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Rye Brook Village Police Department

Country United States
State New York
City Rye Brook
Address 938 King St
Phone 914-937-1020

Rye Brook Village Police Department Reviews

  • Dec 22, 2017

The rye brook police department in rye brook, ny, and specifically detective ryan gilchrist, are perpetual civil rights violators. This police department has its officers sit on the new york/conecticut line and intercept people who cross over the boarder and harrass them for no reason. ryan gilchrist, in particular, seems to have some type of mental health issue in that he either believes he knows celebrities, professional athletes, actors, or other famous people and beleives that anyone crossing over the line is going to see them and that he is protecting them by stopping them or he is a criminal who is performiing these same actions in the name of these type of people who are paying him to do it. he would be better suited to work for the national enquirer where he can use his non-stop desire to be surrounded by celebrities and gather all the gossip can can about who is dating who and who is going out with who and do it in a matter where he wouldnt be in a job to break the law and violate peoples civil liberites in doing so.

they are attemting to ruins peoples lives who are going to ny for reaons other than the reasons they are making up in ther dellusional minds and costing people jobs and opportunities because of it. And even if people are going to ny for the reasons they think, SO WHAT, its not illegal! How do these cops know that these famous people dont know these people coming over the boarder!! And if the cops do know this, WHY ARE THEY WASTING THIER TIME KNOWING THIS INFORMATION, ARENT THERE MORE IMPORTANT POLICE ISSUES!!!! what ryan gilchrist and what the rye brook police department do IS ILLEGAL. SOMEONE SHOULD KNOW THIS!

ryan gilchrist was a patrol officer who was promoted to detective not because of his exemplary work as an officer, NO, he was promoted to keep him from being a first responder on any incident becasue they know based on his past actons that he is a danger to himself and others as someone who shows up first on scene. but instead of disciplining individuals and making themselves look bad, they promote people out of trouble.

they have damaged peoples careers, their reputations, and their ability to earn a living.

This is proven FACTand has been DOCUMENTED with the distict attorneys office.

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