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Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

Country United States
State Virginia
City Norfolk
Address 600 Gresham Dr
Phone 1 757-388-3000

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Reviews

  • Feb 19, 2024

While I was visiting in Virginia, I was in a car accident, I was taken to Sentara Norfolk Hospital,During my ER visit the nurse and staff helped me take off my earrings I told them that I will put my earrings in my purse if they can just hand me my bag, The nurse said to me that they will put it in my bag for me .I said no that's okay, I'll do it myself.They insisted that it would be ok if they placed it in my purse. I noticed that someone was blocking my view so I couldn't see what they were doing with my purse. They cut my clothes in half and took me for a cat scan. By the time I received my purse I was mortified! I noticed my earrings were all the way in the bottom of my purse , as if my items were ransacked. I immediately looked in my wallet and saw that my money was gone! Almost all of my travelling money! I couldn't believe that this could happen to me. I called , spoke to a advocate named Jennifer. She said she would look at the tapes. She said it only takes about 15 minutes to review the tapes ,with the security dept and she would call me back shortly. I ended up calling her back. She told me to call the non emergency police department to file a report. I did that and no results. Conveniently the detective that was on the case transferred over to the Newport news police department, and I thought he was investigating my case for me. I should have known it would be a issue because I could never ever get in touch with him . At this point I'm still going to fight for my money back. They can't just do that to me because of my age. I'm over 80 years of age and I'm still coherent. I need to speak to someone about this . I want my money back and I want to know who was working in the E. R the night I was there. And why did the hospital delete those tapes of the staff stealing my money from my purse. I need help finding a lawyer in Virginia. I have to take my story to the

media and civil court. So other elderly or disabled people would never have to go through this . This was heartbreaking to be in the care of people that are robbing you.

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