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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 88 017202 54875

Sabbirwdx Reviews

  • Mar 2, 2024

113.59 Jan 29th

38.87 Feb 9th

152.46 total

Paid for Adsense approval services, and he barely did half of what he advertised. He reactivated old pages, and I paid extra for content although I can't show you a single article from him. Also, he placed hyperlinks to HIS business throughout my website without my kowledge or consent. They have since been removed. Also, I paid extra for articles, that I haven't seen yet.

He also created "Categories" called "Accident" which led to a blank page, for example.

RE Sabbirwdx

He doesn't reply to messages, and rarely give updates so I'm requesting a refund based on:

Non-delivery of promised content within the agreed timeframe.

Dissatisfaction with a Shop item purchase.

Creator Sabbirwdx told me that you cancelled their account because of my complaints. A lie.

They also mentioned I'm not getting a refund.

The Creator "Sabbirwdx" mentioned earlier today, and I quote: "sorry about that, you,ll get delivery today."

Highly unlikely. I just want the work done correctly. The estimate went from 10-13 days after initial payment, to another payment (and they need another 5 days).

A full month since that initial payment, and I have to send 3 or 4 messages to get one response.

The Creator marked the item as delivered, but honestly he did a very poor job. I admit that he did about 50% of the work, but my website is still NOT Adsense ready due to some extremely obvious mistakes. I brought them to his attention, and he basically gave me the brush off. I am now hiring someone else to finish the job he started. Cannot be recommended.

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