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Sack Roofing, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Lady Lake
Address 308 Oak Street
Phone (352) 430-2773

Sack Roofing, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2018

I am a proud villages home owner after retiring and moving from New York we had the unfortunate luck of being struck by the recent hurricane, Like many residents we had damage to our roof and needed to get it replaced after calling several companies the only company we could get an estimate from was Sack Roofing (this should have been our sign) The salesman came to our home he did not even get on the roof or inspect it he told us they where the main roofing company who installed the new roofs in the villages and they knew what our home needed for roofing materials, The salesman was questionable at best (very rough apperance) they gave us a very good price for replacing the roof i agreed and signed the contract, We instructed the salesman we would be gone for a week to visit our son and as soon as we got back they could install the roof. The nightmare begins here!

Upon arriving home from our family visit my wife noticed our roof had been replaced we where shocked that the company had proceeded against our directions and the salesman had put a note on our door to call him to pay our balance. I called the salesman and asked him about our roofing permit and told him as soon as the permit was done we would make final payment, his tone completely changed and was very aggresive to receive his payment, after the phone call my wife advised me to call and check the permit status ourselves we did and to our shock there had not been a permit for our home at all, and to make matters worse our neighbor Lyle had taken pictures during the roof project and advised us they had left old materials on the roof and put our new roof over the old materials. We called our salesman to come and pick up final payment when he arrived we notified him that we had called and verified no permit was obtained for our home and that we had pictures of the roof instalation showing the materials left on the roof his answer was during a catastrophe they didnt need a permit (complete lie county already confirmed we did need one) and to read our contract about our roof instalation we denied final payment and once again noted the permit he left.

The next day my wife called the county and asked if they could come and check our roof and inquire about the permit again, that afternoon a building inspector came to our home we voiced our concerns and showed him the pictures our neighbor had taken, he advised us of what was wrong with our roof instalation please take note! Sack roofing did not remove our original first row of shingles around our home it was left on the home the inspector advised us that a new roof was supposed to have this removed and replaced so the roof edges could be properly sealed with roof tar or equivelant also the felt paper was not removed this as he explained must be done so they could apply more nails to the plywood to bring it up to the code. we called our salesman after the visit and instructed him on what the inspector had found and voiced we would like our roof replaced and done properly and up to code he advised us someone from there office would call us back 2 days later a young girl called and advised us that they could sign a paper saying our roof was up to code and we needed to make final payment. My wife contacted our attorney and he stated we did not need to make final payment that they had completely went against there contract and had not delivered the roof as they have quoted.

We had to hire another roofing company to replace our roof with a permit and document what was under the shingles they installed and replace the new roof on our home and while removing the new roof on our home we also realized they did not even install the shingles correctly they are supposed to have 6 nails in each shingle some had 4 some 5 but very few had 6 as required and we discovered the roof vents had been painted and not replaced, the contract had clearly stated the roof vents and the metal on the edge of the roof would be replaced. My good deal had gone terribly wrong BEWARE of this company at all costs they had no intentions of doing the right job and no intentions of making it right. If this company has done your roof i strongly advise you to get a home inspection and check to see you got what you paid for! we also have filed a complaint with The Villages and are strongly wondering why they would allow this company to be allowed to take part of the construction process in the villages.

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