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S&S Auto Sales

Country United States
State California
City Riverside
Address 9922 Mission Boulevard

S&S Auto Sales Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2019

SO MANY RED FLAGS. I feel so bad for this guys kids, he EXPLOITS THEM to prevent you from really test driving the car (has them come along for the drive) and uses them to gain your trust while he lies to your face. You can’t trust a single word he says. He oozes of slimey used car salesman. The worst of the worst.

I met Bryan Grandberry to purchase a Lexus after finding it on Facebook Marketplace.


Ran carfax - 5 owners. He lied and said it was a 1 owner vehicle

Check engine light came on 20 min after driving off

Driver side rear inner brake lamp out. Saw warning light and he said brake lights were all functional, tested together.

Rear center brake lamp out

Fuel door / release broken

Passenger side headlight out

Oil in rear seat of car - asked if it was leaking oil he said “no, that oil is actually for another car”. In reality, the car needs 2 quarts of oil added every month

Car has not passed smog and cannot be registered

4 different tires on the wheels

Bryan previously disconnected the battery to wipe out the CEL, which is why it was off at the time of purchase.

He got the car smogged but not at a STAR certified location, so I had to drive all the way out to Rialto for smog July 9th

Bryan then paid the smog shop to ignore the CEL during visual test and pass the vehicle anyway. I was with Bryan at this time

warped brake rotors, which again could not be checked because he brought his young child along for the test drive

No buyers guide on the vehicle

Headlight bulb in glovebox - clearly knew about the broken headlamp. Claimed he didn’t know because he drove for 500 miles with the high beams on the entire time…

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