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Sheldon Cuffy

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Tenafly
Address 19 Phelps Ave
Phone 201-921-3856

Sheldon Cuffy Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2021

Beware! This man is a thrift, liar, a crook and loser. He just got married and had child - I pray they get away from him soon before he ruins their lives like has has mine.

phoney investment of a 300 unit property- was guaranteed I would get my money back and interest at closing in 90 days. He didn't close just stole my money and promised me my money for now close to 2 years- even saw I was living in my car. Made no attempt to make a payment or anything- sues in September- things are slow due to Corona. We shall see the outcome


  • Jul 31, 2020

We met online and then in person. Convinced me to partner with him where he would use my personal credit to borrow monies or charge invoices to the credit accounts from one of the companies he operates to use for home renovations to sell homes. Borrowed funds would be paid back when homes sold then profits shared.

We had a 12 month agreement that ended March 2020. We agreed he would pay the monthly credit statements without affecting my personal credit. He agreed my credit would not be impacted also. We met in March 2019.

It is now Aug 1, 2020. Now over a year, no renovations have been performed and when asked to return all monies borrowed or an accounting of where monies have been applied, he refused and could not provide any evidence that monies received were being used for their intended purpose.

My credit is now terrible being reduced to around 600 when it used to be in the 800’s before the venture began. And I am working with creditors and credit bureaus to try to address the problems caused my Mr.Cuffy's lack of responsibility.

Mr. Cuffy no longer responds to my phone calls and the last time he agreed to meet in person was sometime in December 2019. He provides illusive responses to my text or emails messages but never provides a definite closing date to our venture and he no longer honors my credit worthiness and doesn’t care that he ruined my credit. He will continuously says he is working on something big but never closes on anything that shows he will pay me back.

Mr. Cuffy operates a scam and should not be trusted with anyone’s credit or financial well being.

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