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S&J Engines, Inc.

Country United States
State Washington
City Spokane
Address 817 N Lincoln St
Phone 1 509-325-4558

S&J Engines, Inc. Reviews

  • May 25, 2020

Notice the patteren? read all reviews you can and you will see the pattern. the very few good reviews come from s&J's bread and butter, the return costumers, the shop owners, the ones who insalled hundreds of s&J engines with no problem. the few who tries to discredit the complaints of the majority of reviewers-the private individuale who is looking to replace one engine in their family car or boat. we are the ones s&j do not care about because we can not offer to purchase 100's of their engiens. then again you will see a pattern amoung us.

Bad head gaskets, overheating, bottom end knocks, usuall within a very short time. S&J particuly Dan will lie to you, put the blame on your certified mechanic, eveny if you get 3 or 4 mechanics from different shops to confirm factor defect s&j will still deniy its their fault for engine failure . they will loose your defective part/your evidence or send a differet picture of a good part back to you claiming nothing is wrong with it, they will have you spend out of pocket money which wont fix the engine and refuse to refund it back to you, this patteren is too coinencidental to not be their factory defective engines that slips through and is shipped out to you.

i am not saying every engine is bad, but if you are the unluckly one to recieve one of their bad engines---well good luck because there is noting you can do. try and sue them, good luck with that. they say you can only sue them in washington. if you know the laws you will know they canot legaly say that. look up song beverly consumer warrenty act, implied warranty of fitness merchantibility you will have good chance of getting them in court. not really because when you get a court date is when s&j will actually try and settle with you to keep it out of court but you have to get to that point or kiss your money good buy and write it up to an exspensive mistake.

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