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Safe Home Security, Inc.

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Middletown
Address 1125 Middle Street #201
Phone 1-800-833-3211

Safe Home Security, Inc. Reviews

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  • Apr 6, 2020

On DEC. 18, 2020, when shopping at the Walmart store at 730 W Exchange Blvd in Allen, TX, I was stopped by two men in suits that said they were with SPECTRUM and they said they could reduce my monthly SPECTRUM bill while adding a security system. They later came to me house and I would pay $50 for TV, $20 for internet, and $80 for security. With tax, I would pay $ 184.03, but the security bill would be separate. The discount wouldn’t start until after two billing cycles. To make up for that, they will send me a $200 VISA card.

The representatives were JAY JOHNSON, 316-655-2586, ERIC ELL 636-388-9556. Their supervisor is Christian Walberg 417-622-3868. However, the security system had to be installed within 48 hours. The security system was installed the next day, and I signed a 5-year contract with HOME SAFE SECURITY. As of APRIL 7, 2020, all I have is a 5-year contract with ALLIANCE SECURITY/SAFE HOME. Calls to all of them go straight to voicemail, and they don’t respond to messages. I complained to ALLIANCE SECURITY/SAFE HOME SECURITY and soon got a call back from a person that said he was from ATT/SPECTRUM (469-649-4735).

He said that I had to wait for three billing cycles and that the $200 VISA card would be sent over to my house that day. Of course it was not. He also said that JAY would call me back that night. He did not. I have blocked further payments to the security company. I initially believed this was legitimate because the people were in the WALMART store. I complained to the store manager and she said that the headquarters told them to let them in. They have since been kicked out of the store. You would think that WALMART would vet people before they allow them in to do business. SPECTRUM customer service says they have no such special. I'm being billed $86.00 a month, but I blocked further payments from my checking account after my March, 2020 payment. They have since threatened me with with late charges and penalties.

I reported them to the ALLEN, TX POLICE DEPT., and they opened case number:2020-1570. They said they have similar complaints, but would not tell me how many. From a legal stand point, the contract is not enforceable because their agents did not fulfill the verbal part of the contract. From a criminal stand point, the contract is not enforceable because it was gotten through deceptive business practices and fraud. The JAN-MAR 2020 payments should pay for the equipment. I'm not trying to get any money back. I just want to cancel the 5-year contract.

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