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Safe & Save LLC

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 9544 Bustleton Ave
Phone 215-656-4056

Safe & Save LLC Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2021

If an insurance agency knowling gives insurance to an auto transport carrier and the carrier does not follow the DOT and FMCSA guidelines when moving vehicles, consumers can get very hurt. (DOT = Department of Transportation....... FMCSA = Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

This agency is allowing truckers to break all the rules. They allow the priviledge of being insurance to companies that have not earned that priviledge.

Lawyers are now warned to file a class action law suit against this agency if your client was hurt by an auto transport truckers who did not provide the vehicle owner with a proper bill of lading upon both pickup and delivery. Shameful conduct - unprofessional conduct and this agency does not care. When I called them to inform them they acted like it was not their responsibility to screen their clients before offering a policy. This opens them up to huge liability because they are giving insurance on a regular basis to truck drivers that are not following the rules. They didn't even want to look into it. My organization will track everything including accidents by carriers of automobiles insuraned by this agency and Progressive (the people with the big bucks that allowed this agency to represent them).

Buyer beware.

You've been warned.

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