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Saylorsburg Auto Sales LLC

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Saylorsburg
Address 621 Rte 115
Phone 1 570-992-3342

Saylorsburg Auto Sales LLC Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2021

Saylorsburg auto sales Ted used auto

Me and my husband bought a car from this establishment. They knowly sold us a car that could not pass inspection . This car is not safe to be on the road but it was sold this way anyway. The car has rusted out brake lines multiple leakes and many other issues.

I gave them a chance to do the right thing after i had failed inspection. I was told by this dealer that they did not even inspect the car before it was sold to us . How is this ok to do and how can a company be so heartless. It seems 5000 dollars is not alot of money to this establishment. I say this is because the dealer keep bring up we only paid 5000 implying that i can't get this vehicle in good shape for this price.

What about safety , reliability and good customer service that you have promised to your customers. They refused to either help getting the car fixed for inspection or a refund. They just continued to hang the phone up on me after the exchanged a fews words. Im a mother of 3 and I have to drive my eldest daughter to school every morning. Thank God my two younger ones ride the bus because its crazy trying to drive this vehicle when all the school bus are out and everyone is dropping of their children to school. I did not intend to put others lives at risk when i bought this vehicle.

All that replays in my mind now is the laughter from this dealer after i told him you can't sell cars thats not road worthy. He said I can't I've been selling like this for years. I wonder if these people have family people they care about. To be ok with doing things like this is so sad. I remember watching in movies when you would see a used car salesman in his element. He would take his time and enjoyed scamming the customer out of their hard earned cash. I would tell myself they are not that bad and im sure they are not all like that.

This place reminds me of the father in the movie Matilda his demeanor is almost identical. Anyway i will never shop at a used car dealership again. Itbshows you what kind of world we live in.. That so close to the holidays and just after a pandemic certain establishments are just waiting patiently to take advantage of consumers. Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

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