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Country United States
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Address 11690 NW 105th Street
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Ryder Reviews

  • Apr 24, 2020

Sent to OSHA; I turned this whistleblower info over to you folks in good faith and with absolutely valid reasons. My termination from Ryder was based on the companies pure retaliation based on my approaching the company numerous times regarding safety failures. I approached my management with company policies in hand, to no avail. I approached the HR department at corporate, with company policies in hand, to no avail.

I approached the safety department, again with company literature in hand, to no avail. I approached WADOT and FMCSA personnel, notating and discussing FMCSA guidelines to securement issues at Ryder, with their assistance and contact of the employer and the employers agent, nothing changed. Unsafe and improper practices continued as business as usual! They continued unsafe practices violating their own policies, violating FMCSA and DOT guidelines, refusal to obtain OSHA certificates and training for employees running boom trucks, and continued improper loading procedures of products we (as employees) were to deliver in a safe and professional manner.

Yet loading of the product by Ryders' client was many times inferior and unsafe. Unsafe for the safety of any and all drivers and delivery employees working at Ryder. I even called WADOT regarding these load issues, and State Patrol officers visited to plant to go over concerns. I have an email from a FMCSA code enforcement officer to validate this as well. As far as remuneration, yo can not put a price or figure on what I am owed! I am due lost wages, fees for false termination, fees for lost investment income, slander, damage to my FMCSA Driver DAT report based on a FALSE termination, and much more.

I was slandered how you may ask? Employees at the Spokane location were told I was a danger to the facility, I may cause damage or harm to the employees or site, and in-fact posted and hired additional security at the facility to "Protect the staff and property" from me. Even though, I never again set foot on the facility site or approached anyone at the Ryder Facilities! Fare enough?

  • Dec 16, 2016

I purchase a semi truck from ryder in chesapeake va. I also added the extend warranty for $5400 for a year or 100,000 miles. I ask the guy michael berger the guy who sold me the truck 3 time if they do a full inspection on there engine and transmission. Because i know if something go wrong on a semi its expensive to fix. He told me they go through there trucks with a fine tooth. The reason i choose ryder because i was thinking its a big reputable company they stand by there trucks was i ever wrong. My driver and his 15 year old son first week on the road the truck broke down, so i called the guy who sold me the truck. He told me he going to call his manager tim and he will call me back. After waiting hours i called him back he didnt answer which i figure he wouldnt. The next day first thing in the morning i called him he still didnt answer. Later that afternoon he finally called me back and say "my manager on vacation" did u call the warranty dept. So i get off the phone with him and call warranty and tell them what happen they put in a claim and said they will call me back. They never called me back i called them all day and ask for the person i put my claim in with. Everybody kept saying the same thing they away from there desk ill get them to call you back. so i started emailing and calling everybody from ryder i can find on google guess what nobody called me back. I go up to the location where i purchase the truck from and the guy who sold me the truck no longer work there this is day 3 of my driver and his son being stuck. So i talk to the new guy told him whats going on he said let me call my manager tim. Tim did not answer the phone so he said im a email him and when he get back with me i will call you. he never called me back so i put my driver and his son up in a hotel for a couple days. On day 6 im still waiting for somebody to call me still no call so i had to borrow money to order the parts pay for food, hotel and labor took another 3 days for part to come in so i paid my driver friend to go up there and pick him up cause his wife was freaking out about there son. So when the truck was finish i rented a car and i picked up my driver so we can make this 10 hr drive to pick my truck up. for that whole week i ended up spending about $7000. When i get home from the long truck drive back i get a letter from ryder telling me that they dont cover that part. That truck still keep breaking down on my driver leaving them stuck for weeks im $40,000 in debt behind this truck. Can someone please help me i dont kno what to do anymore. ryder truck are crokes getting over on people that work there tails off.

  • Sep 12, 2016

I bought a truck from Ryder in Birmingham, al I payed for the "high dollar" warranty, which cost $ 5700 extra. After driving the truck 3 weeks- 12000 miles the truck started loosing coolant internally. I took it to a cummins shop, it turns out it's a dropped #5 cylinder, blown head gasket-$18000 in repairs. The warranty that Ryder pushed, doesn't cover it, Ryder says because I drove it 12000 miles they won't cover it. After talking to many shops it turns out that motor had a wore out counterbore, which took 100,000 of miles to cause it. The failure in the cylinder and gasket is the effect of a already existing problem before I bought it, mind you I had the truck 3 weeks-not even making a payment yet. Regardless what you read on Ryder's web sit they don't stand behind their name or product. They washed their hands of the whole issue. Stay Away from Ryder. It sounds good, but if you get a lemon they won't help!!!!

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