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Rydell Moving

Country Canada
City Vancouver, British Columbia
Address 1866 E 33rd Avenue
Phone (778) 883-5758

Rydell Moving Reviews

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  • Apr 9, 2018

Answered to an ad on craigslist

Have a cargo van or pick up truck and need to make some cash every day

one of few answers from Jeff Oneil himself

fu* off d****e I need more trucks because we have so much business...Just because youre a f*ng idiot and cant read and get sh* for it like you should have doesnt mean I have any problems at all And im allergic to stupid you dimwit cu*....learn to pay might have a job then simpleton. I have saved the emails as a prove

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  • Oct 3, 2016

Rydell Moving was hired off of craigslist by a woman who bought a piece of furniture from me. She had hired them to transport the piece of furniture from my house to hers and had booked them to pick up one day at 10am.

Jeff O'Neill from Rydell called me at 9:30am to tell me he would be an hour. At 12pm noon I called Jeff as he still had not shown up. He told me he was waiting for a ride that was 20 minutes late and I responded saying he was already two hours late. He told me to "F*** Off" and hung up on me. I called him again, to which he told me to "F*** Off" again.

I texted him saying that I had taken the morning off work to wait for him to pick up. He texted me back saying "Shut up you dimiwit c*** could care less were busy day and night seven days a week and it's good to get rid of fools like you."

I am reporting this not just for me, but on the behalf of the woman who bought the furniture from me. She is ESL from Korea and had a hard time communicating with him because he was so rude and hung up on her too. There are plenty of bad reviews online that speak to his aggressive and disrespectful behaviour, which ultimately impact the time and safety of his customers.

I, like others who have reported him on this site, consider myself lucky he did not come into my home. If you see Rydell Moving / Jeff O'Neill on Craigslist, stay away! There are many great moving companies in Vancouver, choose wisely! He also has an 'F' rating on the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Apr 27, 2019

Complete Maniac

I hired Jeff O'Neill to help me move house. He arrived on a bus over 4 hours late reeking of alcohol and he had what appeared to be a prostitute called Theresa with him who kept singing loudly and falling over. Jeff then proceeded to tell me he couldn't lift anything heavy or use stairs due to being weak and frail from a heart attack. He then proceeded to vomit in my flower bush before begging me for his bus fair home. I was happy to give him the money just to get rid of him. Would not use again.

  • Apr 16, 2019

Responded to a Craigslist Ad for a free sofa

I posted a Craiglist ad for a lovely free sofa that I needed moved the same day. Someone from Rydell Moving replied (quite politely at first) under email address "Kukie" to say they would like it and would pick it right up. I asked for a confirmed time for pick-up and a response as soon as possible, because I started getting flooded with requests. They asked me to resend the link via msg so they could review the ad again(?), which my phone wasn't cooperating with, so I resent it by email, and again requested confirmation of the time, or advised that I would move on to the next person who responded. Immediately the f-bombs and explicit name calling started. I proceeded to wish them a nice day and reminded them to please be kind to people offering them free things. AND BLOCKED THE NUMBER. Holy cow - do not engage.

  • Mar 28, 2019


I asked Jeff to help move some stuff. He was late. I could smell alcohol on his breath. And his vehicle had no registration. He originally quoted me $450 for the job. When I went to pay he demanded another $200 to cover his over time costs. I refused to pay, I was threatened. Since that day I have received racist threatening texts and phone calls. I've since had to change my phone number.

I've searched his phone number online and found a video with racist phone calls of him that have been recorded.


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