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SA Company

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 1140 Holland Drive Suite #6
Phone 561.948.6557

SA Company Reviews

  • Apr 26, 2020

I was supposed to recieved my order back last Thursday, April 23. I check the tracking number and it said it was delivered on that day but somewhere on the East coast. I was delivered to Salisbury, NC. I live in Winchester Ca, and on my reciped has the correct adress as well. I have tried calling them but apperanlty they are closed.

Now I tried online chat with them about a refund and I still get their copy and paste template saying that they currently have High volume of online chat, just like their phonelines. But if you call it literaly says its closed. I havent been able to get incontact with anyon from that company for the past 72hrs, via online chat or land line.

  • Apr 19, 2017

I placed an order from Salt Armour for a package that included a shirt, straw hat, and three face shields for fishing.Payment was immediately charged to my card so there was no issue there.

It took another 11 days until I got a confirmation email from them. After that I waited a week to send a message asking for either them to ship my items or cancel my order and refund me. The next morning I had a tracking number and the Salt Armour webpage shows that estimated delivery would be today the 18th which other than slow would have been ok. Well, when entering that tracking number into the USPS tracker, it shows that the item is on its way to USPS.

They still have not even shipped my package. WTH?

The only response to any communication I have sent them is a manager would contact me in a couple days.At this point in time I am debating on doing a chargeback.

Also, they need to fix their coupons.

I used a code for a free face mask. It ended up increasing my price until I deleted the code and removed the mask.

There are many other companies that make face shields for fishing that value their customers business. I recommend going with one of them instead of this horrid company.

  • Jan 23, 2017

I ordered last November 20,2016 and they told me they will deliver it door to door. I keep on following it up and old stories they replied always my tracking number when I follow it up to dhl the tracking number was not their tracking number I keep on follow up them in email this last email they already block me and the email said that my email is not monitored, they not answering in the chat and facebook they will only reply once then they will ignore you without talking to you and keep you hanging for hours. when i followup in our local post office i already get it last January 20, 2017 but instead of 5 pcs of items i only received 3 items and not a good quality of what i expected.

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