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Seasons Change, LLC.

Country United States
State Oregon
City Klamath Falls
Address 2815 Laverne Street
Phone 541-273-0596

Seasons Change, LLC. Reviews

  • Nov 17, 2020

This was obviously written in oct, but yelp caved in and removed it by pressure? Who knows, but scamion is one of the few honest review sites left. Good luck matthew getting this one removed. —————— just in time for halloween, witches of eastwick work here!!!! i'm so sorry but i don't give money to businesses who yell. I had an appt scheduled and was merely calling to confirm they were on time. You see, i wanted to make a quick run to the store if they were going to be late. Instantly the woman raised her voice yelling at me for my number being disconnected cuz she tried really hard to get someone here yesterday??? What???

I was fine with the appt i had, why are you yelling at me that you couldn't call me yesterday to send someone over? Pms??? Hormone check time cuz i asked for her supervisor, and when she passed the torch lynn took over with the yelling. Finally i said, "i'm recording this call" which caused her to lower her voice just a little. Rob and his helper were amazing. I had given them a snack the last time they were here, but today all i could do was vent that i was just yelled at by two very angry ladies all because i couldn't accommodate their schedule the day before. Something is very wrong with a business who thinks they can get away with treating their paying customers as irritating nuisances.

Yes rob was great, but i will never call again Lol she's yelling at me saying "you can't yell at me"). I was only yelling to see if she would shut up long enough to listen that i wasn't upset at all, but when lynn chimed in with her abusive anger, it was apparent to me they were simply mad at me for messing up their schedule the day before since they had a slot open. Guess it never occurred to you that perhaps that wouldn't have been convenient for me since i was out of town, ouch. Stop in tho for good old fashioned halloween spirit, cuz yes i'm sure they have their full wardrobe on for anyone to see they truly are up for the season of witches Less the b). Bye for good seasons change!!!!!

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