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Samsung Electronics

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Ridgefield Park
Address 85 Challenger Rd
Phone 1.866.726.4249

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  • Jun 24, 2018

I purchased extended warranty after my manufacture warranty was to run out, last September 2017. A couple of weeks ago my dishwasher started to just wash by using the heavy cycle. I called my extended protection for repair.

They sent out out a company called quick service. The gentlemen came out - then ordered parts. The following week - a different man came out to do the repairs. He did the repair, but then found an additional problem that the first man didnt find. There was a leak. He stated he had to get an additional okay to fix the problem. Thebn the problems started. I made numerous calls and was constantly being transferred to different areas - everyone giving me a different answer: it was being looked at, but of course with my extra protection, it was covered.

Now today I am being told that it is not covered since there was damage to the drum. I asked how that could have happened since the only people that has touched the dishwasher for any repairs was the technicians. I was told that it could be from normal wear and terar. The dishwasher is only a little over 2 years old - how could that be - and I thought extended warranty was to cover that?? No, they are sorry - but I will have to pay for the repairs out of my own pocket. If this is not a rip-off, then I have no idea what is! I am done with samsung products, when they will not even honor their own extended warranty.

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  • Feb 21, 2021

In order to maximiize profits, Samsung is now shipping their phones without the accessories that have traditionally accompanied expensive new smart phones so that it can charge customers separately for those accessories. Samsung Galaxy S21 is now shipped without a wall charger, allegedly because "customers are reusing chargers from previous phones." Yes, absolutely, because we don't want to have to purchase them separately. It is also shipped without earphones because Samsung wants to sell you its pricey Galaxy buds. However, the worst flaw with the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the fact that Samsung has removed the headphone jack from the phone.

This makes the phone less accessible for people with hearing disabilities who wear hearing aids and cannot use in-ear bluetooth devises. I have spent over 8 hours on the phone with Samsung trying to get them to send me an adapter. I have been transferred 14 different times. I feel angry, frustrated, disregarded, disrespected, and devalued and will never do business with Samsung again.

  • Dec 2, 2020

I spent 2 hours on the phone and your customer service hung up on me! I do not want a repair on a sound bar that was less than $200 I want a replacement, I have spent over $4K on TV and Sound bar equipment IN 2020M and the new galaxy Chromebook I purchased on 12/2 to be hung up on!!! THIS is not customer service especially over an item that is less $200; This means you do stand behind your product. 1K chromebook shipment will be refused especially after the representative refused to escalate or address my issue. I DO NOT WANT A REPAIR!!! I WANT NEW UNIT OR refund!!!

From: [email protected]

Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2020 5:26 PM

To: '[email protected]'

Subject: FW: Samsung Nightmare - 512534930

Importance: High

It seems like anytime I purchase a product from there is always an issue. In 2019 I was denied a rebate due to a glitch in your company’s website on financing. Please see the email string below. The only resolution was an offer of a $300 promo which I never received. At the time I was so livid that I didn’t care because I felt that your company had taken advantage of me. Fast forward 2020 against my better judgement I purchased a 43 inch TV and a soundbar in August. The soundbar (order number US037733851, model number MODEL NUMBER: HW-S40T/ZA) has always been problematic since it was purchased and several calls have been made to Samsung technical support because the unit does not always power on. We purchased the inexpensive unit for a guess bedroom that is rarely used and we had no idea how long the unit had not work until Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. The unit was delivered on August 9,2020 so unit is only 3 months old.

I called Samsung and enter case number 5126349240. Your company response is that only option is to send the unit for repair, my husband and I feel this unacceptable as we feel the unit was defective from the beginning. Please refer to call record for previous calls placed on the unit. After reading the reviews on this unit our mistake was in choosing this model, but remember this was for a bedroom. In our mind the inexpensive units should be produced with the same quality and workmanship as the more expensive audio units.

After your company refusal to honor the advertise rebate due to issue on the Samsung.Com Website, when I purchased my Washer/Dryer. I never received the promo code because I said I did not want it but as jester of goodwill it should have been sent to rectify the mistake your company in the website which did not allow me to get the rebate on my washer/dryer because they had to be purchased separately to get the advertise finance rates. Now I have a soundbar that is only 3 months old and it will not power on and your company wants to fix the unit even though we only used 1 or twice due to location. I purchased on 11/30 $700+ Chromebook for my grandson Christmas present, but will be promptly returning if I do not get an acceptable resolution to my issue with the defective soundbar..

I have given your company another chance in good faith and yet again I am getting an unacceptable resolution. The Soundbar was only $150+ dollars please refund my money or provide a new reliable unit is the only acceptable resolution.

I have called and requested to be transferred customer executive support and they are refusing to transfer the call even though I have asked numerous time for call to be transferred.

I can be reached at 214-693-4920, If I do not hear from your company by 12/3 the Chromebook will canceled or the unit will be promptly sent back and we go with another more ethical and reliable company.


Susan Hubbard

  • Oct 24, 2020

Not too long after releasing the S20 series, customers have reported the camera glass spontaneously shattering without impact. Many have theirs in a "Samsung-Approved case" and still find their cameras damages. As of now there are over 500 reports on Samsung's forums,

but Samsung still blames their customers. They're response is to push people to UBreakIFix, and only UBreakIFix, to spend $100+ on a repair that should cost less than half that (as I fixed mine for under $10). If each of the users that reported the issue did this, it would be around $50,000 in nuance repairs that Samsung and UBreakIFix are comfortably taking from their loyal customers. Samsung claims that they are unaware of the issues when several phone accessory companies are creating products to prevent it like this metal lens protector:

Metal Camera Lens Protector for Samsung S20 Ultra,Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Screen Protector Full Coverage Case Aluminum Alloy Lens Protective $7.41

Whether they aren't listening to their customers' complaints or are blatantly ignoring them and running a scam with UBreakIFix. Nonetheless, for a $1000+ device, consumers deserve a great quality device all-around.

Here are some pictures of the defected glass:

  • Oct 19, 2020

Our cell phones have become another appendage for most of us and I've been buying Samsung's for years. 2 years ago I made the jump to a moto Z3 but soon discovered that camera was crap because the colors were terribly off. A red rose would turn out as an ugly orange rose, etc.

So I made the jump to a new Note 9 which I bought on eBay as new for half the price as the one sold through the Verizon stores and I could and did purchase the Asurian insurance.

But I was soon to discover that it had a problem with the charging port informing me there was moisture. At 1st I tried several ways to ensure the port was dry. I use my room air fan, hair dryer and even an overnight on low in my Dehydrator.

Sometimes I was able to get past the notice and it would charge normally but other times I couldn't and I had to wait to the phone uncharged itself totally and tried to start from there.

So exhausting all options I ran it up to the Verizon store and he put his charging cord in and it worked. So I bought a new cord thinking that that was the issue.

Nope... it refused to charge and even locked into a blue downloading screen. So after more research on you tube I was able to unlock the screen but is still told me I had a moisture issue. Which I do not. Then it told me to remove 3rd party apps which might be causing it but I don't even know where to begin with that.

So at this point I believe if you live in a humid environment like Florida or the Gulf Coast that humidity in the air might be enough to cause an issue with this your port.. but if you live in Arizona I guess you're ok.

So out of frustration I checked to see if the Note 9 had a wireless charging feature and it does. So I charged my phone using an old pad that I had and it seems to be charging but for how long I do not know.

I am hesitant to turn in the phone for insurance because they may not encounter the same problem I am here. And they may charge me for a new phone.

So I'm posting this to let people know there is a defect with both note 9 and note 10 and also with the newest Samsung 20 for which there is a flaw which is turned up according to recent postings in that the glass in the camera can break just by putting the phone in your pocket and has as of this date Samsung is not acknowledging it's a manufacturing flaw and the cost repair to fix it is about $400 out of your pocket. So buyer beware!

It's sad to know that after all these years Samsung has become little more than junk I am currently using my Z3 until I can rely on my wireless charging pad, slow as it might be.

As much as cell phones are over priced. 3 times as much as a laptop these days. They should be much more reliable.

One last word to buyers. Do not jump on the next gen cell phone, no matter what brand, until its been out for at least 6 months or you may find out too late you bought a lemon instead.

  • Sep 8, 2020

I bought Samsung Galaxy M31 2020 on 22/07/2020. At the end of 1.5 months, the phone's touch screen by itself suddenly gave an error, causing the phone not functioning at all.

I sent the phone to the authorized technical service of Samsung. They accused me of using unauthorised software on my phone, which I never did. I only installed the well-known apps as available by the Google Play Store. They try to charge me 850 TL by claiming that it is a user error so not under warranty.

I am pissed off because I bought a broken phone that gave an error in 1.5 months and they try to charge me while the phone is still under warranty.

  • Sep 1, 2020

I wanted to return our microwave because it just died. We did the troubleshooting, did the breakers, etc... It was dead. We returned it to Wal-Mart, and they, surprisingly, said they would not refund our money. We had to go thru Samsung, they said We then loaded the big thing back into the car, went to Best Buy and bought a good microwave. We are senior citizens and home mostly, so we use it a lot. Went home, got on online because the phone line was a wait time of over 30 minutes. Spent about 45 minutes to an hour pretty much arguing with 2 different reps. Absolutely, no help. They only offered to repair it.

It died. I don't want it repaired and don't want that brand again. Why would I? It didn't even last 1 year. We paid $129.99 + tax and thought we had gotten a product from a good company. The warranty says they will repair, replace or refund the money. It was up to Samsung. Well, I don't want their product, have another, and they still refused. I have the original receipt and warranty. So, beware, folks. First, Wal-Mart is refusing to honor the products they sell and Samsung's warranty is useless!!

This is not a matter of just money. It seems many companies, large and small, are backing away from taking responsibility for the things they promote and sell to the public. It's time the consumers get what they pay for in good faith!!!

  • Aug 15, 2020

I purchased a Samsung gas range on 4/3/2020. The bottom storage is defective; you have to force it open. On 6/17/20, I tried to register the range on their website. The Samsung website will not accept the model number or serial number for the product. I asked their customer service representative for help but they direct me to a link on their website that does not work. I wrote a letter on 6/17/20 to Samsung to register the products. No response.

I called their customer service department and they said since I filed a complaint with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau, they could not assist me. On July 14th I received a call from their representative Willistine S, Office of the President. She set up the repair ticket. On July 22nd, the Service Center canceled the repair ticket.

I emailed Willistine S, Office of the President on July 27th she says, quote “Let me check with the service center and see what this issue is. We would need the service center out before we are able to provide any accommodations.” She has never gotten back to me. I feel they are stalling so the warranty expires and then they do not have to make repairs.

  • Aug 10, 2020

In five years, we have had to replace the pump three times. The part is not inexpensive. I would not buy another one.

  • Jul 14, 2020

I called Samsung about a damaged device. I was on the phone with a female rep for an hour and completely explained my problem with the phone. The rep told me that the phone is under warranty and there would be no charge to fix it... it would take about a week. She sent me an email to print the shipping label and I mailed the phone to the service center. A week goes and I get a email saying that the price is being changed from free to $150.46.

I called Samsung to find out why and am now being told that the problem is not covered, that the 1st rep gave me the wrong information, and that if I want the phone fixed that I would have to pay $150.46. This is unprofessional! BAIT & SWITCH tactics to charge unsuspecting customers and piss poor service. I talked to customer service and 2 supervisors who apologized but did nothing. Bottom line... pay. DO NOT EVER BUY A SAMSUNG PRODUCT OF ANY TYPE. I know I will never buy their products again.

  • Jun 30, 2020

We purchased a Samsung RS25J500DSR fridge for $1,300 that was manufactured in August 2017. In late June 2020, the ice maker completely stopped working. A repairman stated that the ice maker is not working because the Sealed System is broken, which basically means we need to replace the refrigerator.

The service was $200. When I called Samsung, they told me I can pay for a Samsung approved tech to come out. I read the service reports online, and discovered that not only is this a common problem but there are many complaints about Samsung refrigerators. The service is dissapointing to say the least, and this feels like fraud.

  • Jun 13, 2020

I am a retired disabled veteran and purchased a new Samsung Refrigerator model #RF263BEAESR. This was the Refrigerator my wife always wanted, french doors, bottom freezer and ice and water in the door. The icemaker soon after purchase started leaking. Soon after that the icemaker started freezing up and would not produce ice.

A technician defrosted and removed frozen blocks of ice and reset the icemaker. It lasted 2 days. We contacted the technician, he said that this is a factory defect and I needed to contact the manufacturer, After blogging the problem it appears this is a major defect and an ongoing civil suit is in effect. My wife has passed away recently, it's a shame that she had to deal with this inconvenience in her last days.

Samsung needs to refund me 100% for their negligence in properly manufacturing a working unit as represented upon purchase. Their representing fraudgently this product has caused great anguish and inconvenience to myself and my beloved wife...much more so than the price of the refrigerator. I am on social security and VA disability income. If I was able I would hire an attorney and sue Samsung for far more than the cost of this worthless refrigerator.

Anything that you can do to expedite a response from Samsung would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • May 9, 2020

Model RF18HFENBWW Samsung French Door Refrigerator has not worked right since I bought it. After1.5 years the freezer stopped cooling, 2 inches of ice on the bottom of the freezer, freezer drawer won't shut because of all the ice, water is leaking on my wood floors, the vegetable drawers are swimming in water. I had a repairman come he wasn't sure where to start to fix anything.

Customer Service offered a repair 3/28/20, days later there's no one in your area that can repair it. Ticket #4152544958

4/1/20 Customer Service Juan said Home Depot will call you for an exchange in 24-48 hrs.

4/6/20 Customer Service-No Home Depot call. Samsung will exchange for a new one, they will call 3-4 days. Ticket #......2414 A trucking company will call to pick up, wait for them to call.

4/7/20-4/15/20 Customer Service-take pictures of Home Depot receipts and txt them to Samsung

4/16/20 Customer Service-Now Samsung wants a clear picture of a cashiers receipt

4/17/20 Customer Service-Samsung is unable to exchange my refrigerator but offered a FULL refund $1294.19 3-5 days to have approved

4/23/20 Customer Service-Samsung can't pay $1294.19, Brianna offers $1167.06 because the first offer was wrong

4/27/20 Customer Service William from Samsung is asking for pictures of label from inside the refrigerator, the earlier pictures they asked for not good enough. Now Samsung had everything they needed for a refund

5/5/20 Customer Service Amelia explains my refund has again been approved. In 2-7 business days by Wednesday 5/13/20 I will have a check from Samsung, if not received by 5/14/20 call.

5/8/20 Customer Service Rizza requests another picture of another label. I sent 14 more pictures & asked to speak with her supervisor which I never got connected with. Rizza explained that Amelia shouldn't have told me my refund was approved because it's not!

Samsung has not only the worst refrigerators but also the worst customer service ever! All I have been told is lie after lie, week after week! I paid monthly so I had a good refrigerator, because my 40 year old needed replacing. Now I'm stuck with a junk refrigerator and can't afford to buy another one.

  • Apr 2, 2020

I purchased the new Samsung s20 received it hooked it up paid $15. The phone is so hot I cannot hold it in my hand it flickers on and off the timeout for the screen was set at 5 minutes it timed out in 30 seconds the camera freezes battery drains very quickly and the apps are closed there are a lot more problems I do not have enough room

  • Mar 30, 2020

My samsung galaxy a50 phone broke after only a few months of use, and i cannot use the warranty because i bought it in cambodia but i'm in taiwan now. I don't get why samsung phones are so defective. I thought samsung was a quality brand? This problem has cost me many hours of lost time and frustration and data loss too!

At first, the battery kept overheating and shutting down, even though the battery wasn't hot at all, so it was a false temperature sensor reading. I tried to get it fixed in taiwan at a repair shop but they couldn't fix it, the tech guy said the problem was in the cpu, not the battery. He made it worse, because when i got it back, the phone kept saying the internal temp was 194f even when it was very cool, and would shut down after 30 seconds, which is not even enough time to back up any data! then it got even worse and now will not even power on or charge at all!

I never had phone problems like this before. Now my phone is busted and i can't do anything about it. Samsung told me i had to go back to cambodia to fix it. But no one should have to fly abroad to fix a phone! they basically screwed me over. I contacted samsung's taiwan office and they told me to contact the cambodian office. But there is no cambodian office, it doesn't exist. The samsung rep on the phone told me to go to to reach the cambodian office, but that site is for colombia, not cambodia!

What can i do now? I'm screwed with a broken phone due to samsung's shoddy quality control and lost over 300 dollars on it. I took very good care of the phone, so it wasn't my fault. Samsung's excuse for not offering international warranty is that the parts for the phone are different in each country, but that doesn't hold water, and even if true, could easily be gotten around. It's not an excuse to refuse to honor a warranty! they can fix my phone if they really wanted to, i'm sure. They just won't because of their dumb "policy" which is unacceptable and illogical and makes no sense, and sounds like a lame copout.

Desired outcome:

Obviously the solution would be for samsung to fix my phone and stop making excuses. They can if they really wanted to. I'm sure if i was bill gates or the president of the us, they would fix it for me if i was vip. It's all a matter of the will to do it. I'd like them to do what's right and order the taiwan service center in my area to fix my phone, no excuses. Their ceo or headquarters in korea or regional manager could issue the order if they wanted to, like a general giving orders to his officers. Either fix it or replace it or reimburse me for the cost of it. I prefer it to be fixed though, because there is data on it that was not backed up before it failed. So they should do whatever it takes to fix the phone, inc giving me vip treatment if necessary. They could easily do so if they really wanted to. We all know that. They need to take responsibility for their manufacturing defects and shoddy quality control system. I'm gonna post this on the scamion website too. Hope they listen to reason.

More details are posted in my forum here:


  • Jan 22, 2020

We purchased a new Samsung 65" TV Model # UN65MU650DFXZA from Costco on 11-11-2017 and have nothing but issues with it since. I've called Samsung customer service and used the chat service to try and rectify the numerous issues we were having since then. I've made this attempt about 10 times since purchased, because they refuse to fix anything and just place blame on anything but the television. I have 5 open case #'s with them about these issues that have never been resolved.

The tv black screens for up to a minute while using ps4 pro with a premium HDMI cable they told me I must purchase to fix the did not. They've reset it to factory a couple times and that does nothing to fix it. The tv must be unplugged numerous times a day now, because it never truly shuts down and starts slowing down or it just freezes up.

The black screen is happening randomly and quite often now. They force apps on the tv that take over the programming. Their TV+ app will be mysteriously running when we turn it on, but when we shut it off, we were playing on the gaming console? Even the HDMI software switches between ports by itself?

The last rep I spoke with confirmed it has issues (no kidding), but then tells me he's sorry to inform me that at my expense they can send a service tech to look at it? I told them that's completely unfair, as I've notified them many times over the years of these issues that they refuse to acknowledge as television hardware issues.

They force me to file a Better Businesss Bureau Report on 12/19/2019. A Mr. Gaffney from Office of the President communicates with me from now on.

Mr. Gaffney tells me that they will send a technician crew to fix the televison with new factory parts. The service company is Dish, whom spams me with robot calls while I'm at work. I tried to call the robot back and it just kept asking for information and then wouldn't do anything. It then proceeds to call and leave me voicemails whille I'm working.

I relay this to Mr. Gaffney and he ignores this issue like all of them and says to me, "So you're refusing service then?" What? He just wanted me to refuse service, so he could tell the BBB, they tried to work with me and I refused. I tell him not at all, send the crew, but not if I can't talk to a real person. An actual Dish person contacts me and they show up on Saturday morning 1/04/2020.

They proceed to take apart the TV, replace defective parts with new parts (main board, cables and some other components). After 3 hours they can't get the TV to work properly, so they take it apart again and replace the new parts with my old parts? They say they can't fix it and to get paid for their labor, they had to put the old parts back?

They have me sign a contract that I can't see, as the signature panel (window) is on top of the contract area. I ask about what I am signing and they say it's what we did to the TV and they'll send me a copy in email in a couple hours. They also said Samsung will be contacting me soon. I do get the contract, but it's completely blank! I actually signed a blank contract unwittingly that they could have written anything on!? Unbelievable really.

I wait a week and have heard nothing from Samsung or Dish, so I send an email to Mr. Gaffney about what happened. He doesn't respond to me, but Samsung told the BBB their service techs were fixing our TV and the issues are resolved? I responded to the BBB about what actually happened, but Mr. Gaffney and Samsung Office of the President reps just keep ignoring communication from anyone regarding this matter.

I even called Costco management where we bought it. They were completely understanding and reached out to Samsung as well. They sent emails 2 weeks ago and recently told me they have heard nothing. So they treat their own vendors, just like they treat their customers. At least they are consistent with horrible service.

Mr. Gaffney left me a voicemail on 1/22/2020. This is the first I've heard from him or Samsung since they sent the repair crew 19 days ago. He tells me the repair crew installed a brand new defective main board. He then says Samsung has given me a one time repair and can no longer help me with this television any further? What!? They haven't helped us, since we had problems a couple weeks after purchase in 2017!

How they can blame their inferior products (Mr. Gaffney admitted the new main board was junk) on their customers other components, cables, internet or anything but their own product is beyond me. They completely wasted our Saturday morning and tore apart our Television twice for no reason, ignore us, emails and phone calls for 19 days to only say "Hey, we tried, but we know our products are junk, so there's nothing further we can do for you!"

  • Jan 7, 2020


We bought a new home in Oct. 2018 and asked specifically for a Samsung refrigerator model # RF263TEA which has french doors, a bottom freezer, and 2nd ice maker with an ice tub in the bottom freezer. We asked the contractor of our new house for this fridge because we had owned one previously and liked it.

The cost was added on to our house. Now we've changed our minds and wish we have accepted the fridge he originally planned! The warranty of the fridge was for a year, from manufacture date, and almost from the day the warranty ended, the bottom ice maker quit working.

For months now we've tried to track down documentation to get it repaired assuming it was still under warranty. Finally, just this week, we tracked down and was told the warranty has expired. Online research revealed that this bottom ice maker has “lots of problems”. We called Samsung customer service to learn of the expired warranty and they connected us with an “authorized repairman.”

Well, this repairman lives 2 hours away and we were called to set up the appointment and told the price. We were shocked at the price and decided to see if we couldn't fix it ourselves since it was no longer under warranty. Online we learned from a review that suggested we empty the fridge and unplug it for 24 hours.

We did that and the ice maker is working again! I suspect there is a scheme to extort customers via repairmen, and replied to the “authorized dealer” with our story and accused them of a corrupt scam. They said, “You will need a repairman in the future as these ice makers have lots of problems!” My gosh, they even admitted it!

So, I have two issues with all this: First, these refrigerators are very expensive and they should be good without ANY problems for many years. Second, they are involved in a corrupt scheme to extort customers via repair bills! So I've decided I will never buy another Samsung product. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG PRODUCTS!

  • Nov 14, 2019

Recently bought a Samsung washer. Paid for new hoses and install. After less than 2 weeks It began to leak. Called customer service and come to find out the new hoses I paid for were never installed. New problem.

Washer now seems to turn on like normal however, no water comes into the machine. Called a plumber and he tells me problem is the washer. After hours on the phone getting the run around they tell me first available service date is almost 2 weeks away. Again, more phone calls and finally they can be here in 5 days.

Gentlemen shows up today to work on washer and tells me he can't because he needs access to the back of the machine and the way my washer and dryer are placed he cannot do that. His boss calls me to say they have to reschedule when they can have a second person. I told him I will help him. "No that is not possible".

In the end I unhook and move the dryer myself as the guy stands and watches me. Prior to me doing this I ask his boss that before I move It I he sure It can be fixed. "Absolutely he has already diagnosed It". Well, guess what - doesn't have the parts and they need to be ordered.

2-3 business days then I can be rescheduled. Again, called Samsung customer service. If the service company cannot repair It I am entitled to a replacement after 15 days. At that point I of course can call back and they have 11 days to replace.

My time, inconvenience, cost of repeatedly going to the Laundromat are my problem. My favorite line was they are compromising and giving me a new washer if mine cannot be repaired!!! Terrible customer service!

  • Sep 8, 2019

Samsung- I purchased an new Samsung Galaxy S10+ at the end of March. I did so because my old galaxy was 6 months old and the battery would drain every 3-4 hours. After about a month my new phone was losing battery every 5 hours. I contacted Samsung support and they suggested I call the service center in my area .

I did so and they suggested I go to one of their authorized service centers and they would replace the battery. I did that and they refused to replace the battery. I called Samsung back the next day and they told me to go to a different center and have them look up the case and they would then replace the battery.

I did go to the second location and they said they could not replace it because now I had dropped the phone and the back had a crack. So I spent $900 for a new phone to get rid of a problem that I now still have. HORRIBLE. I will never buy a Samsung again.

  • Jul 22, 2019

Bought a Gear Sport watch on dec. 26th 2018. Watch is advertised as swim ready and includes swim mode. Watch was submerged in 3 inches of water for about 15 seconds before bricking. Contacted samsung who explained that they will do nothing because the watch is water resistant to 50 meters and not water proof.

Explained during the hour call that this is false advertisement because their website advertises the watch as swim ready and the watch has a specific setting for swimming (which was on at the time). After that hour i was sent a ticket number and told i would get a shipping label. They would evaluate the watch but i would most likely be forced to pay for the repair.

  • Jun 24, 2019

My t.v. that I purchased in August of 2018 went 1/4 dark. Called to have it warrantied, they set me up with an appointment for a tech to come fix it (out of gainesville), great.. fine. CALLED TUESDAY. That was last friday the appointment was scheduled for. Halfway through the show time we havent even gotten a call. We call the company they set the appointment with. THEY NEVER SET THE APPOINTMENT. We call back and they give us another number to call a different company. We set the appointment.. they cant make it out until tuesday. (Which is a week from when my tv went out). We explain the situation to them so they ask us whats going on and basically say the vertical led went out and they're going to order the part to expedite it. Great. So then (at the end of the given time frame) we get an email saying samsung canceled the ticket. We call the company and call samsung and they start a new ticket. ( apparently a big misunderstanding as is everything with this terrible company, because not one of them can do their job right!!! So now with it being a holiday weekend I was looking at another week or so before someone even comes out to my house. I have repeatedly called and not recieved a call back. I have spent six hours on the phone with this company and they never call back. I spent over two hours on hold with them that night. They said it had to be 14 days (which was tuesday may 28th) before they offer replacement or refund. I explained with the holiday weekend the tech company already said it would be another 7-10 days. Last night (@9:30) they had no way to verify so the case manager JEFF said he would put a note in the system and have someone follow up with the service company tland give me a call first thing this morning. By three in the afternoon surprise, surprise I was never called. I call in and get the usual lip service from them. I tell them to read the notes, the lady apologizes again and transfers me for a 3 hour and 47 minute wait time. No one has attempted to make an appointment for me, no attempt to contact me, I have had to force this every step of the way and they are stonewalling all the way around. I want results. I finally got an exchange authorized. We are going into week 5, and they cant even provide me a tracking number (which today on my third weekly call they tell me should have been sent out June 5th so they will look into it). They transfer me to the USSI number who says unable to locate my ticket number and hangs up on me. They are a terrible company, you can never get the same person twice and they never privide any real anwsers. They wont even give the shipping companys phone number. All I've gotten is that its KLSV and excuse after excuse!! They just keep putting me off nad I know I'm not the only one.

  • Jun 19, 2019

I have been using Samsung products for nearly decade. Had a situation where a phone under warranty was sent for repairs and lost in transit. After nearly 4 months of waiting without a phone, a claim was finally issued out on my behalf.

If it could all be so simple. I was told that they were not able to mail anything to my address and to provide an alternative. This being something that could understandably take some time, I asked them to be patient as I searched for one. I come to find out, not even a week later, that someone decided to decide for me and cancel my claim ENTIRELY!

They even had the gall to say that I had authorized the cancellation! Mind you I had asked previously if there was any expiration date in regards to figuring something out, at which they said no. Let me get this right, a customer waits 4 months for Samsung to figure itself out, but Samsung decides a week is too long to figure out a change of address and completely renegs on an agreement!

This includes the back and forth with their shoddy customer service team that I'm sure anyone who has had to deal with them knows about. Hours on hold with random hangups; rude and snappy customer service reps with contradicting information; being transferred to wrong departments; a general sense that no one knows what they are doing up and down the chain.

Samsung's level of service is UNACCEPTABLE in this day and age! Their lack of professionalism, competency, and character caused a situation to spiral out of hand unnecessarily and cost me a fortune. I cannot in good conscience recommend this company and their services to anybody, as it is clear they care very little about their customers who support them. Try Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, HTC, anything instead! I've had much better customer service experiences with these companies regarding their products, and I didn't need a decade long relationship to get it.

  • Jun 14, 2019

Bought a $3k Samsung Refrig and the ice maker has never worked right. Had it for 2 1/2 years now. Have had it fixed one time ($400), then used hair dryer several times to defrost it so it can start over, used knife to chip ice away but still ice does not work more than a week.

This is crap. Now, we just use ice trays again. We've given up. The design is horrible. I hate it for my kids who want ice all the time. Buyer beware! Samsung should replace every ice maker in every Refrig they sold.

  • Jun 13, 2019

Bought 4 qualifying products for promotion. sent promotional Claim form to PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325 to receive within 6-8 weeks a Visa Rewards Card for $250.00. It's now been 9-10 weeks and company uses pre determined script that "offer was so popular we're seeing delays" They also indicate " a customer service rep will be in touch with you within 5 buisness days."

Those days go by and you recieve another scripted email regarding how popular the promotion was, delays, and offer will arrive soon." OFFER NEVER ARRIVES. We've checked twice on the "alleged" Visa and we receive a script from all customer service avenues.

  • Jun 13, 2019

We purchased a Samsung 4 French Door refrigerator on 7/12/17 have had nothing but problems with the ice maker for over a year, Now less then two years later it won't stop beeping, we can't adjust the temp of the pull out draw, the ice maker leaks all down the front of the unit on to the floor and the little ice that it does make after we defrost it ever week is slushing, when you open the fridge you can hear a sizzling sound like water falling onto something hot like a motor.

The ice maker has a class action lawsuit on multiple models (as in like over 20). The service company won't come out to fix any of the repairs until the part to the ice maker is available and it is on back order with no ETA when it will be available. Now that being said the companies "temporary" solutions to the beeping was to turn the temp in the freezer down to -8 and the fridge part down to 34 which is fine and worked to stop the beeping for about 2 days and has over worked the units compressor to the point that it has a constant humm and buzzing which i am sure is going to cause the whole unit to go out.

This unit price was $2100.00 and we are going to get less then a two years out of it. On one of the calls the reprepresentative said that we qualified for a replacement unit and would get a call back in 24 hours when we did not i called them back now we are told that reprepresentative mis-spoke and that they would not replace the unit as promised. Was even told that if that exact model was not available they would replace with the next model up and that if my food went bad due to the unit totally going out that we would be compensated for that as well and he gave us instructions on how to due that.

Now the company is not honoring their agreement to replace the unit. This refrigerator is a lemon and based on other information found on the internet all the Samsung refrigerators are junk i will never buy another product from them.

  • Jun 1, 2019

I own a Galaxy S8, bought on october, 2017. It is advertised to be water resistant, up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. I used it several times in the pool with no problems. Last week I took the phone to the pool to take some pictures. Didn't even dive the whole phone, just got slightly wet, and for less than 10 minutes. After I returned home it started to make a noise and the screen turned black. When I took de protective case off, I saw that the back case of the phone was opened.

There was no bad use of the phone, it had no physical damage, was protected by Otter Box case, the best protection there is. It was in perfect condition, and got damaged by the water. But the advertisement says there would be no problem taking the phone to the pool under those conditions.

I called Samsung and they are saying that because the warranty is expired they will charge for the repair even if they analyse and find evidence of manufacturing defect. Even though the problem was only caused because the company told me I could get it to the water, but didn't alert me that they only guarantee that it will be water resistant for one year, during the warranty period.

I feel fooled by the company, see this advertisment: First, I would not have bought the phone if I knew that the water resistant function was not guaranteed by SAMSUNG. There are other phones in the market that do guarantee and assume responsibility if there is a problem. Second, if after purchasing I was warned that the water resistant function was not guaranteed by SAMSUNG, I would have never taken it into the water. The problem would have been avioded and I would still have a working phone.

So this is a situation where SAMSUNG led me to trust getting my phone to the water, with the promise that it was made to resist that, but then that action damaged the phone, and now SAMSUNG says they have no responsibility on that, because the warranty is expired. Being questioned if the water resistant function was only valid for the first year after purchase, they confirmed that the product also was water resistant after one year, but still denied to have it fixed with no costs.

The problem is even bigger because I live in Brazil, I purchased my Galaxy S8 in a trip in Hawaii. Samsung wants me to send the phone to USA to someone I know, so he can send it to be analysed by a technician, and then I would still have to pay for the repair. There is no commitment by the part of the company that if no bad use is detected they will repair it with no costs. I do not understand either why a company with global activity can`t give support in Brazil, even though there is a Samsung in Brazil.

I give a big warning to all Samsung Galaxy S8: do not trust your phone to be water resistant. If in warranty, backup all your data before getting it to water. If with warranty expired, DO NOT TAKE YOUR PHONE INTO WATER IN ANY CASE. You will risk loosing a $ 550.00 phone.

Still hope someone in SAMSUNG sees how absurd this is and take any action in order to fix my problem free of charge.

  • May 26, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam

I want report the huge crimes of the electronics giant SAMSUNG.

I do have enough and conclusive evidence that Samsung is defrauding, stealing and even robbing its ordinary customers out of repair fees. I’m sure these crimes harm the people around the world.

I have been fighting Samsung’s crimes for more than 6 years. I just want to do a good and right thing for the people.

I’m a Chinese, a businessman, born on Oct. 28, 1965 in Shaanxi China.

My name is Wenbin Zhao (Zhao is my last name). My Passport No.:

My home address: Shaanxi, China

My Mobile: +86-153 3916 0410

Fax: +86-29-8365 0065

My email: [email protected]

My website:

  • May 12, 2019

Purchased an apparent brand new Samsung galaxy 8 which turns out to be a dud and refurbished phone, called Samsung not long after buying they tell me to keep an eye on it, the phone was getting worse and due to the extensive heat, could not hold the phone had to place it on seat next to me.

The screen even started to crack from the heat which i have been told has happened to others, called Samsung again and informed them of it. there overseas call centre in the Philippines give me a reference number and tell me where to take it and it will be repaired under warranty there and then or exchanged for a brand new unit.

Took it to the repair centre and was a wasted day for 2 reasons 1 was took us an all round 180 km trip and 2 they stated i had to pay for new screen even though it was cracking from heat. Sent an email to Samsung and they were happy to arrange a courier to collect it and see where it goes from there however they would not provide a loan unit as i'm rely on my phone for clients and my son in case of emergency so declined unless they were going to send out a loan unit like there service centers would of given me.

There response to this was we once gave out loan units but would get them back broken or the customer would keep and tell us to keep there old handset. Samsung Australia only care about the $$$ they do not honor there warranties nor care that there phones overheat let alone the other issues the phone had like doing it own thing not responding to apps and switching off on its on.

Well Samsung has gone downhill as they do not care about there customers let alone they are well aware the galaxy 8 had issues as i did take to a phone technician that was ex Samsung technician and he run the phone i.d and it told him i did not receive a new phone more a refurbished unit, he also informed me i am not the only person with this issue as he has seen many with the same but Samsung Australia make many excuses to get out of the issues they alone created with these junk handsets.

They had no concerns sending my phone in would cost me financially let alone lose clients as they depend on me nor did they give a toss if my sons kinda needed to contact me in case they could not reach his mum then my son would be up the creek without a paddle we are talking a 3 year old that yes has suffered an injury from there dodgy handsets which now Samsung has opened a big can off worms as once i am done with these imbeciles i will make sure Samsung goes down for what they have done this includes failing there duty to recall these phones again as they did not fix the issues i was not aware they had in 1st place.

Stay away from any Samsung phone as even there new Samsung 10 has issues with screens cracking but they again try blaming consumers. A group of technology reporters placed it to the test in Australia not so long ago and before there very eyes the screens were cracking and no one was touching the phone as it was been filmed.

Samsung trying to keep up with i phone far from it more Samsung cannot make a real phone like they once did. We use to have all Samsung products in our home but since have tossed them out in back yard had a friend with bob cat come crush it all which soon will go viral on u tube cause i cannot trust idiots rip off con artists like Samsung any longer, they are just a bunch of thieves and tell lies lies lies.

  • Apr 3, 2019

The phone is the Samsung Galaxy S10+. It stopped allowing 4g and will I have to be on wifi for it to work properly. I went online to see if I could solve the problem. It seems alot of people are having the same problem and they have gone back and forth with there carriers and Samsung. It Is a faulty phone and Samsung knows it.

There fix, return the brand new phone, and they send you a referbished one. Problem is still there with a referb. I have had the phone for less then a month and they will not return the phone for a refund. They just say "15 day policy". Screw that. The phone is not working, and the "fixed" referbished phone has the same issue. So know I will litigate in court. I refuse to pay for something that does not work.

I asked for the transcript on the conversation and was told that I would be sent an email with the transcript. Nothing. These company is filled with crooks and liars.

  • Jan 6, 2019








  • Dec 26, 2018

I received a offer for $200 toward a samsung product for being a verizon fios customer. I placed an order on samsung for a chromebook. The chromebook was sent via FedEx and was never delivered while the tracking on FedEx displays it was delivered at midnight. I spoke to FedEx and opened a claim as instructed by Samsung. I spoke to 5 different representatives at Samsung before being told the claim number was satisfactory and that FedEx had to finish filing a report with Samsung. I was consistently put in a position of middle man between FedEx and Samsung. Finally Samsung confirmed they had sufficient information and would contact me once FedEx confirmed the package was lost. I called 2 weeks later and now Samsung is asking for a police report. They claim this is their new policy and cannot do anything further until I can provide a police report. They also claim they contacted me by email of which they never did. Now I am dealing with having to file a police report according to a new policy they claim to have created. I am sure once a police report is created another policy will be put in place to prevent any further help. This should be considered Fraud.

  • Dec 17, 2018

I purchased the SSD 970 EVO NVMe M.2 1TB on November 23rd. When I was going through the checkout it said that the item would be shipped within 7-10 business days. It is December 18th and the item has not been shipped yet.

I called Samsung customer service about 5-7 times. I chatted with customer service minimum 4 times. I have been told to wait longer and longer as the item is "backordered". It was not shown to me that the item was backordered at the moment of actual purchase. I waited on the line for 25 minutes to speak with a supervisor and he just hung up on me without even talking to me. Every represantative that answered the phone had the same answer that I would have to wait longer. I was told that it would be shiped out on December 16th the latest and it did not happen. When I asked them why did they sell it knowingly that the item was out of stock, they answered that was all due to their system.

I offered them to ship me a PRO version of the item that they currecntly have in stock and they told me they can not modify an order at all. They did not offer any solution/help.

Why does a company like Samsung sell items that are not in stock, especially on Black Friday?! Maybe Samsung should be banned to sell their products on Black Friday for once becuase of their system, misleading their clients and poor customer service? Why when I ask to speak with someone higher up than a supervisor I am always told to email instead to have a conversation? Are they hiding from their clients? Are they trying to avoid to explain what happened?

In my opinion they should be fined for what happened, they should provide SSD for free whoever had to wait longer than expected and they should be banned to sell their products on Black Friday (once for starters). This is not a face of a Samsung that we know...

  • Dec 13, 2018

I bought this Samsung refrigerator and within a few months it developed a black soot all over the inside. It took me days of arguing with Samsung for them to send out a repair man. They actually told me to turn off energy saver and that will fix the problem. When they finally sent out a repair man, he told me he's never seen anything like it and took pictures and video to show his supervisor. They tried to blame it on me. The repair man noted to them that my home is immaculate and it was only on the inside of the unit.

After days of arguing again, they agreed to replace the unit. On the day of delivery they were supposed to arrive at 8 a.m. and they arrived at 8 p.m. In the morning I went into the basement to get something and I noticed there was leaking. I called Samsung and they told me I didn't call within an acceptable time period after installation, it was not even 24 hours. Again, after arguing for days, they agreed to send somebody out to fix the leak. I was jerked around from Samsung to their repair center, both saying the other department was responsible.

I have had to get so upset to get anything done with this company. The leak was fixed and then the deli drawer wouldn't open and the wheels feel off. Additionally, the unit was extremely loud. I could hear it upstairs at night. I turned off the energy saver and the noise diminished slightly. I called them to fix the drawer and check out the noise. Again, days on the phone arguing and being hung up on. They finally set up an appointment and cancelled it on their own, sending me an email that I cancelled it. I called last night and they said, the noise and broken drawers are not under warranty, it is cosmentic. They will not send out somebody to repair the unit, again it is TWO weeks old.

This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. They should be sued.

  • Dec 3, 2018

On 05/12/2018 i bought a new 4k samsung 65 inch flat screen tv from walmart. on sept 4th ,2018 the tv started to go from black screen to a flashing white screen and wouldnt turn on. on sept. 07 I contacted the customer service dept and went through the steps that the tech wanted me to. the tech said that the tv was no good and that it would be replaced with a new one. on sept. 20 i called to find out what was goin on with it and the told me that the service center would be getting back to me on saturday after 1500 or on monday 09/24/2018. Not a word.On october 4th I had to go in for surgery and didnt call for a couple weeks because I know this stuff takes time. called once a week after that and was told that someone would get back to me within 48 hrs. not a word. called them again on 11/14/2018 and was given a tracking number of 455427 and was told the trucking company would be getting ahold of me. on 11/29/2018 i was told that the trucking company would be getting ahold of me no longer than 7 days from then. i gave them 7 days and that is business days not weekend days. i still havent heard anything from them and it doesnt do any good to call customer service because they are just a middle person in the mess and are doing what the company tells them to.

Today is 12/04/2018

getting frustrated with samsung!

ticket number that customer service gave me is - 4148348675

have an extended warranty


  • Nov 8, 2018

Purchased a Samsung french door refrigerator ($2,300) in late 2016 from Home Depot. From the beginning the ice maker would become encased in ice and stop working every 6-8 weeks. Had to chip away at the ice around the ice maker for it to start working again.

Searched the web for this problem and pparently this is a very common problem with this model. Contacted Samsung and was told service would cost me as it was out of warranty.

Tried turning refrigerator off for a few hours to defrost ice and then it would work again for a few weeks. Now the ice maker and stopped working altogether.

Called Samsung again and they refused service. This is a verery poorly engineered and very expensive product to have customer service denied.


  • Oct 11, 2018

I have experienced the worst reliability from both a Samsung Washer (replaced with LG eventually) and a Samsung Refrigerator (side by side with bottom freezer). On top of that, the service organization is a total disaster. The refrigerator is less than 2 yrs old and under an extended service plan that I paid for.

No matter, no one is able to arrange a repair. I have called more than 20 times in the past 2 months and have gotten only a “run-around” being transferred or referred to a half dozen different numbers (Samsung, Assurance, Sears etc etc) with no result. They are incapable of solving a customer problem. They just pass it off. Claim no service centers near me and then they’ll have to replace or make an accommodation. But then they claim, they do have service centers. The service center calls me up and informs me they cannot service under the extended warranty. And so it goes around again. Good luck trying to get a supervisor on the phone either.

Each call person states the other person should not have referred me to them and then gives me yet another number which eventually brings be back full circle. The epitome of ignorance.

Absolutely the worst service organization bar none that I have encountered in my life.

  • Jul 1, 2018

We have a Samsung Refrigerator still under warranty that stopped working in 3 ways. Called Samsung Support, started a trouble ticket. FIVE DAYS later had a Samsung certified repair company dispatched by Total Tech Solutions, contact us and show up to conduct repairs. They assessed situation, told us the repairs were under warranty but they didn't have the parts on their truck. Dishonset.

The repair service was from South New Jersey and they didn't want to come back, so they transferred our repair ticket back to Samsung. The second company Samsung gave us had nothing but a cell phone number with VM full for three days, and 1.5 Star Rating on Google Reviews. I had to call Samsung to get through to the repair company. I spoke with the owner who says he never received ticket from Samsung and he would get back to me. Have zero faith he will ever call me back. It is now TWELVE DAYS since our refrigerator stopped working, and we have now lost $250+ in groceries.

Pathetic. Dishonest. Dysfunctional. Samsung doesn't care and they still have not repaired our refrigerator.

  • Jun 30, 2018

I bought a Samsung TV from Sam's Club and sent in the $50 Google Play rebate credit along with all of the needed documentaion on March 29, 2018. They came back with "the model number is not qualified for the rebate." I called and wrote multiple times and they finally said the model does qualify. (I sent them a picture of the box that showed the rebate listed right on the front panel.)

After allowing the model number, they told me that I had 10 days to send them the picture of the serial number from the back of the tv. I had sent them this on March 29.

Samsung finally changed the status to "registration accepted" on May 2, 2018. They are supposed to sent the Google Play rebate within two weeks. I checked with them today, July 1, and was told that they are still looking into it and that they have a large backlog of rebates to process..

I believe that Samsung has no intention of paying this rebate. I will update this if they do.

  • Jun 27, 2018

This is a 55 in. television that my wife and I bought at Target in May 2017. We paid full price for the TV. At first, we were thrilled with it. Whenever I would need to pause the signal, the screen would go black after 30 seconds, then resume when we'd press Play. Two days ago, I had paused the screen to accept an incoming phone call, then left the room for privacy reasons. The screen was paused for approx. seven minutes, but when I pressed play, guess what I discovered? SCREEN BURN IN! Evidently, the image failed to go dark after it was paused. I called Samsung Tech Support, and after guiding me through several bullsh*t trouble-shooting steps,

the rep said there was nothing more she could do, and the warranty had expired ONE MONTH AGO! Samsung had timed its product's lifecycle perfectly - the product fails exactly ONE MONTH after the warranty expires. I purchased the TV at Target and paid full price for it. I am living with a disability and cannot work (even though I want to). That being the case, I cannot afford a new TV, and am stuck at home almost 24/7. The moral of the story: DON'T BUY SAMSUNG! They design-build their products to last only as long as the warranty is in force. I would welcome comments and guidance from any other consumers who have resolved similar situations.

  • Jun 8, 2018

Do not buy SAMSUNG devices EVER! Buy an iPad instead.

I bought a tablet Tab A and in the end of last year, there was a mandatory update from which I couldn't get rid of. After this update, my tablet stopped working properly and I complaint with Samsung, explaining everything to them. They said that my tablet did not support that update and that they are SORRY for that and they won't do anything to solve the problem they caused me.

How come the company releases a mandatory update that is not compatible with my device? This makes me believe that they did it on purpose TO ALL USERS in order to force us to buy a new tablet, as this one doesn't work anymore. It is unacceptable.

Conclusion: I lost my device, I lost my money, I lost my patience. They lost me as a client and I hope you don't buy from them too. Now I am buying an iPad. Never more I will use any device from them.

More information:

Serial number SM-T350

P/N: R52G40Z1S2F

Bought in Best Buy New Jersey

  • Jun 6, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus both have glass rear back, and a curved glass front that crack extremely easily. Mine cracked on both sides from having my key fob in my pocket with the phone. Several large online review companies have said that it is the worst and most fragile phone that they've ever tested, and even the slightest drop causes either the back glass screen or the front curved glass screen to crack. To replace both screens is nearly the same cost as buying the phone. Even if you have their extended warranty that cost hundreds of dollars still to have it fixed. Only to have it just crack again easily with the slightest drop or something else in your pocket. Samson also advertised at these things were nearly waterproof to 3M in yet the slightest water ruined my wife's and several of my employees phones along with having every one of our phones crack easily. It's the worst decision of my life ever to buy a Samsung. Calling customer service is even worse they first put you through to people overseas who have no authority to fix the problem. After many complaints you get through to an executive-level that's just some young kids here in America who treat you like you're a criminal. No one at the company even though they're worth billions is willing to admit that it was just a poorly designed phone and if they should do something for their loyal clients. I was a loyal client for nearly 20 years buying every product in my home and office Sampson from printers two phones the TVs and more. Never again. Samson is a company that doesn't care about the American Consumer other than getting money and there are complete rip-off.

  • May 22, 2018

I sent my S8 (phone) to Samsung Customer Service in March for a software problem (phone started to continually reboot itself in a loop) [ticket 4147371661]. Somewhere between the time that I shippped the S8 and two weeks later when they acknowledged receiving it, the back cover had been physically shattered. This is what has happened next:

April 4, 1:50pm - Email received indicating they wanted to charge me $502.23 to fix it. I replied by calling 1-800-Samsung. Customer Service rep confirmed that the damage occured either in their possession or during shipping (but noted that there was no damage to the packaging indicating it was unlikely it was during shipping), and in lieu of opening a UPS claim they told me they would fix the phone at no charge.

April 4, 4, 4:36pm - Email received confirming that the repair will be covered "at no cost to you."

Two weeks later - I received the S8 back. It was NOT repaired and remained shattered - really awful to open a box expecting, finally a working S8 only to find a shattered, unuseable S8 (Thanks so much Samsung :( ). Repair center indicated it was "beyond economical repair," despite the assurance I received on April 4 that it would be repaired by Samsun at "no cost to [me]."

April 20 - I called 1-800-Samsung and opend a UPS claim [ticket 5120536523]

May 1 - Samsung/UPS coordinator informed me that they would lift the "beyond economical repair" issue and fix the shattered S8 to resolve the UPS claim if I would please send it back to them. This was confirmed with another return shipping label Samsung generated for me. Note that the Samsung/UPS coordinator did also phone me with this information, but left no direct return phone number and never replied to any of my emails (again, Thanks so much Samsung/UPS coordinator for more of a truly awful customer service experience :( ).

That week I returned the S8 to Samsun with their shipping label.

May 22 - I received the S8 back. It was, once again (2nd time), NOT repaired and remained shattered - again, really awful to open a box (now for the second time) expecting, finally a work S8 only to find an shattered, unuseable S8 (now going on two months without it = uexcuseable Samsung).

May 22 - I called 1-800-Samsung to complain and opened a ticket with "executive customer service" [5120731591]

May 23 - I called 1-800-Samsung to get connected to executive customer care. After lengthy discussion of background, they apologized, agreed it should have been fixed despite the "beyond economical repair" status (since they had themselves admitted to having shattered my S8), and they want the S8 sent back to them for a 3rd time. Adamant that this would be futile, I argued for an alternative resolution, such as cash for the damage or a new phone; and I asked to speak with the Samsung/UPS coordinator. In response, they transferred me to a 1-800 general UPS line to track packages and such - just totally rude and unacceptable. I called back 1-800-Samsung and another service rep also refused any alternatives other than once more returning the S8 to the McAllen Service Center where it had already been twice in the last two months. Seeing no other option, I relented in exchange for an email (received the same day) stating "case was escalated to the department in charge, so they can remove the BER tag and get the unit serviced." I can only presume, as they would not confirm, that previous discussions had not resulted in the BER tag having been removed which is why the service center has returned it twice without fixing it. However, as of this writing, I have not received a return shipping label!!

My thoughts on this experience? Simple, Samsung does not care to provide customers an honest, straightforward customer experience. At best, they are a disorganized, uncaring corporate behemouth that is either unable or unwilling to offer a positive back-end customer service experience. At worst, they are intentionally trying to tie customers up on lengthy, unfruitfal calls and transfers round-and-round that lead to no progress so that they will become so frustrated and disenfranchised that they simply walk away and leave them alone - they win! It is enough to drive me back to Apple despite viewing their products as otherise inferior just to have a full package with back-end customer care (which I always found to be very user friendly), or any other brands. There you have it, for what this is worth!!

  • May 15, 2018

Purchase S8+ cell phone directly from Samsung (M6E1J21QN). Received delivery 9/14/2017, open 9/15/2017, but it had a cracked back. The cell phone did work. Called Samsung customer service 9/16/2017, and was issued an return authorization. I was told a credit will be issue and to order another phone (order D75W9A0SM). Bad phone was received at Samsung 9/25/2017. On October 3, the bad phone showed up at my house without any notification or explanation from Samsung. I received the 2nd new phone purchased at full price ($880) and now paying for 2 cell phones through Samsung financing. No credit was issue for the bad phone that now needs to be $800 since the first phone was bought was $680 with S6+ traded that provided a $200 discount. I tried calling Samsung Customer Support / E Commerce October 3, 2017, but was getting long hold time recording. I endided up logging a service request on the internet. October 4, I was getting email from agent they would call, but played phone tag for a day until October 5 when I spoke to an agent on the phone. Agent indicated shipping and receiving notes indicated the phone was physically damage and the return was not accepted and sent back. The agent understood I was instructued by Samsung that provided the RMA number to send it back for credit and I received the phone as damaged. I was provided another RMA number to send the phone back for the second time. Agent indicated she was putting notes into the RMA so shipping and receiving could see it and not return the phone to the buyer and issue credit. I sent the phone back and it was received by Samsung on 10/16/2017 10:24 a.m.

On October 23, I emailed Samsung again that there was no credit to my account for the phone. Another agent replied and wanted background information with the tracking number so they could do some research. On October 25, I place a customer dispute to Samsung Fiancing program (TD Bank) about the the cell phone issue. The bank accepted my dispute, put the amount on hold until a resoultion is reached to resolve the dispute within 90 days. They bank indicated they have back channels to Samsung to get this problem resolved.

I did not hear anything back from Samsung Customer Support from the October 23 email, so I emailed them again on 11/1/2017. I got another agent response 11/1/2017, (4th differnet agent now) that apologized and they would escalate to 2nd level support and someone would get back to me. Later that afternoon, a fith agent responded and indicated they validated my history and Samsung did receive the phone on the two dates I communicated to them. The agent wrote I would receive credit for the phone in 10 to 14 days.

On Novemebr 14, 2017, I sent an email to Samsung customer support indicating I did not receive a credit as previously indicated and that I just received another email from Samsung on 11/14, that that my return was unsuccessful (listed 4 or 5 reasons that could apply) and the product was being returned to me again. I did not get a reply to my email. I decided to wait for the phone to be returned but by December 10, I have not recived the phone. I let TD Bank know this information and the the dispute was still being investigated.

After the holidays, I called Samsung Customer Support 1/3/2018, and demanded to talk to a manager. (Agent indicated there is no manager at their site and only supervisor.) Peter (I have his employee number) the agent refused to engage the supervisor but eventually gave in after some heated debate for 30 minutes. Reza the supervisor got on the phone. I reviewed with Reza the history of the bad phone and that on 11/14/2017, I received a letter the phone was being returned again, but I never received the phone. I indicated to him to either send me the bad phone back, or issue a credit, and if shipping indicated they sent the phone back, I want the tracking number to show the delivery date and that I signed for it. Reza was very apologetic and indicated he would personnaly get this problem resolved and a credit issue. On 1/10/2018, I received a letter in the mail from TD Bank that a credit could not be issue because Samsung indicated they returned the phone to me on 11/14/2017. I called TD Bank and got them straighten out with the facts. The bank reopened the dispute for another 90 days. Since then, I called (not emailed) Samsung Customer support / E Commerce 2/6/2018, 2/14/2018, 3/27/2018. 4/23/2018, 5/10/2018, and 5/11/2018. Each time was different agents and 2 more different supervisors all apologizing, cannot believe the history, promises to get the problem resolved with a credit to my account, and escalations to upper management advising the need for a credit. To date, the problem is still open with no credit, nor any signs for the bad phone being returned, or a FEDEX tracking number provided to show the phone was returned per 11/14/2017 Samsung email.

Samsung E Commerce and customer support is the worse and I will never buy another cell phone from them. The countless hold times and hours invested by me and Samsung resources with no resoution is absolutely the worse support any company could provide to a client. If Samsung reads this, all the information is in case #444759. Therer were other case numbers but the majority of the info is in the case I indicated. I also have all the documentation with FEDEX tracking numbers, dates of calls and emails. Any other retailer, would have taken the phone back the first day and provided another phone. Samsung.... Shame on you! I am going to the BBB and start posting on Facebook, Yahoo, Yelp and any other site I can find to save customers from a potential bad experience with Samsung Customer support and E Commerce that I had to endure!

  • May 9, 2018

I have had a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 4 and Galaxy Edge 6+. All of them have failed before 2 year use.

I have been nahive because I believed it was logical for a cell phone to fail because the new technology is better.

But Samsung is a star at deception. They offer smart phones that initially work with great specs. Cnet and other review sites give kudos to Samsung every time a new product comes in. Money involved?

All of my 3 phones failed greatly, and then it was time to buy the next one, but something went really wrong with their Note 7. All airports in the world banned them because they were a hazard and could make an airplane fall into destruction and death. Google it, do not take my word.

Then they did the Note 8 a great phone. Great quality, great features. They did not have any other coice. That demonstrates their lack of ethics. Their only good smart phone comes after a great fiasco.

Now they came back to business. Their model 9, same standards as anything made in China. 2 of my friends that took their 2x1 promo now are repentant. My Galaxy Edge 6+ now has a battery life of less than 3 hours and the screen has lots of pixels not functioning, and the camera takes all pictures with lots of black spots. The Phone has been with me less than 2 years.

I reccomend to switch to any Google phone or Iphone. Do you think that Samsung gives you 2 smart phones for the price of 1 is because they are nice guys? Think about it.

I warned you.


  • May 8, 2018

Re: Note 4 rebooting, restarting, freezing, not restarting properly, Wake Lock

My Note 4 failed upon System Software update. Never came out of the update, could not get past the red Verizon splash screen. Sent it to Samsung repair in McAllen, TX. The charging port had died exactly one month after the warranty was up, so the only way to charge the phone is to use a Chinese inductive charging disk. Samsung McAllen came back with three successive price increases for the repair. First to install a new charging port, then an LCD screen and then a motherboard (PBA) totaling $506. Now, I have to ask those technicians in the McAllen repair center: How do you determine if the LCD failed diagnostics if the charging port does not work? How do you determine the motherboard failed diagnostics if the charging port is bad in the phone? Something is horribly wrong somewhere!!! Now they are sending the phone back to me as totally inoperative because I refused to pay $506. It is time to go to another smart phone manufacturer, I am sure!!! John in Burlington, NC.

  • May 5, 2018

I purchased a 75HU8550 in August 2015 in Canada.

the included remote did not work. Samsung claimed I didn't know how to use it and ended the conversation there. Best Buy to their credit replaced the remote for me, which in turn failed in less than 5 weeks. this time I was on my own, and forced to pay over $85 for a replacement.

within 3 months the set exhibited DSE, where the center 2/3 of the screen is discolored on light content making white content appear deep amber. I put in a warranty claim, their designated repair shop came out and inspected the set and determined the panel was defective and needed replacement.

Samsung decided this was normal and the claim denied. numerous calls and escalations later, Samsung still claimed a set that could not produce white was normal.

at about 15 months the left edge of the set developed 2 extreme bright spots, @ 5" long and 1" wide. this time I got the 'your warranty has expired'.

I called the same repair company, and paid them to look at the problem. they have seen it many times, and said it was a known defect on many Samsung models that year, and the following model year. they suggested I submit a claim under Samsung's 'known defect extended warranty replacement' program.

several calls and escalations, and Samsung Canada denied the program existed and refused to repair the set.

a little research on the Samsung US support site confirmed the program does exist, and many on their own board had their sets repaired no charge. Samsung Canada when presented with links to their own support site refused to acknowledge it and continued with their canned reply. the repair shop has quoted me $5,800 to replace the panel.

in Canada Samsung is able to price fix among the major retailers, and as such, we get the privilege of paying almost double for the same product as US consumers. if we purchase from "non authorized" retailers, or venture to the US to purchase, we get an immediate warranty denied. in return we get the added bonus of being denied almost everything warranty related.

my son's $550 Hisense 65" 4k TV has a superior picture compared to what my $9,900 Samsung has become in short order. lesson learned, this is the last Samsung product I, and my family buy, including the many laptops, tablets, appliances and phones we have purchased over the years.

I'm tempted to place my set in my mall kiosk and demonstrate Samsung quality.

  • Mar 22, 2018

I filled out a refund request and in the midst of filing paperwork I lost the sticker with the serial number on it and that was the hold up in the beginning and then i finally found the photo copy of the serial number so i contacted them and they were denying my refund again because I no longer had the dryer and I had already told them after they said they were going to refund me that i had disposed the old dryer due to limited space in my house.

I also told them that i had proof of the dryer being given away for junk and they could talk with the man that picked up the dryer plus I still had part of the non-working dryer in my wash roomthat was left behind by accident. I also told them that the man that picked up the dryer provided me a written statement that I could have notorized and sent to them. They still denied my refund. I would like for you to look into my refund from Samsung. I am legally entitled to my refund.

  • Mar 11, 2018

I have contacted them and scheduled my repair twice, and nothing happens. It has been months, and I can't get anywhere with them. They claim they have contracted Dish Network to make the recall repair. No one showed up at the scheduled appt time two different times. I believe this is a scam!

  • Mar 8, 2018

My S8 stopped charging within months. Samsung 'repaired' it twice by having me send it and no changes occuring, even though they claimed the issue was fixed. I then asked for an exchange, which has left me without a phone for over 3 months. This manufacturer's warranty is only good for a year, and I now have to sue Samsung if I want any form of compensation. Customer service at that level of incompetence must be deliberate.

  • Feb 28, 2018

Well lets see where do i begin!!!

brand new samsung tv barely 4weeks old has lines that cut thru the picture after only 4 times of using!!!, i call samsung support they send a sub contracted tech out to take pictures and do a report, that tech sends report and picture back to samsung, the engineer at samsung based on the picture makes the determination that my tv has physical damage, the tech put in his report which i got at my request that there some sort of internal pressure damage, then how does a engineer sitting at a desk determine the fact that my tv has physical damage without him actually coming here and based on a photograph, i am livid with samsung!!!,

i should have bought a sony or any other brand tv way better customer service!!!, i am reading that many people have had the same problem with all the samsung tvs, internal combust from thermal heat and customers are being blamed for physical damage,

samsung is saying it cost a lot to repair a $400 dollar tv, it cost more to repair then to build and advertise and sell this tv!!!, who are they kidding? there is no physical damage to my tv, and samsung wants to swindle there way out to say there is physical damage to the tv, when the problem is internal?!! now they want a second opinion gave me a whole new ticket number for another tech to come out again, why? whats going on here!!! I was routed over to so many wrong departments, hung up on, then told that all the other reps didn't want to tell me it was physical damage?! i called them and asked what is the specific criteria as a engineer sits at his desk and determines that a tv has physical damage based on a photo graph, no response! they dont know how to answer me!! there is no cracks, no black spots, no spider lines, then whats the deal here its a internal issue why doesn't Samsung want to take care of there customers!!

This was Aprils reply who works for Samsung after I filed a complaint, With CNET, WITH SAMSUNG, WITH FTC, WITH ANYONE WHOS WILLING TO SEE, READ, UNDERSTAND, GOING THROUGH THE SAME SITUATION AS ME Munita,

Good afternoon. I have reviewed your account as well as the images provided and regretfully must inform you that the images do show a point of impact.

This damage was caused by an external force hitting the front of the TV and as such, is not covered under warranty. This impact could have also been a pressure point as well, which can be caused from applying a forceful amount of pressure to that area. I do

show that we have already assigned this to a service center and have submitted for a panel replacement review. The service center did verify that the damage is considered physical damage. I understand that you don’t agree with our process. Unfortunately, this

is unmovable.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you and want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you as a valued

Samsung customer.



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