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Ryze Services

Country United States
State Utah
City Sandy
Address 11075 South State Street STE 36
Phone 1 (855) 495-1913

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  • Nov 2, 2016

The same for me.

I could write the exact copy of the above letter, with only adding some of the other names that they try ripping you off with.

Having learned the very hard and costly way, I do not have any dealings with any company that associates themselves with ITTS or Ryze.

I paid $67 to another company that is showing & doing for me what Ryze promised for $9995.00!!

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  • Jun 29, 2016

I was learning to use the internet to start my online business. I started with itt careers, and then from there it all went wrong. Ryze services contacted me saying they were working with itt careers to promote my business and they were apart of my program. It started with David humes telling me that ryze would start my business filing(Federal id, tax number, articles of organization) they would also get my website optimized, business credit lines, merchant accounts, all the while saying once your business, credit lines are set up then you transfer the debt you incure on your personal credit cards to your business accounts so you are not held accountable if your business fails, first of all not many companies are giving business credit lines, actually most of them are not giving business credit lines. When my credit lines were established and i found out that they were all in my name and not my business name i was told by ryze that they would turn into business lines after my business is established. While itt careers say you need to learn to sell on eBay, amazon, personal website, ryze says they will get your business up and running making 3-5 thousand dollars a month, you can also buy product to store in their warehouse and when it sells you make a profit of 8 - 12 % but dont tell anyone else in the office your getting this special deal, They took $9,995.00 from me and my business is still not making any money, when i call to speak to David or Jared i get told i will have to leave a message, they are also using other company names like Aria business solutions, vision solutions and i am sure there are some that i am not aware of. They have taken my money and given me nothing in return except more debt. Their module training has hyperlinks that don,t work and when you call you get no reply back, none of the program makes sense you think that they are going to help get your business going pay them the money then get no response. They did nothing they said they were going to do. I have begun to investigate them and am warning people to stay away from these scammers, i also have contacted the media in reference to this next is a lawyer and then i am turning them in to IRS.

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