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Schumacher Homes

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Shreveport
Phone (877) 312-1252
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Schumacher Homes Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2021

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...... RUN AWAY. Let any reputable attorney review the contract and they will advise you to not sign under any circumstance. Our dream home was ruined by Schumacher Homes of NC, Inc. (Asheville) who turned ours and many others home-build into a nightmare.. It also appears now the corporate office is of the same caliber as the Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC offices and do not stand behind anything at all.

Deep in the contract your are giving up your right to court even in cases of fraud, negligence, incompetence, etc. In our case not one of our many "Builders", it turns out that is only a title on their business cards. Not one of them held a general contractors license.

Further not one person from Schumacher with a contractors license stepped foot on our build project. We still have multiple code violations that were covered up and hid from local spot inspections over a year after closing with them. Deep in the contract as you are all excited to sign papers and start the process all excited they will say something like "you are welcome to read it but this is all the normal legal mumbo jumbo" where if you sign you are forfeiting your right to every use the court system to sue them and must use their arbitration when things go south; There is also a claim you owe them $5000 for every social media post if you start arbitration.

Too much to list as far as why to run but let me just say nothing you are promised comes true. They advertise every home comes with Cherry or Maple Cabinetry. Wrong its boxed composite cabinets (chipboard), just one example of false advertising. No tradesman, only the equivalent of day laborers or a middle school shop class and no onsite supervision. Just take a look at the photos below in which an investigation and hearing by the NC Board of Licensing for General Contractors found probable cause for their disciplinary hearing in North Carolina after a preponderance of evidence regarding NCGS 87-11(a). They took our life savings and left us with needing to replace almost all the sheetrock, shingles, re-hang 9+ doors in the home that will not close or latch due to being so cockeyed they are missing the strike plate, replace all gutters and add downspouts, insufficient hvac leaving us with 70+ percent humidity requiring hvac systems to be swapped out, all new molding, spa showers torn out and re-done due to not using moisture rated sheetrock and tile left more than an 1/8" of water standing in the showers, rock falling off the front of the house, spray foam insulation in the attic missing completely in areas. Foundation issues requiring stabilization. Too much to list it all.

We have found several other victims of their scam. They also lied to appraiser to falsely elevate the appraisal value. Nightmare is too kind of a word for what they have put us through. We can't trust them in our home which is why we had to file the complaint with the State. Can't take them to court because of the contract. Current estimates exceed $160K to make us whole again and give us what our contract called for. If you built with them do yourself a favor and hire a private home inspector ASAP. Check the website and ignore their BBB Rating (which is based solely on how fast and well they respond to complaints with the BBB) read the reviews and complaints from actual customers and the stories. The BBB requires a 1 start rating just like google to be able to review or complain so thats why they have a 1 start rating.

The State's investigator found even more code violations that the private home inspector didn't catch. We have other Schumacher victims who signed on to our complaint with similar stories and experiences in the Western North Carolina Area. The notice below should indicate how bad this builder really is. YouTube Channel coming soon with more victims experiences to help warn others. Also check out employee reviews on Indeed to see what most of their own employees think. Nowhere close to being built on time and months passed with no response or contact.

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