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Saale Chiropractic

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Address 11339 Gravois
Phone 314-842-1616

Saale Chiropractic Reviews

  • Mar 16, 2016

Recently received a letter and coupon in the mail from Dr. Saale’s office.

On March 4, 2016, I called Dr. Saale’s office and spoke with Amanda. I told her I was in pain and would like to see Dr. Sullivan, the new doctor introduced in the letter. She said come on over. I hurried over to the office. When I arrived, Dr. Sullivan took me in a room and explained that he is not on my insurance plan but he could still see me and I could pay out of pocket. I said, “So I hurried over here for nothing?”

The letter specifically states that “Dr. Sullivan will accept Medicare and all the same insurances I do.”

Why didn’t Amanda tell me that Dr. Sullivan wasn’t on my insurance or call me back before I got there? She and Dr. Sullivan both clearly knew what was going on as I walked in the door and they stared at me and Dr. Sullivan escorted me to a back room.

I asked if Dr. Salle was still on my plan and Amanda told me yes so I thought maybe Dr. Sullivan could at least get the ball rolling. I commented that I also had received a coupon for first day of service with Dr. Sullivan but I forgot it at home. Amanda informed me that I couldn’t use that since I was not considered a new patient. I don’t understand how seeing a new doctor, who isn’t even on my insurance plan, disqualifies me from being considered a new patient.

I believe that the letter and coupon sent from Dr. Saale’s office is false advertising.

Six days later after several phone call attempts, Dr. Saale finally answered my phone call. I explained what had happened to me. Her response was "There is nothing I can do but aplogize. I can't control what the insurance companies do. Good luck finding another doctor."

Huh? What does the insurance company have to do with it? She blamed her false advertisment on the insurance companies.

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