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Country United States
State Maryland
City Bel Air
Address P.O. BOX 1207
Phone 410-836-8430

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  • Mar 14, 2023

SARC Bel Air MD, Harford County Online Counseling.

On Wednesday 3/8/2023 I sent a email documenting my complaint to the AIP Coordinator Jenette Lippiello. I explained to her that I was receiving group harassment and that the instructor kept muting me and then kicked me out of the group for no reason, while I was in the middle of talking. I also told her that each week I will be sending an email to document any harassment every time it happens. I then sent another email which I explained in more detail about the harassment I receive on a daily basis from a group of individuals who stalk me and harass me. 2 days later on March 10,2023 I received a reply back from the Aip Coordinator Jenette Lippielo telling me that I'm temporarily suspended from the Weekly online Zoom Counselling meetings. She wrote.

Hi Mr. Anthony,

The last 2 emails you sent have created significant concerns about your current mental health status. The Bizarre, illogical nature of the statements you made show evidence of significant mental health issues that must be addressed before you can resume attending group.

Due to these concerns about your mental health and current stability, you are being temporarily suspended and your status is being put on hold. During this time, you are not allowed to attend any groups, nor will you be charged fees or accrue absences. If your mental health needs are not addressed within 3 months, then you will be terminated from the program. Your current mental state makes you inappropriate for group at this time.

I have copied your probation agent on this notification and have also notified the clinical Director of this issue.


Jenette Lippiello

AIP Coordinator

Now I have a huge problem with this, number 1 she is not a trained therapist to be able to make this determination, especially when I just made a complaint about group harassment. Number 2, this is Discrimination and Retaliation. She retaliated against me for making a complaint and then Discriminated against me because I'm ADHD and I have an anxiety disorder. She was aware of these 2 conditions. I'm not mentally ill. I'm going to upload the emails and you will see that in no way whatsoever does my email suggest that I'm significantly Mentally ill. I have an 802 Credit score which I guarantee is better than hers.

It's against the law to treat people like this and to deny someone you think is mentally ill counseling services.

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