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Safebound Moving & Storage

Country United States
State Florida
City West Palm Beach
Address 535 E Lakewood Rd
Phone 1 844-868-5358

Safebound Moving & Storage Reviews

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  • Sep 7, 2020

Gave us a binding estimate based on the inventory being moved. Then when they arrived to load the price went up almost $1500. AND they didn't even bring a large enough truck to fit all of our stuff so we had to give some things away. We had to be out of our house the next day so no time to find a different mover. They knew that and they take advantage when you are vulnerable. If that wasnt enough they broke our 55" TV and refused to pay for it. Luke Mandley is the dishonest salesman and Kayleigh is the so called operations manager. If I could give ZERO stars I would... AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS...!

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  • May 3, 2020

For our move from NJ to VA, Safebound quoted us a price of $3,906 based on 629 cubic feet of space needed in the moving truck. In addition, the employee I spoke with told me that what sets Safebound apart from other national moving companies it that it uses it own employees and does not subcontract its moves. This was the prime reason we selected Safebound. Safebound also notes on its website that its movers wear protective equipment as the customer's request in order to to guard against COVID-19.

The reality was far different. First, a subcontractor, CR7 Moving, showed up at our door on moving day. After the foreman checked out all of our items, he said we would require 1,800 cubic feet of space, 3 times higher than Safebound's estimate. The total cost would be $8,675 for a two-bedroom apartment. This number appeared high, but we had no basis from which to evaluate it. The movers also did not have masks to wear. The move resulted in several expensive items being damaged. It appeared to us that Safebound was unabashedly dishonest and wildly incompetent. Its employee was either incapable of realizing that we would require 3 times the amount of space he quoted or Safebound and CR7 simply engaged in consumer fraud.

To reiterate, we chose Safebound because it said it had its own employees and did not use subcontractors. This blatant lie resulted in our moving costs doubling and several items being damaged. Even though Safebound did not actually move our things, we felt they were liable.

After the move, we emailed Michael Greco, Safebound's president. We wanted to explain our position and give them a chance to rectify the situation. In response, we got a cookie-cutter email in which we were instructed to contact the moving company itself to sort out the issue of our damaged items. Mr. Greco elected to dodge the issue of Safebound's dishonesty and incompetence.

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  • Feb 17, 2021

Don't forget to check out their BBB rating and 1-star ratings on other sites, which are consistent with this one

Would not recommend this company unless you like 1) bait-and-switch pricing, 2) changing rules mid-stream, 3) ZERO customer service, 4) putting off your delivery until the last possible moment before going to the state attorney general, and 5) having several items broken.

1) Bait-and-switch pricing. We did a virtual tour of the home covering every room with the sales rep Luke Mandly. Mandly’s first estimate was $3,200. We told him it was too low. He came back with an estimate of $3,800. When the moving crew arrived at our home, the crew chief estimated the move at $7,300! We were floored. How does a company underestimate by almost 50%? Well, the crew said it happens all the time (Code: standard operating procedure). They gotcha! (it’s moving day, you’re on a schedule and they say they want 50% more?). After a back and forth with the Manager at the home office, Mike Stockbridge, he agreed to take $1,000 off.

2) Changing rules mid-stream. I paid a deposit, then more $ when Safebound picked up my belongings, then more $ before they unloaded their truck at my residence. All three were paid by debit card. When I paid my initial deposit, I told Mandly I did not want to be charged the 4% credit card fee since it was a debit card. He agreed to waive the fee. When it came time to make payments # 2 and 3, Stockbridge would not waive the 4% fee. After calling him several times, I finally gave up in frustration (Gotcha!).

3) ZERO customer service. The company has a customer service # but it’s useless. It’s an automated voice mail with a couple of extensions. No one actually answers the phone, it goes to voice mail and no one calls you back. Imagine, you’re moving, trying to set your travel plans (plane tickets and/or drive time and/or hotels) and they are not professional or courteous enough to return your calls.

4) Putting off your delivery until the last possible moment. According to the agreement, they have 14 days after pickup to deliver your items. Well, they took the full 14 days. In the meantime, I’m extending my hotel stay not once or twice but three times. And of course, during the hotel stay, I would call and leave messages with no return call. I actually asked Mandly before paying the deposit if my belongings were going to their warehouse in south Florida and sit there for an extended period of time and he said of course not.

5) Several items broken. Three boxes were damaged and had been resealed. The items inside were damaged beyond repair. It was obvious that while in the company’s possession after the initial pickup, the boxes had been dropped/damaged during loading and/or unloading at their warehouse before being reloaded into another truck for the final delivery.

In summary, the $1,000 “discount” was more than eaten up by the 4% card fee, the additional costs of hotel and meals and the broken items. Just remember: Once your initial deposit is paid, you lose all your leverage because they Gotcha!

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