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Saco River Auction Co

Country United States
State Maine
City Biddeford
Address : 2 Main St #115
Phone 207-602-1504

Saco River Auction Co Reviews

  • Feb 2, 2018

Unbelivable disgusting mesage from Saco River Auction manager.

I am in Scotland and I emailed the auction early in December to ask if they would allow me to bid in their January 3rd Auction and if they could pack and ship the items that I said I had an interest in buying or if they could recommend someone to me. I had no answer to my message and sent it again a week later and had a reply from Jeff that said the manager is away and will contact me next week. Over a week later and one day to the auction and no contact from the auction. I noticed that I had been authorised to bid in the auction by

I purchased some of the items I wanted and a couple of days after the auction I asked again if they could arrange shipping or recommend some one. This message was again ignored. I just received a rude unprofessional reply and a demand for payment. I sent the message again very politely saying I would like to sort out the shipping first then I would pay in full by bank transfer and I added I want to sort this out as soon as possible and being polite and professional in your reply would be appreciated. I then received this unbelivable unwarranted reply, the contents of which are absolutely nothing to do with me

I do apologise for the bad language thst follows but I had to leave it in as it is the main part of my complaint.



Glenda or Should I say Paul Beaumont or Hacker,


Here's the reality, I'm not playing your games!! I have done an IP search on your bullsh*t email account and not only is your IP address linked to numerous scams and suspicious activity, you are likely the same as*holes that hacked us using the name Paul Beaumont. Fortunately I was able to shut your hacking down mid auction scumbag before you could high jack the entire sale. I can't for the life of me understand why a useless individual like yourself would hack an auction simply to screw over a family owned business. Why don't you get a fu*king job and leave hard working people alone. We are trying to make an honest living and provide a service for our customers, while as*holes like you continue to hide in the shadows of the dark web in your parents basement. Get a life, a job and a girlfriend and leave hard working people alone. FYI, the United States Secret Service and The FBI Boston Field Office have both been made aware of every IP address ever used by you and others and they will be coming for you eventually. I personally cannot wait for the day when I'm notified that your asses have been arrested!! I, for one will be in the front row at your arraignment. In the meantime, I hope this email wasn't too fu*king RUDE for you.

  • Oct 27, 2017

I consigned an art work to be sold in Saco River Auction's August/2017 sale for a commission rate of 15%. According to Liveauctioneers, the work sold for $300, with an onsite bidder bid $200 and TWO different liveauctioneer bidders competed up to $300. So, all total, there were 3 separate buyers willing to pay $200.

SRA's business model is to lowball selling commissions to out of state consignors they know are unlikely to attend the auction and unable to persue a small claims suit. They then misrepresent the sales prices, so the actual real commission the consignor ends up paying is not the bargain 15% but over 50%. Far more than that charged by legitimate ME auction houses.


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