing criminal (harassment, stalking, trespassing despite prior notice to cease and desist).

There will not be a next time of leniency for unauthorized or unannounced visits to the property, interrupting quiet enjoyment and violating privacy-that’s for certain; nor any alternate outrageous action will be tolerated in the future. Contemplating filing a restraining order as this persons actions are troubling and alert to a perhaps a mental illness. She thought she was slick but slipped up. Poor character for sure.

She is a obvious deceitful person practicing malicious and wanton acts. Eric Woodford has been notified several times of his wife’s ongoing foolishness, yet she continues without adherence to the repercussions and consequences associated with what she is doing. I have given my final warning as she is no party to the contractual agreement with Eric Woodford and would be better off finding more constructive interests vs attempting to intimidate me. I am far from a push over.

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